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VP Mike Pence: US not seeking North Korea negotiations

He expressed deeply negative views of past negotiations with Pyongyang. "The days of broken promises and the days of running out the clock on agreements with the wider world are over", he said. The U.S. administration has come under criticism following revelations that the strike group led by the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson was actually heading in the opposite direction despite an earlier announcement that it would be heading to waters off the Korean Peninsula. Read More »

Japan to 'exercise pressure' on North Korea


Pence's visit to northeast Asia came as the president's national security adviser, Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster, told ABC News " all our options are on the table" in North Korea. Donald Trump's deputy is in the region to reassure allies fretting over Pyongyang's quickening missile programme, and its apparent readiness to carry out another banned nuclear test in its quest to develop an atomic weapon that can hit the U.S. Read More »

Kansas Farm Bureau leader credits rural voters for Estes' win

Estes ended up winning with 53 percent of the vote in Kansas District 4. Ted Cruz of Texas campaigned for Estes Monday in Wichita , while Vice President Mike Pence also recorded a get-out-the-vote call. Estes was elected by a smaller margin than many Republicans would have liked, however. That GOP concern has spread nationwide as other states prepare for their own special elections , he said. Read More »

Protesters March Against Le Pen


And France is ripe for an upset, following a string of terrorist attacks, an unemployment rate of 10 percent, and a president so unpopular he couldn't plausibly seek a second term. (In Motion!), in Paris. Mr Macron, a 39-year-old former Rothschild banker, took the opportunity to reject accusations of elitism, telling BFM TV: 'I've always paid all my tax in France and I've always had all my accounts in France. Read More »

UK MPs Ready to Push Through Snap Poll on June 8

If Conservatives manage to gain a stronger foothold following the election, the Government will have a mandate to push forward the Brexit agenda, which experts say could provide more certainty for investors. "If the deal the next government negotiates doesn't match up to our current terms, MPs (members of parliament) should do what's best for Britain and reject it". Read More »

After GOP Forces Runoff for Georgia House Seat, Trump Says Dems 'Failing'

Roughly five hours after polling locations closed, major networks began projecting that Georgia's 6th District U.S. House special election would be heading toward a runoff on June 20 . Yeah, and Ossoff, who doesn't even live in the district , couldn't get 51 percent after raising $8 million, nearly all of it from outside Georgia, with a highly fractured (11 candidates!) GOP slate. Read More »

President Trump may never release his tax returns

Democratic lawmakers used the occasion of Tax Day on Tuesday to needle Trump on the issue, which has dogged him since his campaign past year. "I think it would be in the president's benefit to release them, and I think as the American people, we want to see that", Kinzinger, a frequent critic of Trump, said Tuesday on CNN's "Wolf". Read More »

Trump's North Korea Policy Might Just Be Working

Any North Korean use of conventional or nuclear weapons will be met with an "overwhelming and effective" response from U.S. military assets in the region, Pence warned. During a recent trip to South Korea US Vice President Mike Pence declared that the policy of "strategic patience" with Pyongyang, instituted by former US President Barack Obama, is over. Read More »

Ecuador presidential recount confirms Lenin Moreno victory


Lasso called for a recount of all ballots filed in the April 2nd election, citing allegations of fraud, but election authorities agreed only to a recount of disputed votes, or about 10 percent. The performance of the CNE were supported by the global observatory missions of the Organization of American States, the Union of South American Nations, the World Association of Election Organs and the Interamerican Union of Electoral Organisms. Read More »

Bill O'Reilly: Sexual Harassment Claims Are 'Completely Unfounded'

The network's most popular personality was sacked after a New York Time report earlier this month that said five women had been paid $13 million in settlements after they alleged sexual harassment and mistreatment. "By ratings standards, Bill O'Reilly is one of the most accomplished TV personalities in the history of cable news", Murdoch wrote in the memo obtained by The Hill. Read More »

Brexit - The negotiations will start after UK's elections

Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn will vow on Thursday to defeat what he calls a "cosy cartel" at the heart of British politics that protects the interests of the wealthy. May's Conservatives now hold 330 of the 650 seats in the House of Commons. Broke news of ITV General Election leaders debate directly to Theresa May. Read More »

Xi Jinping, Trump pledge to expand US-China cooperation


Many blue-collar workers helped propel him to his unexpected election victory on November 8 and Trump is under pressure to deliver for them. Ahead of the summit, Trump signed a pair of executive orders focused on reducing the USA trade deficit, an apparent shot at China, which accounted for the vast bulk " $347 billion " of last year's $502 billion trade deficit. Read More »

Trump hopes US, Russia can get along amid tensions

But he clearly wasn't counting on it. "It may be just the opposite". Following a "very frank" meeting with Vladimir Putin on Wednesday, Tillerson admitted the relationship between Russian Federation and the U.S. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov blasted USA claims that it has "irrefutable evidence" of election interference. "This has built for a long period of time, but we'll see what happens". Read More »

US VP Mike Pence meets Indonesian president on Asia tour

US Vice President Mike Pence (2nd L), his wife Karen (R), and their two daughters Audrey (L) and Charlotte (2nd R) wave as they depart Japan from the US naval air facility in Atsugi, Kanagawa prefecture on April 19, / Pence is in the region to reassure allies fretting over Pyongyang's quickening missile programme, and its apparent readiness to carry out another banned nuclear test in its quest to develop an atomic weapon that can hit the US mainland. Read More »

Both Bannon and Priebus Are Reportedly on Trump's Chopping Block

Ivanka Trump, second from right, the daughter and assistant to President Donald Trump, is seated with her husband White House senior adviser Jared Kushner, right, during a dinner with President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping, at Mar-a-Lago, Thursday, April 6, 2017, in Palm Beach, Fla. Read More »

Bill O'Reilly is out at Fox News Channel

Television host Bill O'Reilly attends the Hollywood Reporter's 2016 35 Most Powerful People in Media in NY on April 5, 2016. More than 50 advertisers withdrew from his prime-time show, and 21st Century Fox asked a law firm to investigate a complaint from a woman who said O'Reilly dropped efforts to make her a contributor in 2013 after she turned down his invitation to visit his hotel room. Read More »

Oil prices dip on bloated USA market, mixed Saudi signals


The EIA added that total motor gasoline inventories increased by 1.5 million barrels last week and are now near the upper limit of the average range. The dollar index, which tracks the greenback against six major peers, was up 0.23 percent at 99.731 in late trading on Wednesday. Read More »

North Korea Threatens US With "All Out War" and "Weekly Missile Tests"

Is the Korean Peninsula headed for war? The US has promised to meet any North Korean attack with an "overwhelming response". "But President Trump and I and our administration believes the most productive pathway forward is dialogue among the family of nations that can isolate and pressure North Korea into abandoning permanently and dismantling its nuclear weapons program and its ballistic missile program". Read More »

Easter: Pope rebukes oppressive regimes, urges moderation

In his Easter message, Pope Francis appeared to reference the rising tensions between North Korea and the USA as he urged world leaders to stop "the spread of conflicts". The Risen Shepherd continued Pope Francis walks beside all those forced to leave their homelands as a result of armed conflicts, terrorist attacks, starvation and oppressive regimes. Read More »

Campaigning begins as MPs vote for snap General Election


May wasted no time, going from the vote in Parliament to kick off her campaign with a speech in to supporters northwestern England. "It's about providing the strong and stable leadership this country needs to take Britain through Brexit and beyond, it's about strengthening our hand in the negotiations that lie ahead, and it's about sticking to our plan for a stronger Britain that will enable us to secure that more stable and secure future for this country and take the right long-term ... Read More »

Govt working on Mallya's extradition


The UK Crown office, acting on the Indian request, will argue Indian authorities' case for Mallya's extradition and he will have a chance to oppose it. He is required to appear at Westminster Magistrates' Court on May 17. The process is underway. "Our main concern is that the government should get him (Mallya) to India and we should get our dues", former Kingfisher Airlines pilot Rahul Bhasin said in his reaction to Mallya's arrest. Read More »

Tillerson declares the Iran nuclear deal a failure

However, in a letter sent late Tuesday to House Speaker Paul Ryan, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the agreement would now undergo a full review to see if it 'is vital to the national security interests of the United States'. "The question of ongoing sanctions relief will be critical-Iran has already gotten significant economic benefits from the nuclear deal and we need to take a hard look at what Iran is doing with the resources that continue to flow in". Read More »

'The sword stands ready': US VP Pence warns North Korea


Chamber of Commerce in Tokyo and assured them that the Trump administration's plans for a tax overhaul and to cut regulations will help businesses in the Pacific, too. China is defending its trade practices with North Korea after Chinese-made vehicles were seen carrying ballistic missiles during a military parade despite worldwide sanctions against selling military hardware to Pyongyang. Read More »