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Trump says China efforts on N Korea 'have not worked out'


Fred Warmbier, Otto's father, praised President Trump after his son's release. Young Pioneer Tours, headquartered in Xi'an, China - the agency that arranged Warmbier's "budget" tour to North Korea - released a statement Tuesday saying it would no longer organize tours for US citizens to North Korea . Read More »

U.S. expresses frustration over Saudi embargo on Qatar


The US state department says it is "mystified" that Gulf states have not released details about their grievances towards Qatar more than two weeks after they imposed a blockade on the country. The group, which raises more than $140 million a year from Christian donors in the United States for Israelis in need, launched an ad campaign against Qatar because of its support for Hamas and its harboring of Hamas leaders. Read More »

US fighter jet shoots down Iranian-made drone in Syria


Predator drone, exhibited "the actions and intent similar to what happened in the first" shoot down, said a U.S. defense official who spoke on the condition of anonymity. Murphy said that President Trump does not have the authority to act on his own to fight a war in Syria and that he must gain permission from Congress, which he said should be denied. Read More »

DEMS DEFEATED AGAIN: Republican Handel Wins Georgia Special Election


He added that 6th District Republicans united against a Democratic candidate many saw as a tool of his national party leaders. (AP Photo/David Goldman). The basic schism in the party-should it be more progressive-is even more apparent now that Democrats have failed to pick up one of the seats vacated when Trump selected four Republican members for his cabinet. Read More »

Brexit talks start with first United Kingdom concession


Barnier said: "We must first tackle the uncertainties caused by Brexit , first for citizens, but also for the beneficiaries of European Union policies, and for the impact on borders, in particular Ireland ". Mr Barnier said that Britain and the European Union have agreed on the priorities and timetable for Brexit negotiations after the first session of talks. Read More »

Trump to make announcement on any Comey tapes this week -White House

Russian officials have denied meddling in the USA election. Former FBI Director James Comey says that he attended a January 27 one-on-one meeting with President Donald Trump where Trump asked Comey to pledge loyalty to Trump. The Justice Department did not say how it chose the 12 cities, which are mostly in the eastern half of the country and include Buffalo, New York and Memphis, Tennessee. Read More »

GOP seeking to hold two House seats during special election


Republican Karen Handel fended off a massive influx of Democratic cash from across the country on Tuesday to win the most expensive congressional race in history. Trump's health secretary. Just learned that Jon @ Ossoff , who is running for Congress in Georgia, doesn't even live in the district. In victory, she commended Ossoff and pledged to work for his supporters. Read More »

Cincinnati Coroner's Office Seeks Answers On Otto Warmbier's Death


Officials have not reached a conclusion about the cause of death . Warmbier's heartbroken family lashed out at the North Korean regime Monday, saying in a statement: "the bad torturous mistreatment our son received at the hands of the North Koreans ensured that no other outcome was possible beyond the sad one we experienced today". Read More »

Iran missile attack in IS a public demand


The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said government forces pushed on Tuesday into some rebel-held areas in Daraa, as well as its western outskirts. The Syrian government forces' march toward the Jordanian border comes two weeks after they reached the border with Iraq for the first time in years. Read More »

Kohl, father of German reunification, dies


He says the world has benefited from his vision and efforts. He also played an important role in advocating for the Euro, though the global currency was not introduced until after his term as chancellor . This required great political strength and courage - both of which qualities Helmut had in abundance. "During his [Haughey's] presidency in the first half of 1990, Ireland played a decisive role in the process, since the area of the then GDR, today's east Germany, could be smoothly ... Read More »

US State Department questions Gulf motives on Qatar boycott


These included three phone calls with the foreign minister of Saudi Arabia , three with the foreign minister of Qatar, and three with the Emir of Qatar, she said. Trump has quietly sought to have the sanctions lifted. Abu Dhabi's index dropped 0.8 percent to 4,456 points as Dana Gas pulled back 4.4 percent. Qatar, the world's richest country per capita, has used its wealth over the past decade to exert influence overseas, backing factions in civil wars and revolts across the Middle East. Read More »

US Shoots Down Armed Drone Over Southern Syria


Its operations in Iraq would continue as part of the coalition, it added. On Sunday, a U.S. fighter jet downed a Syrian government warplane for the first time in the country's conflict south of Raqa, sparking an angry reaction from regime ally Russian Federation. Read More »

Senate GOP steers toward showdown vote on health bill


Even several Republican senators have not seen it yet . Her employer-sponsored health care covered the research therapy, due to a provision of the Affordable Care Act. "I just don't know how it's going to end up right now", Corker said. Other Republican senators who ought to be particularly alarmed include Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia, Rob Portman of OH and Dean Heller of Nevada. Read More »

China's pressure on North Korea hasn't worked


North Korea said he had been in a coma for a year after contracting botulism but his family say he was subjected to "awful torturous mistreatment". John McCain waded into controversy on Tuesday with his remarks about Otto Warmbier , the American college student whose imprisonment in North Korea resulted in a coma. Read More »

Trump Pivots From China on Solving North Korea Problem in Dire Tweet


REPUBLICANS have put pressure on the White House to act over the death of USA uni student Otto Warmbier , saying North Korea murdered him. Yun visited Pyongyang earlier this month to bring Warmbier home after he was reportedly informed of the University of Virginia student's condition during talks with North Korean officials in NY. Read More »

Australia suspends air operations over Syria


The attack was coordinated with Damascus, according to Sharif. The U.S. military shot down a Syrian government warplane on Sunday, saying it had targeted an American-allied Kurdish force that is battling the extremists in their de facto capital, Raqqa. Read More »

United States shoots down another pro-regime drone in Syria


Alongside Australia, the UK, Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Jordan and Iraq are part of the US-led coalition combating IS in Syria and Iraq. The 48-hour truce that had started there at noon Saturday was supposed to be extended. Guard spokesman Gen. Ramazan Sharif told The Associated Press on Tuesday the force's "local sources and drone films say that all the six missiles the Guard launched hit their targets". Read More »

Ohio Coroner Investigating Otto Warmbier's Death

Thursday at Wyoming High School, where he was an athlete and salutatorian of his 2013 class. He arrived in OH on June 13 after being held for more than 17 months. Three Americans remain held in North Korea. Han Tae Song, a senior North Korean official, declined to speak about Warmbier's case, but in speaking about detainees said, "We are doing according to our national laws, and according to the global standards". Read More »

Family declines autopsy for former North Korea detainee Otto Warmbier


President Donald Trump suggested Tuesday that if North Korea had released the USA college student Otto Warmbier earlier, he might still be alive. "I'm sure there are high-ranking North Koreans who regret what happened to Warmbier and who think this was a mistake", Delury said. Anger over Otto Warmbier's fate continued to build Tuesday, with lawmakers declaring his death a "murder" and calling for travel restrictions to North Korea while the Trump administration considered how to ... Read More »

Drought-breaking cricket win gets positive spin in Pakistan

The players have also been invited to visit the Senate with the trophy to honour them for their victory. India cricket captain Virat Kohli said the pressure created by Pakistani bowlers proved too much for his side to handle in a stunning 180-run Champions Trophy final defeat at The Oval on Sunday. Read More »

US to send two bombers to Korean peninsula

Trump reacted to Warmbier's death on Twitter and in remarks at the White House one day after the 22-year-old died after being medically evacuated to the USA last week in a coma. President Donald Trump told Bloomberg News last month he'd be "honored" to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un "under the right circumstances". Read More »

Republican wins House race in Georgia


Great campaign & great victory! Speaker of the House Paul Ryan came to Atlanta to show his support for Handel . Those trends leave Democrats hopeful they can win a House majority next year. The Republican campaign establishment, however, helped make up the difference. Her two biggest outside funders where the Congressional Leadership Fund, a House GOP-linked super PAC, and the National Republican Congressional Committee. Read More »

Kushner heading to Mideast for peace talks


Israeli defense body COGAT, posted the announcement on its Arabic language Facebook page. The prime minister added that there was not, and there would never be, as good a government for the settlements as theirs. Inside Story - Will Israel annex Palestinian territories? Despite U.S. demand, the Israeli government is not ready to give up its control over Palestinian economy. Read More »