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Brexit bills dominate United Kingdom govt agenda

The proposals also included axing the winter fuel allowance for well-off pensioners, expanding grammar schools and ending free school lunches for infants have been dropped. The queen said: "My government's priority is to secure the best possible deal as the country leaves the European Union". But Mr Blackford said there was "nothing in the programme to try and turn around the faltering economy, or how to support our under-pressure public services". Read More »

Jurors begin deliberations in Cosby trial

If found guilty, Cosby faces as much as 10 years in prison. Jurors started their deliberations late Monday after the defence earlier in the day wrapped up its case in a breathtaking six minutes - calling just one witness in Cosby's sex ssault trial. Read More »

North Korea calls Donald Trump a 'psychopath'


Mattis echoed that, saying China "continues to work these issues". Trump's statement , delivered in an nearly cavalier tweet on Tuesday, was an extraordinary admission of failure in his strategy for dealing with the North Korean regime of Kim Jong-un, New York Times said. Read More »

Supreme Court upholds offensive trademarks as form of free speech


As the Court said, "s$3 peech that demeans on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, disability, or any other similar ground is hateful; but the proudest boast of our free speech jurisprudence is that we protect the freedom to express 'the thought that we hate.'" The Court went on to remark that the disparagement clause "is not an anti-discrimination clause; it is a happy-talk clause". Read More »

Trump and Republicans don't want Nancy Pelosi to go


As in Montana and Kansas, Democrats did succeed in nationalizing the runoff race, making it about Trump. Republicans can enjoy some breathing room after winning a race that morphed from an afterthought in the usually conservative Atlanta suburbs into an expensive national proxy for Washington wars ahead of the 2018 midterm elections. Read More »

UK PM May's Conservatives still working on deal with DUP


The sources say Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party is urging the Government to give "greater focus" to the negotiations and that the "party can't be taken for granted". While powers will be revised, there was no mention of police resources. Today's Queen's Speech is notable not for what's in it, but for what's been left out. Read More »

Trump Tweetstorm Disputes Russian Interference in 2016 Election


Liles was testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee, which is investigating Russia's efforts to meddle in the 2016 presidential election, and his remarks add some clarity to the breadth of the Kremlin's cyber mischief. "Homeland Security does not engage in election recounts", he said, under questioning from Representative Jackie Speier, a California Democrat. "[The FBI] had gotten the information from the private party that they needed to understand the intrusion by the spring of ... Read More »

United Kingdom makes big concession on day one of Brexit talks


For this positive tone to continue, both sides will need to find a way to bridge the UK's wish for a mutually beneficial new UK-EU partnership to emerge with the EU's stance that no deal can be as good as the present arrangement. He also reassured: "We will never work against the United Kingdom". There will be no hostility on my side. We must lift the uncertainty caused by Brexit. Read More »

After Election Win, Macron Promises 'Real Victory' in Five Years

True, that En Marche! was only formed 15 months ago and Macron himself fought his first election at the presidential polls means that the French political leadership today is dominated by upstarts. But this can also be put down to the disillusionment with traditional parties, both on the right and left. "For the first time under the (postwar) Fifth Republic, the National Assembly will be deeply renewed - more diverse, younger", LREM Acting President Catherine Barbaroux told Reuters . Read More »

May to unveil plans to 'protect' EU citizens' rights after Brexit


Tusk made the comments a few hours before a bilateral meeting with British Prime Minister Theresa May , quoting John Lennon's song "Imagine": "So who knows?" He said that the "very important" proposal had "captured the imagination and hopes" of many British people who wished to retain their rights as European Union citizens and would be part of his negotiations in upcoming Brexit talks. Read More »

'Dreamer' Tusk says Brexit could be reversed


In an interview ahead of the summit with a group of European newspapers, new French President Emmanuel Macron pledged "pragmatism and cooperation" with post-Brexit Britain . British Prime Minister Theresa May , who said she would prefer a "hard" Brexit to a bad deal, meanwhile blundered into a disastrous snap June 8 poll which has allowed supporters of a "soft" Brexit back into the picture. Read More »

Merkel wants good-spirited Brexit talks, focus on European Union 27


It is all a far cry from May 3, when May accused Brussels of deliberately threatening Britain over the Brexit talks in order to affect the outcome of the coming election. "That's been an important issue". Afterward, the 27 other leaders will meet without May to assess the issue themselves. The president of the European Council has said he still hopes that the United Kingdom might change its mind over Brexit and decide to stay. Read More »

UK government's priority is to win best possible Brexit deal


Also missing was ending free school lunches and limiting winter fuel payments to low-income elderly. But Foreign Minister Boris Johnson said a Trump state visit would go ahead as planned despite the Queen failing to mention it. May said her Government would pursue "a Brexit deal that works for every part of the country and that commands the greatest possible public support". Read More »

Britain's Prince Philip hospitalised with infection


His illness meant he missed the official state opening of parliament and another trip to Ascot on Wednesday. Britain's Prince Philip sits in a train on a journey marking the 175th anniversary of the first train journey by a British monarch, recreating the historic journey made by Queen Victoria on 13th June 1842, from Slough to London Paddington, Britain June 13, 2017. Read More »

May's deal with DUP unlikely this week - DUP source

May is promising a government "that consults and listens". Downing Street sources declined to be drawn on reports that the Speech will ditch headline promises from the Conservative manifesto, such as the scrapping of universal free school meals. Read More »

ACG orders 20 Boeing 737 MAX 10 jets

The low cost carrier signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for 40 737 MAX airplanes, valuing the total deal at United States dollars 4.7 billion. The 737 MAX 10 continues the MAX family's range advantage over competing models and will deliver five percent lower trip costs and five percent lower seat-mile costs. Read More »

Where is this wave of anti-Trump backlash we were promised?

JOE CROWLEY: We're disappointed. "I think that our leadership owes us an explanation of what happened, how resources were spent but also a plan going forward, and that's got to be a part of the discussion", he said . You're responsible for everything your platoon does or fails to do. Trump was referring to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi , who is facing questions about her leadership after Democrats lost the Georgia special House election. Read More »

Senate Health Bill: Cut Medicaid, End Penalties


Shares of hospital-system operators rallied as much as 8% on Thursday following the release of the Senate Republican health bill, which appears more favorable to their interests than the House-passed bill. Facing unanimous Democratic opposition, Republicans can suffer defections by no more than two of their 52 senators and still push the measure through the Senate. Read More »

London man died after mosque attack with 'multiple injuries'


She described recognising him as "every mother's worst nightmare". She claimed he was "disturbed" and had been on medication for mental health problems. "We will not allow this to divide the Muslim community and divide us against other non-Muslims", he said. The Bishop of Stepney Adrian Newman, who also spoke to the crowd, said: "An attack on one faith is an attack on us all". Read More »

EU Council President Tusk Says 'Dreams' About UK Staying in EU

In an apparent reference to UK Ministers" repeated insistence that "no deal is better than a bad deal', M. Barnier said: "For both the European Union and the UK a fair deal is possible and far better than no deal". The initial agenda for the Brexit talks appears to reflect the EU's desires as the United Kingdom had wanted talks on trade and its future relationship with the EU. Read More »

Should the Senate fast-track its health care bill?


But its fate remains uncertain. McConnell must navigate a narrow route in which defections by just three of the 52 Republican senators would doom the legislation. "We have a responsibility to move forward, and we are", said McConnell, R-Ky. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of NY and other Democratic leaders began a series of procedural requests to slow down consideration of the legislation, a discussion draft of which posted shortly before the Senate convened. Read More »

GOP leaders plan to finalize tax bill behind closed doors

President Donald Trump , under siege in Washington , defended his record at a raucous political rally in Iowa on Wednesday, rejecting a Russian Federation investigation as a witch hunt and saying he was succeeding against all odds, despite no major legislative achievements. Read More »

Led coalition shoots down Iranian made drone in Syria


The decision came amid increasing tension between the USA and Russian Federation, which warned it would track coalition aircraft in Syria as potential "targets", and halted a military hotline with Washington over the incident. A Syrian military official in Damascus said the truce was not extended. Daraa is where Syria's crisis first broke out in March 2011 as an uprising against Assad's government. Read More »