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Carolina teen missing over a year found alive in Georgia


WBTV reported a year ago her parents found a diary detailing plans to run off with an older man she met online. A teenage girl who left her Charlotte home more than a year ago has been found alive in Georgia, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Read More »

GOP Senator Says It's 'Hard' To Imagine Obamacare Repeal Passing This Week

MI is one of 31 states that expanded Medicaid under the ACA, opening the program to most people between the ages of 19 and 64 who have an income 138 percent of the federal poverty level - about $16,000 for a single person. Those waivers would allow state to drop benefits required by Obamacare , such as maternity coverage, mental health care and prescription drug coverage. Read More »

9th Circuit Upholds Block on Trump's Revised Travel Ban

The Trump administration has already sought the high court's review of another appellate court's ruling against the executive order, which called for temporarily suspending the USA refugee program and barring travelers from six majority-Muslim countries. Read More »

Second North Korean soldier defects to South Korea in a month


It also conducted two nuclear tests previous year as it pursues development of a long-range nuclear missile that could reach the US mainland. On June 21, North Korean Ambassador Kye Chun-yong spoke to WION , an Indian TV network, and expressed his country's willingness "to talk in terms of the freezing of nuclear testing and missile testing, under certain circumstances". Read More »

Moon watches test of Korea's longest rocket


In addition to developing its own missiles, South Korea is now protected from a North Korean missile strike by a U.S. THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) missile battery, which was brought into the country in March and deployed in the southeast. Read More »

Escaped Georgia inmates captured in Tennessee, authorities say


Dubose and Rowe quietly crossed state lines between Wednesday and Thursday before they ditched the stolen truck in Moore County, Tennessee. The inmates allegedly crashed the newly stolen vehicle near mile marker 91 and fled on foot. Sills was emotional as he described the scene. "I took off down the road with a gun if you want me to be honest", said local resident and witness Jeremy Littrell. Read More »

Puerto Rico overwhelmingly votes on U.S. statehood in non-binding referendum


Puerto Ricans will be presented with three options: Statehood, Independence/Free Association and Current Territorial Status (commonwealth). Almost half a million Puerto Ricans have moved to the US mainland in the past decade to find a more affordable cost of living or jobs as the island of 3.4 million people struggles with a 12 percent unemployment rate. Read More »

Car crash sparks brush fire along LA County freeway

The fire quickly jumped the freeway and has destroyed at least one structure. No injuries were immediately reported. Evacuations have been ordered in the Disney Ranch area, and homes are threatened. Emergency evacuation centers for residents were established at Golden Valley High School at 27051 Robert C. Lee Parkway in Santa Clarita. Sheriff's Lt. Read More »

United States environment chief exits G7 climate talks early

Gov. Jerry Brown signed a climate agreement with China last week and told the Associated Press that China, European countries and USA state governors would fill the gap. If we choose not to take steps to move away from the fossil fuels of the past and toward the clean energy of the future, we will be condemning our allies, our children and our loved ones in uniform to an increasingly unsafe world - and a world in which the United States is a backward outsider. Read More »

Russian hackers targeted 21 USA states' vote systems in 2016

Rep. Trey Gowdy questioned Johnson during a hearing on Wednesday, asking him if there was any evidence that the president colluded with Russian Federation during the election. "Based on everything I know", he said . And of course it is absurd to suggest that the Obama administration took no actions in the face of Russia's interference. Read More »

Big Cases, Retirement Rumors as Supreme Court Nears Finish

The Pacific Legal Foundation, a conservative land rights group that represented the Murrs, called the ruling a disappointment for property owners. Those claims, Treanor said, will now be much harder to make. With President Trump under investigation by the special counsel and his approval rating mired below 40 percent, his incentive may be to cater to his base with a pick as far to the right as possible, an instinct enabled by the Republicans' move, during the confirmation of Justice ... Read More »

WAR LOOMS - US shoots armed Syrian drone targeting American troops


Since then, the United States has repeatedly struck Iranian-backed militia and last week even shot down a drone threatening US-led coalition forces. Attempting to de-escalate the situation, US officials in Baghdad have sent out notices reminding parties involved in Syria that there is a de-confliction mechanism in place with Russian forces to reduce the chances of "strategic miscalculation". Read More »

DHS: Hackers Cased Voter Registration Systems in 21 States


President-elect Donald Trump (L) and Russian President Vladimir Putin at a gift shop in central Moscow on January 16, four days ahead of Trump's inauguration. "And I'm deeply concerned about the danger posed in future interference in our elections", he said. The new report comes in the immediate wake of Congressional hearings on the vulnerability of USA election systems. Read More »

Iran and Israel Exchange Warnings

Israel and Iran are bitter enemies. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) claimed to have launched six missiles from Iran into Deir ez-Zor in eastern Syria , where US-backed troops are combating ISIS, in an effort to show the USA that Iran is not going to accept United States sanctions against it. Read More »

BJP wooing dalits via Kovind: Shiv Sena


They can also win the Presidential elections . However, if it is not acceptable to BJP , then in that case Dr MS Swaminathan's name be announced as NDA nominee, " said Shiv Sena MP and spokesman Sanjay Raut. On the Shiv Sena's earlier stand, Mr Thackeray said he had two names in mind. To start with there was heavy betting that Shiv Sena will definitely oppose whomsoever BJP propose as candidate. Read More »

Al Jazeera faces closure demand

Qatar reportedly has 10 days to meet the list of conditions. The Maldives and Libya later joined the countries that have isolated Qatar. The U.S. has offered to help mediate. The move by Qatar's neighbors has left it under a de facto blockade. Yet resisting the demands could prove hard. Qatar faces a choice of either stability and prosperity, or isolation, he said. Read More »

Korean president calls for N. Korean Olympic participation


He also revealed that they could field a joint hockey team. Thousands of protesters marched near the USA embassy in Seoul on Saturday, accusing President Donald Trump of "forcing" South Korea to deploy a controversial American missile defence system opposed by China. Read More »

PM Modi 1st global leader at Trump's WH working dinner


They stress the future importance of the huge Indian market to U.S. firms and major growth in areas such as aviation which will offer significant opportunities for United States manufacturers. The White House has said it was "seeking to roll out the red carpet" for PM Modi . During the meeting, the world leaders are expected to discuss ongoing cooperation, including counter-terrorism and defence partnership in the Indo-Pacific region, and trade and law enforcement, White House Press ... Read More »

Brussels Central Station attack suspect identified

Van der Sypt said no one else was injured besides the suspect and the damage from the explosion was limited. Pierre Meys, a fire service spokesman, told RTL that some kind of explosion has happened in the station, but it is unclear what caused the blast. Read More »

North Korea says USA student's death a 'mystery to us as well'


The American college student, detained for a almost a year and a half in a North Korea prison, died soon after being returned to his family in vegetative state. The report did not mention Warmbier's neurological status. Warmbier died on Monday after being returned to the United States in a coma. "He had a deep desire to know God in a personal way", Mr Thomas said. Read More »

Chile 1-1 Australia: South Americans progress


But the damage was really done 14 minutes earlier when Ernest Mabouka was sent off. The other semifinal on Wednesday sees Portugal play Chile , which finished second in Group B after drawing 1-1 with Australia in Sunday's other game. Read More »