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Dark Souls 3: How to Start the Ringed City DLC


And it sounds as if that end might be permanent. "In making a new game, we're not being conscious of making something that resembles Dark Souls, or on the other hand of making something that doesn't resemble Dark Souls ", Miyazaki shared. Read More »

Counterintelligence investigation of possible Trump campaign collusion with Russian Federation began last July


The probe followed revelations that Russian hackers broke into the computer network of the Democratic National Committee, a hack USA officials and cybersecurity experts have publicly tied to Russian intelligence services. The White House fired him in February after concluding that he had not been truthful about those conversations. Republicans and Democrats have agreed on the witnesses to be called, Ryan said. Read More »

Donald Trump Signs Internet Privacy Regulations Repeal Resolution

The bill repeals broadband privacy rules adopted previous year by the Federal Communications Commission, which required ISPs to obtain subscribers' consent before using their browsing records for advertising or marketing purposes. So it finally happened, to no one's surprise but against everyone's opposition: internet privacy is no more. I believe the Federal Trade Commission, which has been focused on protecting consumers since the 1970s, should maintain its jurisdiction over this area. Read More »

Facebook Messenger To Reportedly Pull Support For Windows Phones


To use the new live location, you'll have to tap the location icon inside Messenger. You'll see a map of your current location , and tapping the blue bar will share your location for the next 60 minutes. Both iOS and Android versions countdown your 60 minutes thanks to a clock in the lower right of the screen. Although plenty of other apps offer those features, they still miss something vital to most users. Read More »

Microsoft Surface Pro update could soon bring THIS fantastic feature


Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) has now cemented its authority on the 2-in-1 hybrid market, thanks to its existing line of Surface devices, Surface Pro and Surface Book. Rumors about Microsoft Surface Pro 5 specs, features and release date have been floating around since early past year but since its predecessor, the Surface Pro 4, is doing very well in the market, the company seems to have delayed bringing out the successor. Read More »

Gears of War 4 April update includes Bunny Hunt for Easter


Easter itself is on April 16. As for the new maps, April's Gears of War 4 update adds two more that you may recognize from Gears of War 3: Hotel and Slab. Yesterday, we outlined major tuning changes coming to Gears of War 4 with the April Update on our Community Blog . What's more, new Horde and Versus events are scheduled to begin on April 21 and April 28, respectively, though Microsoft did not share any more details about these. Read More »

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier will get the Galaxy S8's BEST feature

Samsung Galaxy S8 will fetch CAS 1,035 which is around $775 in the country while the S8+ will fetch CAD 1,115 which is around $835. The only difference is their size, with the Galaxy S8 measuring 5.8in and the Galaxy S8 Plus 6.2in. Our future comparison will explore this further and see which shooter comes out on top. It was meant to be Samsung's "saving grace", but the Galaxy S8 has already caused Android users to worry. Read More »

Microsoft Corporation's (MSFT) Upcoming Spring Event: Here's Everything You Need To Know

The article speculates that this Surface Phone precursor, if it could be called such, could be useful for the Redmond-based company as an initial release to gauge the market reaction to the new user interface. Instead, Microsoft could be planning to reveal a whole new type of Surface Book, if recent reports are to be believed. The latest model of the Surface Pen - which comes packed with the Surface Pro 4 - features a top-mounted eraser, a customizable magic button, and the ability to ... Read More »

Nintendo wants to create new Intellectual Properties on Switch

In fact, according to multiple unnamed sources who work at Nintendo suppliers, the Japanese gaming giant expects to sell a whopping 20 million Switch consoles during the device's first year of availability. Nintendo president Kimishima Tatsumi recently suggested that lifetime Switch sales could climb as high as 110 million units, which would make the Switch the fifth best-selling video game console of all time, pushing the Wii into the #6 spot with just under 102 million units. Read More »

Surface Pro 5: Will We See a First Quarter Release Afterall?


If the latest circulating rumor is true, this month is the most-awaited month for the Surface Pro 5 release . With the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 already on sale, it appears that the Redmond-based tech giant is making a room for the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 in its market shelves. Read More »

Nintendo Prefers Super Mario Run's Payment Model To Fire Emblem Heroes'


If you are a Super Mario fan then there is some good news in store for you. Meanwhile, the game also offers a Multiplayer mode where players can go against each other competing for high scores. Although that seems more than fair to most gamers, since there's no temptation to spend over the odds with in-app purchases, many casual gamers consider it a rip-off and the game has a surprisingly low user rating. Read More »

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 DLC Pack 3 Details Reveal New Characters


As Goku and others come back on Earth, they start looking for members who can win a tough battle against fighters like Toppo. Beerus is already on pins and needles about Universe 7's chances of winning, what with every other universe planning on ganging up on Goku for even suggesting such a tournament. Read More »

Buick Enclave teased ahead of 2017 NY auto show


Furthermore, the new Enclave is also getting some redesign on its headlights. Fortunately, we won't have to wait long as the redesigned Enclave has been confirmed for next month's 2017 NY auto show. Even though General Motors kept relatively quiet at the recent Chicago Auto Show, that doesn't mean the automaker plans to do the same next month in NY. Read More »

Microsoft Surface Phone: 2017 Looks Less Likely


The upcoming Microsoft laptop/tablet is also speculated to boast a rechargeable Surface Pen. In an interview with The Australian Financial Review late a year ago, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella addressed persistent rumors about the company's plans of launching a new line of mobile phones under their established Surface brand. Read More »

Windows 10 Creators Update's version number confirmed by Microsoft


The advert is part of the new Windows 10 Creators Update, which is now beta testing with early adopters but is scheduled to roll out to all Windows 10 users this year. Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users who did accidentally install the problematic driver can simply roll back their systems to a previous restore point, but Windows 10 does not create restore points automatically and the feature must be manually enabled. Read More »

Microsoft Surface Pro 5: Ready For iPad Pro Upset


Apple and Microsoft are getting ready to launch their highly anticipated iPad Pro 2 and Surface Pro 5 offerings. Fans were hopeful that the tech giant would at least give subtle hints of its existence and possible release date. IDC says that sales of 2-in-1 devices in New Zealand reached 80,000 units last year, up from 55,000 units in 2015, and partially responsible for the growth is Apple and its boost of no less than 650 percent year over year. Read More »

Dhanush & Anirudh Had Sex with Me - Suchitra Karthik


But after the leak of these private, everyone is now wondering if her account was hacked in the first place? Her followers, who had access to her posts on Saturday morning took the screenshots of her controversial tweets and shared them on social media. Read More »

Microsoft Surface Pro 5: The rumors are mounting, but details remain scarce

The upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is said to be announced at the MWC 2017 event. Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 was introduced in 2015 as the company's newest "tablet that can replace your notebook" style of 2-in-1. While a user could use their Microsoft Surface as a tablet, the apps available for it are not as tablet-optimized as the iPad. As for the sole edge of iPad Pro 2, Mac Reviews said that the pad comprised the Surface Dial that increases its productivity. Read More »

Microsoft shows off HoloLens Spectator View rig


Microsoft has used a professional-grade camera set-up to let observers in on what HoloLens users can see during company presentations, however that capability hasn't made its way to regular folks. As anyone who's worn HoloLens can prove to, the holograms you see through Microsoft's augmented reality headset are pretty wonderful. Little by little Microsoft continues to add features to the HoloLens. Read More »

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Surface Book 2 Tipped to Feature Powerful Specs

Last month, in the United States, Microsoft began offering its Surface Pro 4 to buyers without the Surface Pen for the first time. But according to KGI Securities, this is not an accurate prediction at all. Rumors regarding the release date of Microsoft Surface Book 2 is said to happen on April 4. It is rare that you come across Apple products going for large discounts, but you'll be happy to know that both the 13.3-inch and 15.4-inch MacBook Pro models with Touch Bar are being offered to ... Read More »

English Premier League analysis: game week 25


If I feel [they are] relaxed then I try to find the right solution. Chelsea continued to plug away and Pedro had a good chance to snatch the points in the closing minutes following some quick passing play by the visitors, although the forward was always leaning back on his shot and ultimately skewed the ball well over. Read More »

Surface Phone, Surface Pro Major Updates Reportedly Coming in Q4 2017


The latest Insider release also provides preview support for Microsoft's new Payment Request API that will allow users to save payment and shipping preferences for quicker Web purchases. Over half of American classrooms use Chromebooks, according to a Futuresource study released last fall, and their simplicity has made them attractive to school administrators. Read More »