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First Reviews of the New 10.5-inch iPad Pro Are Glowing

Long story short, the Pro 10.5 acts the way you'd want an expensive tablet to. There's nothing wrong with the display on the Miix 500, or the 12.9-inch iPad Pro Apple provided to me for review, but there's a lot to be said for being able to have two or three applications open, adjacent to each other, large enough to be able to read easily with my bespectacled, nearly 50 year old eyes. Read More »

Sony unveils new 'Spider-man' game at E3 expo

It will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive title. No release date was indicated at the press briefing. Maybe The Frozen Wilds DLC will help answer some of the questions we still have about Aloy. The game will be releasing sometime in 2018 (which is a running theme for E3 this year). There are already some theories out there at this game's Spider-Man actually is Morales, as we've yet to see who's under the mask. Read More »

PlayStation Press Conference Online and Start Time

If there was one thing missing from Sony's E3 2017 press conference today , it was stats. It certainly doesn't hurt that Shadow of the Colossus has always been a good looking game and that its HUD-free presentation affords it a very cinematic presentation style that. Read More »

Hands-On With the New iPad Pro 10.5-Inch

Obviously, that isn't the case for everybody. The problem speaks to Apple's struggles in diversifying its iPad family and trying to make the iPad Pro a viable laptop replacement. But if your laptop is getting up there and you're looking for a light device to replace it? Does anyone remember Windows tablets before the iPad? Apple's 9.7 inch iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil and smart keyboard. Read More »

IOS 11 Most Essential Features

Martin has written about TV, film, telecoms and technology for more than 20 years and has previously contributed to several consumer magazines, as well as commentating on TV and radio about the UK's media industry. This new leather sleeve case holds the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil . Neither has it added any new biometric identification system, such as iris scanning that has become more common with other vendors. Read More »

Qatar asks United Nations agency to resolve Gulf airspace row


But while Trump has signaled support for Riyadh despite efforts by the Pentagon and State Department to remain neutral, his European counterparts have been active in trying to tamp down tensions. That row, over alleged terrorism funding, has forced the airline to cancel flights, hitting sales. Al Jazeera, a comprehensive media outlet funded by the Qatari government with several worldwide satellite television channels, websites, and online video operations, is not exactly a beacon of free ... Read More »

Honda teases new Fit Sport model, highlights safety tech


Honda has unveiled new details for the latest iteration of the Fit, focusing especially on its new styling and sporty emphasis. The 2018 Honda Fit features new, sportier styling, starting with a horizontally layered, two-piece chrome and piano black grille with a larger, more prominent "H" mark. Read More »

Apple's new app rules tighten grip on China's tipping

Instead, there'll be two key restrictions that should reduce headaches for everyone: First, apps will be required to use a new Apple-made review prompt, which allows users to leave a rating without exiting an app. If a user chooses to leave a review, the app has to wait for at least a full year and after a new version of the app has been released before it can ask the user to review it again-a feature developers my find too restrictive and make it hard to get feedback on new features. Read More »

E3 2017: Xbox Scorpio is now Xbox One X

Microsoft rival Sony already offers a console with 4K capabilities, the PS4 Pro , which was released in November past year, but the PS4 Pro's specifications fall short of the One X. Xbox One X is capable of playing games in 4K but its lineup was pretty underwhelming. The PS4 Pro doesn't offer the native 4K resolution, though it uses techniques such as checkerboard rendering to bring the resolution close to 4K. Read More »

Days Gone Gameplay Shows Intense Melee Combat, Forest Exploration, and Zombies

In the trailer, we see more of Deacon's day to day life in the zombie apocalypse, featuring some motorcycle traversal and hand-to-hand stealth combat. This is one of those virus' that effects animals as well as humans so expect all manner of zombie animals on top of people. Skills learned in his prior life as an outlaw biker have given Deacon a slight edge in the seemingly never-ending fight to stay alive. Read More »

Shadow of the Colossus Is Getting A Beautiful Remake


The Shadow of the Colossus remake was the first older entity to draw massive applause from the fans, so it looks like Sony is certainly on to something with its endeavor. If this reintroduction can introduce that wonder to a new generation of gamers, it's a win for the medium as a whole. Sony officially confirmed that the game won't be releasing this year, and instead offered 2018 as a general release window for the title. Read More »

First Gameplay Trailer For 'Days Gone' Reavealed At E3

It seems the zombies aren't the only thing to fear in the world of Days Gone , as Deacon spends most of his time dealing with other humans. Stay tuned to Gameranx as we will be bringing you the latest news from the Sony's E3 press conference. Read More »

Warriors are NBA champions in nearly perfect run through playoffs

And with 1:10 left in the quarter, Zaza Pachulia and Kyle Korver were tied up on a loose ball. David West , Smith, and Tristan Thompson were all given technicals at 3:08 after a dust-up in which shoves and unpleasantries were shared. James turned to the officials, saying he had been fouled. When those shots started falling, and Cleveland's weren't, a tidal wave went through. Had Cleveland somehow recovered from the 3-0 deficit the Warriors built in this series, the Cavs would've ... Read More »

Snap rolls out new self-serve ad system


Pay for Snap Ads by credit card in the United States, rather than by credit line. Over the years things changed: Snapchat users got used to ads, and Snapchat owner Snap started selling more ad spots at lower rates. And starting in July, a tool called Snap Publisher will let advertisers create fullscreen video ads in under two minutes with nothing but a web browser. Read More »

E3 2017: Superhot VR Is Coming to PSVR

Superhot is a first-person shooter where time moves only when you move. Other games announced as on the way include Superhot VR , now available for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. My body is anchored inside the virtual world because I have to dodge punches, knives, and bullets-it's interacting with me in a significant way. The game will be out in the coming weeks. Read More »

The future-proof 10.5-inch iPad Pro

That being said , iOS 11 will bring one very nice feature to developers. Unveiled Monday at WWDC , iOS 11 will be the "biggest software release ever" for iPad users, Apple said. The software update is set to be released alongside the new iPhones, which will undoubtedly come out of the box with the new OS. The iPad Pro 10.5-inch is powered by the A10x chip. Read More »

Top 10 Features You Need to Know About Apple's New iOS 11

But if your iPad is suddenly your main productivity tool, then you really do want to have the best iPad you can buy. This is one of the reasons why the iPad Pro wins this category with great ease. With the incoming iOS updates for iPad, including a way to centralize your files across cloud services, it seems like Apple is getting closer to completely replacing laptops. Read More »

Warriors win National Basketball Association title


The Cavs narrowed the gap slightly in the third but the Warriors were able to keep their opponents at arm's length to wrap up a second title in three years. The Warriors responded with a 28-4 run for a lead they never gave up after that. But Cavaliers head coach Tyronn Lue isn't going to buy into a nothing-to-lose mentality. Read More »

Bill Cosby trial: A complete timeline of how we got here

The judge could allow prosecutors to rebut Cosby's testimony by introducing evidence of the allegations against him made by about 60 other female accusers. Legal experts and courtroom observers generally dismissed that suggestion as a bluff, perhaps created to throw prosecutors - who ended with a lot of momentum - off balance. Read More »

Apple legalizes and taxes in-app tipping for content creators

But as Medium blogger Johnny Lin found out, the mechanism that Ngan Vo Thi Thuy exploited involves tricking gullible users in the app and spreading awareness of the app through ad listings on App Store searches. That was previously one of the biggest drawbacks of submitting an app review. Oh, and developers can only prompt for reviews three times a year , with the prompt going away for a year after a user submits a rating. Read More »

Penguins win Stanley Cup in controversial Game 6

It's great to be able to do it'. Fleury agreeing to potentially move to Vegas allows Pittsburgh to protect those four key cogs in the fold as they look to win a third consecutive Cup next year. After the game, Subban was disappointed in the loss but still looking to the future. A similar passing of the torch took place on the ice during the Cup celebration. Read More »

The battle of the Styluses: Apple vs Microsoft


This year, the company is up to iOS 11 and explained numerous new features during its developers keynote presentation Monday. "Mobile use behind the wheel is a growing menace and so Brake would like to see similar initiatives from other phone manufacturers to help cut distractions in the vehicle". Read More »

Newly leaked iPhone 8 parts give glimpse into rumored design


The front panel with the ultra-thin bezel and the sensor area and the rear panel are shown. To be fair, the panels look a bit glossy so these handsets may be receiving similar designs to the iPhone 8 with glass on the front and back. The back panel features the vertically positioned dual-camera setup. And if it makes you desire the Apple iPhone 8 even more, just remember that September is just a little more than 12 weeks away. Read More »

IMac Pro and new iMac first look: Apple's VR-ready machines

Apart from updating it notebook lineup, Apple earlier today at WWDC 2017 also announced a plethora of updates to its iMac lineup. With thin and light designs, powerful performance, awesome displays and all-day battery life, Mac notebooks deliver the world's best portable computing experience.1 MacBook now features faster Kaby Lake processors up to 1.3 GHz Core i7 with Turbo Boost up to 3.6 GHz and up to 50 percent faster SSD, and supports up to twice the memory . Read More »