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'WannaCry' virus spreads to Asia, experts warn of new wave

Because numerous computers impacted run older Windows systems like XP, Microsoft issued a rare patch for XP, which it had stopped updating more than three years ago. "We haven't fully dodged this bullet at all until we're patched against the vulnerability itself", Kalember said. "That's what makes this more troubling than ransomware was a week ago", Thakur said. Read More »

Analysts Concerns on: Marathon Oil Corporation (NYSE:MRO)

Several other brokerages have also issued reports on MRO . Historically, if we look at price target revisions, three weeks ago Marathon Oil Corporation (NYSE: MRO)'s price target was revised on 4/19/17 by the analysts, however the bullish price estimates of the stock set at $25 while the bearish estimates kept at $15 over the next one year. Read More »

Experts say next global cyber-attack likely on Monday

On Friday, Russia's Interior and Emergencies Ministries, as well as its biggest bank, Sberbank, said they were targeted by ransomware. The Finland-based cyber security company F-Secure said 130 000 systems in more than 100 countries had been affected. Read More »

Google to unveil "Google Assistant" for IOS users in the US


Google Assistant is built into Android devices, and is activated with a long-press of the home button or with a voice wake command of "OK Google". For example, if you ask Google Assistant who the chairman of Amazon is, it will tell you that it's Jeff Bezos, like Siri. Read More »

Microsoft Won't Be Showing Halo 6 at E3 2017


It was revealed previous year that the Halo franchise will return to PCs thanks to Microsoft's Xbox Play Anywhere initiative, which sees Xbox One exclusives released simultaneously on PC, through Windows 10, with cross-save and cross-play support. Read More »

Avoid your ATM until RBI updates it to beat WannaCry ransomware


He noted that Microsoft is calling for a " Digital Geneva Convention " that would require governments to report computer vulnerabilities to vendors rather than store, sell or exploit them. China's information security watchdog said "a portion" of Windows systems users in the country were infected, according to a notice posted on the official Weibo page of the Beijing branch of the Public Security Bureau on Saturday. Read More »

New North Korean Missile Test Triggers Condemnation, Concern

On the respected 38 North website, aerospace engineering specialist John Schilling said it appeared to demonstrate an intermediate-range ballistic missile that could "reliably strike the U.S. "The President said while South Korea remains open to the possibility of dialogue with North Korea, it is only possible when the North shows a change in attitude", Yoon Young-chan, Moon's press secretary, told a briefing. Read More »

200000 cyberattack victims in 150-plus states: Europol

The threat was "escalating" as cyber experts warned that another attack was imminent in coming days, he said . In England, 48 National Health Service (NHS) trusts reported problems at hospitals, doctor surgeries or pharmacies, and 13 NHS organizations in Scotland were also affected. Read More »

Pakistan sniff historic win in Dominica Test

Pakistan Test captain Misbah-ul-Haq called an end to his glittering cricket career following the three-Test series tour of West Indies. West Indies thus relinquished a good position to be bowled out for 247, thereby conceding a substantial 129 run lead to the visitors. Read More »

Korean gov't computers safe from WannaCry attack

Symantec said the majority of organisations affected were in Europe. Other reports put that number as high as 200,000. The ransomware exploited a vulnerability that has been patched in updates of recent versions of Windows since March, but Microsoft didn't make freely available the patch for Windows XP and other older systems. Read More »

Smartphone OnePlus 5 appeared in various body colors


If this will be the case, there is a high probability that it will sport a 23MP back camera and a 16MP front-facing one. Even though the listing itself claims that the OnePlus 5 features a single 23-megapixel rear camera, the render the reseller has chose to use shows a dual camera adorning the back of the phone. Read More »

Cyber attack is biggest of its kind ever launched, say security chiefs

Japanese broadcaster NTV reported 600 companies in that country had been hit, and automaker Nissan and the Hitachi conglomerate said they were addressing the problem at their units that were affected. If the ransomware has only blocked access to your internet browser, you may be able to regain control by accessing your computer's task manager and shutting down the program. Read More »

Microsoft's Surface Laptop Offers 14.5 Hours of Batterly Life

While that's still much cheaper than Apple's entry-level MacBook Pro, it's a far cry from the affordable Chromebooks that Microsoft is setting its sights firmly on. SAN FRANCISCO-Microsoft Corporation unveiled Tuesday a new hardware personal computer (PC) model together with a new software operating system slightly different from its previous Windows version. Read More »

Samsung to detail new Tizen OS for smart home appliances, IoT devices


Besides the gold back cover on the device, all users will get an additional back cover inbox. It is powered by a 1.5 quad core processor combined with 1 GB RAM and 8 GB internal memory which is further expandable up to 128 GB. India is the first country where Samsung is launching this new Tizen smartphone. Samsung is offering a 5 MP front flash camera on Z4. With Power Planner, users can pick from three different levels to manage their long-term battery use. Read More »

Google warns of a major phishing scheme

To avoid the possibility of a phishing attack affecting you, you can set up a security key or two step authentication to increase your Google account's security. It bypassed the need to steal people's logins by building a third-party app which used Google's own processes to gain access to the account. If the victim complied, the scammer immediately seized the account information, loged in, and began sending the phishing email to everyone in the victim's contacts. Read More »

Europol says Global Cyberattack Affects 150 Countries

The blogger said he was "jumping around a room with the excitement" after he discovered that activating a specific web domain could disable the worm. Appearing on the BBC's Andrew Marr Show yesterday, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon defended the government's decision not to fund updates for NHS computers, "appearing to deflect criticism on the health trusts themselves for the fact crucial files were left open for hackers to exploit", says The Independent . Read More »

Ransomware attack should be wake-up call for govts

USA package delivery giant FedEx, European vehicle factories, Spanish telecoms giant Telefonica, Britain's health service and Germany's Deutsche Bahn rail network were among those hit. Writing on the company's website, Microsoft's president and chief legal officer Brad Smith gave a post-mortem of last Friday's "WannaCrypt" cyber-attack, which spread across the world thanks to a database of exploits stolen from the US' National Security Agency (NSA ). Read More »

Microsoft says cyberattack should be wake up call for governments

The latest malware, called WannaCrypt or WannaCry, is spread by taking advantage of a Windows vulnerability that Microsoft released a security patch for in March. Grafi said his firm has been contacted by companies that are scrambling to avoid potential pitfalls. He said the motivation remained unknown but ransomware attacks were normally "criminally minded". Read More »

Companies prepare for more ransomware attacks on Monday

Vehicle manufacturers Renault and Nissan, German rail operator Deutsche Bahn, worldwide shipper FedEx Corp and Spanish telecommunications company Telefonica were among other companies affected. "There will be lessons to learn from what appears to be the biggest criminal cyber-attack in history", Interior minister Amber Rudd said. The virus can target home computers or servers that businesses and state agencies use. Read More »

New Cyber Chaos Appears To Have Been Avoided: Europol

The indiscriminate attack, which began Friday, struck banks, hospitals and government agencies, exploiting known vulnerabilities in old Microsoft computer operating systems. Europol spokesman Jan Op Gen Oorth said that the number of individual victims of the computer attack could be much higher. In an attempt to solve the attack, researchers at the Moscow-based computer security company Kaspersky Lab said that it was "trying to determine whether it is possible to decrypt data locked in the ... Read More »

Heavy gunfire in Ivory Coast in latest military unrest


Numerous soldiers participated in the 2002 uprising aimed at bolstering support for current President Alassane Ouattara . But negotiations on Saturday between the rebels and military commanders in Bouake failed to end the blockade of the city, and rebels warned they would fight back if the army tried to intervene. Read More »

SEGA Plan a "Revival of Major IPs"


The strategy to resurrect major IPs is noted as one of the major points in SEGA's goals for the " packaged game field ". In a recent presentation made to its investors (via DualShockers ), the company revealed that they are planning on reviving some of their dormant IPs and that they plan to release some "big hits" over multiple platforms. Read More »