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Chinese state media says US should take some blame for cyber attack


In a blog post , the Shadow Brokers blamed the U.S. government and technology companies for the global ransomware attack on Friday, saying that... In April, the hacker collective known as the Shadow Brokers, released a trove of Windows exploits and hacking tools which they claimed to have stolen from the NSA's cyber stockpile. Read More »

Volvo Teams Up With Google For Next-Gen Infotainment System


But Google has now turned its attention to cars-people use phones quite a bit these days, and people drive quite a bit too, sometimes doing both at the same time. The partnership with Audi and Volvo could just be the beginning of a new chapter in the entire smart vehicle saga, which has now captured the attention of nearly every tech giant, be it for hardware or software. Read More »

ASUS may discontinue ZenWatch series due to low sales


Asustek launched its first-generation ZenWatch products in 2014 and released the ZenWatch 3 in November 2016. Asus hasn't officially announced anything on the Zenwatch line as yet, so we'll have to wait for Asus to actually acknowledge this one - until then you can grab the Zenwatch 3 for $399 from Bing Lee . Read More »

Two unannounced Nokia smartphones spotted in a video


A video, noticed and then reposted by mobile tipster Evan Blass before it was taken down, shows a series of Nokia branded smartphones, including a pair of unidentified models with dual-camera setups. Nokia 9, might be released at the end of Q3 2017. We also expect Android Nougat out of the box for both the phones. The 3310 will also come with a 2 MP camera module on the back along, with an LED Flash. Read More »

North Korea missile tests: United States warns against supporting Pyongyang

This is not play time. The Security Council adopted two sanctions resolutions past year to ramp up pressure on Pyongyang and deny leader Kim Jong-Un the hard currency needed to fund his military programs. Cybersecurity researchers on Tuesday said they have found evidence [Kapersky Lab report] that could link North Korea to the recent cyberattack that affected 300,000 computers in 150 countries over the weekend. Read More »

Lawmakers respond to report Trump asked Comey to drop Flynn probe

Taken at face value, the disclosures about the Comey memo appear to provide the clearest sign yet that Trump tried to pressure the FBI and the Justice Department over the Russian Federation investigation. "If (Comey's) telling the truth, I don't know how anyone can see this comment as anything but obstruction of justice ". Trump also claimed in his letter firing Comey that the FBI director had told him on three separate occasions that he was not under investigation. Read More »

Microsoft Says Fighting Cyber Attacks Is A Team Effort

It's largely a question of resources and attention. Organizations are scrambling to apply the latest security patch to their computers to prevent the spread of the attack. authorities say even those who have paid did not got access to their data back. A form of ransomware that targets Microsoft Windows. The NSA code was released in April by a hacking group calling itself Shadow Brokers , which had apparently failed to find a buyer for a large trove of NSA cyberweapons. Read More »

A&Es 'fully open' again — NHS cyber attack


The so-called "ransomware" takes computers hostage and demands payment. For criminals to be able to lock a system, they need to download the software onto a device within the network - this is often done by sending a hoax email that prompts a victim to click on a download link. Read More »

Ways To Beat The WannaCry Ransomware Attack

Prime Minister Theresa May said "warnings were given to hospital trusts" about the Microsoft vulnerability exploited by the attackers. Europol's senior spokesman Jan Op Gen Oorth said it was still "a bit early too say who is behind it, but we are working on a decrypting tool". Read More »

NHS cyber attack: Hospitals no longer diverting patients


Although the hospital in Sterling Way, Edmonton wasn't hacked, the internet and internal email system was shut down on Friday and given a "robust overhaul" as a precaution to further attacks. Senior U.S. security officials held another meeting in the White House Situation Room on Saturday, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the NSA were working to help mitigate damage and identify the perpetrators of the massive cyber attack, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity to ... Read More »

Super Mario Odyssey, tournaments part of Nintendo's E3 plans this year

Fans can remember that Nintendo has dedicated nearly its whole E3 show floor to the then upcoming "Zelda" game, which was more of a shrine than anything. Nintendo's presentation is scheduled to be on the 14th of June this year. " Super Mario 3D World" was the last one that did. The segment will feature some of the upcoming games that will roll out this year. Read More »

'200000 users, 150 countries hit by ransomware'


AUSTRALIA may have missed the worst of the worldwide cyber attack but small businesses are still at risk of being infected by the WCry ransomware . The UK security researcher "MalwareTech", who wants to remain anonymous, was hailed as an "accidental hero" after registering a domain name to track the spread of the virus, which ended up halting it. Read More »

Moto reveals C-series smartphones


Moto C and Moto C plus are the finest and startling handsets which can are easily available within a very judicious price which makes both the handsets flawless for the use. This means the phone series will be more powerful and faster than its predecessors. Numerous them are opting Xiaomi Redmi mobiles in this category but we need to know how many of them want to chose this Moto C series instead of the budget friendly and high spec Redmi mobiles. Read More »

Moto C and Moto C Plus officially unveiled by Motorola

While new entry level phones are introduced, this does not hint at Motorola killing off the Moto E smartphones. The Moto GS will sport a 5.2-inch FHD display while the Moto GS+ will pack in a 5.5-inch display and is rumoured to feature a dual-lens rear camera respectively. Read More »

'Absolute right' to share intel with Russians


Vice President Mike Pence insisted that national security adviser Mike Flynn had not discussed Obama-era Russian sanctions when he and Kislyak spoke during Trump's transition to power. The opposition Democratic party and several lawmakers from his own party expressed concern over the alleged sharing of sensitive information with the Russians. Read More »

Microsoft slams spy agencies for 'stockpiling' vulnerabilities

Europe's police agency said the attack has hit at least 100,000 organisations in 150 countries. High-profile victims include hospitals in Britain, the Spanish telecoms giant Telefonica, French carmaker Renault, US package delivery company FedEx, Russia's interior ministry and the German rail operator Deutsche Bahn. Read More »

Delphi Joins BMW-Intel-Mobileye Autonomous Car Partnership


It would be capable of driving itself, but a human driver could still be called on to intervene. The system won't go into just BMWs, though. BMW on Tuesday said it expects that over time there will be "a fairly small number" of self-driving platforms shared by most carmakers because of the tremendous costs of integrating hardware, software and data. Read More »

Jaguar escapes enclosure, attacks monkey at Texas zoo


One of the monkeys, a 19-year-old male named Ba, was seriously injured and had to be euthanized. Estrella was tranquilized using a dart gun and placed in a holding pen. The zoo found Estrella on top of the adjacent exhibit which houses the spider monkeys minutes later. Estrella was transferred to Abilene from the Dallas Zoo in February 2016, along with her sister, Luna. Read More »

Trump invites new South Korean leader to United States 5:05 pm Wednesday

The spokesman said: "The Prime Minister called the South Korean President Moon Jae-in earlier this morning to congratulate him on his recent electoral success". Moon named a politician with Japanese connections, South Jeolla Gov. "I take this office empty-handed, and I will leave the office empty-handed", Moon said. Read More »

Weird misunderstanding leads to shooting of Texas Uber driver


Dallas police said before the passenger got out of the auto, he and the driver started talking about a handgun that he had on him. When they arrived, they found the uninjured passenger, the wounded driver, and the man who shot him. The shooter, who was nearby, saw this and opened fire because he suspected a crime was being committed. The driver was taken to Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas. Read More »

Uber really wants to be your one-stop transit app


For example, say you live in Queens, New York, you can take an Uber to the train station and then take the train to Manhattan - avoiding insane traffic. If it's going to create an viable alternative to owning a auto, that means acknowledging that riders can't (or just won't) always use its service for the entire length of a trip. Read More »