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Google Home will soon be able to make voice calls


The devices won't be out until later in the year. Google's digital assistant is hoping to outsmart Siri on Apple's iPhone. That echoes Amazon's Echo speaker. All you have to do is select the photos you want, choose hardcover or softcover, and you'll have a physical photo album coming in the mail. The Assistant debuted past year on Google's own hardware, and the company has gradually extended the tool to devices from other manufacturers running on its Android operating system. Read More »

Microsoft blames U.S. stockpiled vulnerability for ransomware attack


At least two security firms-a FOX-IT here and CrowdStrike here-said spam that sent fake invoices to end users provided the crucial initial vector to seed the self-replicating attack, but none of the three companies have produced copies. One of the organizations hardest hit by WannaCry - the U.K.'s National Health Service - appears to be recovering. On Friday, Russia's interior and emergencies ministries, as well as the country's biggest bank, Sberbank, said they were targeted. Read More »

Android Go is Basically Baby Android for Budget Devices

The messaging app, Allo, has had some form of Assistant since its launch last September, but the full Assistant has not been available on iOS until now. Google Photos is getting new features including machine learning intelligence. YouTube Go, for instance, will let you see a preview of a video before you download the whole thing, and will also allow you to save videos for offline use and peer-to-peer sharing so you can save your friends and family some data too. Read More »

Google Assistant Gets Typing, History, and Google Lens, Comes to the iPhone


It also said that moving forward, every Android release will have an Android Go configuration. But not anymore, as Google made the Assistant's services available to the majority of Android phones with running Marshmallow or higher. Pinterest has a similar tool. The overview came Wednesday during Google's annual conference for thousands of computer programmers. Among the new announcements was Android Go, a new version of Android that has been designed for lower-end smartphones. Read More »

Google puts digital assistant on iPhone


Can't wait for you to see what we built. This should help combat the criticism that Android has too many menus and is hard to navigate. Google has famously struggled to get people to actually update their phones to new versions of Android; only 7% of Android devices are using the eight-month-old Nougat update. Read More »

Ransomware Attacks 2017: 4 Things to Know About the WannaCry Cyber Attacks


Following the WannaCry ransomware attack, RBI has asked financial institutions to follow the instructions issued by CERT-In even as a few of them have already initiated measures to counter the attack. The Wana Decryptor itself is no different from other typical ransomware strains. In his first public comments since the attack on Friday, Mr Hunt told Sky News: "Although we have never seen anything on this scale when it comes to ransomware attacks, they are relatively common and there are ... Read More »

US governors work Senate as new power brokers in Obamacare repeal


Heller likes to perpetuate the Republican lie that Obamacare is a disaster, admittedly in an inarticulate jumble of half-truths and sheer nonsense. As a community of leading scientists, educators, and students, we work together to take innovative ideas from the laboratory to people's lives - not only making scientific breakthroughs, but also working to change individual behaviors, public policies, and health care practices. Read More »

WINDOWS Microsoft Criticizes Government Creation of Hacking Tools


The split pricing marks the first time the company has treated the highest level of security as an add-on feature of its software, drawing criticism that it is has left other versions of Windows more open to attack. If there's anything, Microsoft should indeed be appreciated for their response on the entire issue. "Microsoft knew about this vulnerability - how widely it could get exploited", he said . Read More »

Google's Android TV Gets New User Interface With Better Content Recommendations

You can play with Find My Device right now by downloading the app from Google Play. Considering Google's controversial reputation, with talk about the company surveilling its customers, how might users feel carrying around a tiny little spy in their pockets, capable of understanding everything it sees? If you are on a budget and can not afford the expensive Android phones, Google is hoping Android Go will be something you are interested in. Read More »

Google unveils latest tech tricks as computers get smarter

You can link your mobile number to your profile on the Google Home app, but you don't actually require the app to make a call. This will allow the Home to light up it's notification lights to inform you that it has something important to tell you, from there just ask assistant whats up and find out ... Read More »

Google Expeditions to get AR Support This Year

Aside from Google Expeditions, but still looking a Tango , the company revealed that the ASUS ZenFone AR, set to arrive later this summer, will be the first smartphone to include the second generation Tango platform and the new Visual Positioning Service (VPS). Read More »

Top Trump aide won't say if Western Wall is part of Israel


Trump said as a candidate he would move the embassy to Jerusalem, but now says he's studying the issue. It was put into effect after a helicopter landing damaged the area during a visit from a USA defense secretary. The White House disputed the account. Asked about the remarks, a spokesperson for the Trump administration told the Jerusalem Post , "These comments, if true, were not authorized by the White House". Read More »

Google I/O 2017: Android O Beta is Official

AI has always been one of Google's biggest strengths, and it's encouraging to know they're up and moving on that front, bringing their deep learning, neural networks and other AI components to every one of their products and services. Both are aimed at getting more people to use the company's services, even if they live in developing countries and use cheap, older phones. The UK was the first market outside of the United States to get its hands on Google Home, the company's connected ... Read More »

Google shifts mobile focus to apps and digital assistant

Lens features are expected to roll out to android phones in the coming months. Google is developing a stand-alone virtual-reality headset - one that doesn't need a companion phone or personal computer. "It is forcing us to reimagine our products for a world that allows a more natural, seamless way of interacting with technology". Google provided a peek at the software's upcoming features Wednesday during its annual conference for computer programmers. Read More »

Pandemonium in UP Assembly, paper missiles thrown at Governor


Leader of the Congress Legislature party Ajay Kumar Lallu accused the Yogi Adityanath government of lying on the loan waiver for farmers and said nothing has been done to ensure payment of arrears for cane growers. Both the Samajwadi Party and Mayawati's BSP have chose to target the new government on the state of law and order, which has been one of its biggest challenges. Read More »

Beware, WannaCry cyber attack may just be the beginning


When Microsoft responded to the startling initial reports of ETERNALBLUE's public release by noting it had already inoculated Windows against the threat via software patch , it did not mention that XP users were not included. "We could use a national cybersecurity policy", said Gartner cybersecurity analyst Avivah Litan. On Monday, private-sector sleuths found a clue about potentially who's responsible for the WannaCry attack. Read More »

Why Ransomware Attackers Demanded Payments In Bitcoins


The NSA used the Microsoft flaw to build a hacking tool codenamed EternalBlue that ended up in the hands of a mysterious group called the Shadow Brokers, which then published that and other such tools online. He said the software attacking a vulnerability had been incorporated with other software and delivered in a way to cause "infection, encryption and locking". Read More »

Google is looking to AI to vault Android ahead of iOS

Lenovo and HTC (which already makes a rival headset, the HTC Vive) are working on these products with Google; the company did not announce an official release date. Google Photos is adding a new tool that will prompt you to share photos you take of people you know. The Google Duo video-chatting app also supports this behaviour, but those two apps are the full extent of this functionality for now. Read More »

As WannaCrypt Recovery Continues, Analysts Back Microsoft's Leader

While analysing a sample of the code, he noticed it was linked to an unregistered web address . Even if your organization does not now believe that it has been affected by this virus , it should back up important files and install the latest Microsoft patches across its entire infrastructure where the Windows OS is used. Read More »

Cyber attack hits China government, schools, but spread slows

The attack on Britain's NHS was potentially the most devastating as thousands of patients' appointments were cancelled, ambulances rerouted, records lost and chaos followed, despite the warnings delivered, some as recently as a year ago, on the vulnerability of outdated systems. Read More »

What the Tech? Protect yourself from Ransomware


This money would be paid in the digital currency bitcoin to an unknown source, who would - in theory, at least - provide a decryption key to unlock the system. The company had already been supporting it longer than it normally would have because so many customers still used it and the effort was proving costly. Read More »

No substantial impact of WannaCry on Indian IT system: Aruna Sundararajan


Since the attack, Microsoft has responded to the seriousness of the situation by issuing security updates to older versions of Windows that are normally unsupported. However, computers, operators and networks that didn't update their operating systems were still at risk. But some organisations didn't apply it, and others were running older versions of Windows that Microsoft no longer supports. Read More »

Microsoft says after WannaCry attack governments should end 'hoarding' security vulnerabilities


The bank said the attack, which exploited "a flaw" in the Windows operating system, illustrates just how many businesses have delayed upgrading their operating systems to Windows 10. The hackers staging the onslaught, the official said, "have broken ranks with a foreign intelligence service", apparently referring to the National Security Agency (NSA) of the United States. Read More »

Korea Ratchets up Online Security against WannaCry Ransomware


The hackers who take control of the devices ask users to make payments to get the access back. He added that the rate of infection has slowed over the weekend. "An equivalent scenario with conventional weapons would be the USA military having some of its Tomahawk missiles stolen", Smith wrote. But the success of the attack shows that not enough people took advantage of the patch. Read More »

Cyber attacks ease, but Putin points finger at US


Countries around the world braced Monday for the spread of a massive ransomware cyberattack crippling thousands of computers at banks, hospitals and government institutions. He said the situation was under control. The NHS systems appears to be largely up and running, although seven out of the 47 trusts hit by the last week's attack are still seeking emergency support, according to the NHS Digital. Read More »