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Apple App Store Is Getting A New Design

Apple Pencil has received a major update as now it supports inline drawing for iPad. Users just have to tap Apple Pencil on the display and start scribbling away on the Note app. When users get paid, they receive the money in their new Apple Pay Cash account. Alternatively, users can also choose to ask Siri to make the payments using the saved Credit or Debit cards in the Wallet. Read More »

IMac Pro: Apple's $4999 Mac for the pros

UPDATE AGAIN: Apple suggests this device will be available to purchase in December starting at $5,000 United States dollars. The whole line moved to the 7th generation Intel Core processors , said John Ternus, vice president of hardware engineering at Apple. Read More »

Apple's new iPhones 'Do Not Disturb' drivers with notifications

The new Apple iOS 11 feature, Do Not Disturb While Driving (DNDWD) will be deployed to all compatible iPhones and iPads when the operating system rolls out later this year. Apple says it will use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Doppler effect to detect when a user is moving in a auto. The phone user can also whitelist specific contacts - just like the favourites list with Do Not Disturb - who can generate notifications at will. Read More »

Apple unveils brand new 10.5-inch iPad Pro with this killer feature

While these kinds of copy-pasting activities existed on Android, it has been a long time coming for the iPad and fans will be relieved to know that the most basic functions are now there and intact. If someone does text you while you're driving, the phone can respond with an automatic message telling them you're driving and can't respond just now. Read More »

WWDC 2017: Apple presents iOS 11 with an AR Kit for Developers


But more importantly, the security remains encrypted. This monster of a computer will only be available in December starting at US$4,999. Google delivered an Android Auto feature for smartphones a year ago. Users of the new Apple Pay service will be able to use a debit card or the virtual Apple Pay Cash Card to make payments without being charged a fee; credit card transactions will incur a 3% fee. Read More »

Apple HomePod brings Siri into the living room

Apple's new 27-inch iMac and iMac Pro will support VR right out of the box. The iOS 11 Photo App will now include features that will include looping videos and a new photo format that replaces JPEG. This means that fingerprint authentication to the devices will be twice as fast - or the same speed that everyone is used to since this sensor has been shipping on iPhones since the 6S. Read More »

Siri Speaker up close: this is Apple HomePod

At Apple's WorldWide Developer Conference , Apple launches HomePod- a smart home speaker . Called the HomePod , Apple's entry into the burgeoning market for voice-activated home speakers was announced at its Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday. Read More »

WatchOS 4 Revealed: Dynamic Apple Watch Faces, Workout App, etc.

WatchOS 4 will use machine learning to determine what types of information the user wants or needs and then feed it to their Apple Watch through the Siri watch face . With the latter feature, you can pair your Apple Watch with gym equipment over NFC to enable two-way data sharing between the devices, which will ensure that stats like your calories burned and heart rate will be accurate. Read More »

Apple Confirms $349 Device at WWDC 2017

Tapping Apple's Siri digital assistant, such a speaker offers a digital pipeline into homes to serve as a butler as well as an outlet for listening to music . Apple has also introduced a one-handed zoom option. Analysts said the smart home speaker market is ripe for Apple . The speaker is similar to cheaper devices from Amazon and Google. Read More »

Here's our first look at Apple's new HomePod smart speaker


Apple updates its iMac desktops pretty much each year, improving its graphics power train, its Retina displays and others such as USB-C ports. Earlier, back in 2014, Apple launched its smart watch. The next iOS may also have new features designed for artificial intelligence, the application of computers that learn and understand things like humans. Read More »

Apple Updates MacBook Lineup with Kaby Lake Processors


We were on site to get a look at what Apple showed onstage. Availability on the new iMacs is immediate, at $1,099, $1,299 and $1,799 for the 21.5-inch model, 4K 21.5-inch, and 27-inch 5K base models, respectively. Photos are also where you can see the difference in the graphics horsepower. Featuring a new next-generation compute core and up to 16GB of on-package high-bandwidth memory (HBM2), iMac Pro with the Vega GPU delivers up to an fantastic 11 Teraflops of single-precision compute power ... Read More »

Apple HomePod Speaker to Compete with Amazon Echo

New features coming to iPhones and iPads include messages that sync to Apple servers in the cloud. With HomePod , only after "Hey Siri" is recognized locally on the device will any information be sent to Apple servers, encrypted and sent using an anonymous Siri identifier. Read More »

Apple's HomePod Is a Pricey Amazon Echo Competitor

Whereas the Echo and Home are pitched as entry points for a whole ecosystem of artificially intelligent, voice-powered services and devices, the HomePod is being pitched as a high-quality music player that happens to be integrated with Apple's Siri voice assistant . Read More »

WWDC 2017: Apple unveils iOS 11, updates to watchOS

If a passenger's phone disables notifications, they will be able to override the safety feature to allow messaging. Apart from shopping malls, indoor maps for major airports worldwide will also be made available in iOS 11 . Cook also praised the Apple developer community which has 16 million registered developers and added three million past year. Categories, faces and favorites will be synchronized across devices. Read More »

Apple debuts HomePod speaker to bring Siri into living room

HomePod is Apple's first major new hardware product since the Apple Watch's release in 2015, and it comes at an important time for the company. Apple is also bringing the ability to pay someone back through its payment service, Apple Pay, much as PayPal and other services already do. Read More »

Apple to introduce new iPhone to block block text, calls while driving

In largely the same footprint as the 9.7-inch iPad Pro chassis, Apple has been able to reduce the bezels and fit the larger display-whether this makes it better for productivity tasks, we will only know in due course of time. Apple also announced that watchOS 4 , the next version of its smartwatch platform, will be arriving in September. iOS 11 will come with ARKit , which will let developers create AR experiences on the iPhone and iPad. Read More »

Apple iOS 11 developer preview

The camera app in iOS 11 is supposed to come with a whole slew of new, appealing features. Also in the iOS 11 update was an extension to the power of mobile payment system Apple Pay, which will now allow users to send money directly to friends and families. Read More »

Apple Announces macOS Sierra High

Safari , already a blazing fast web navigator, is now billed as the "world's fastest desktop browser", with the native ability to block Autoplay video (sorry, Facebook ), and a fancy technology dubbed Intelligent Tracking Prevention to, well, prevent online tracking. Read More »

WWDC 2017: Apple unveils virtual reality, browser privacy features on Macs

Augmented reality is coming to hundreds of millions of iOS devices with a new platform for developers to build apps that let users place virtual content on top of real-world scenes. It will bring a host of new features and improvements.Like all other software updates from Apple , iOS 11 will be free to download and use. Control Center now includes Voice Memos, Home controls, support for 3D Touch to unlock more commands, and notifications that are mirrored after unlocking, to name a few. Read More »

Microsoft launches Face Swap app for Android devices


It enables users to swap others faces with their own for entertainment purposes. According to the company, this app "began as an exploration of facial recognition technology " developed by the company's research division. Microsoft is going to continue to add categories so that you will be able to have a face swapping app that changes and adds more people and useful items. Read More »

Apple announces an iMac Pro update and iOS 11

The all-new iMac Pro sports a 27-inch retina 5K display and is powered by up to 18-core Xeon processors and up to 22 Teraflops of graphics computation, according to Apple. The iMac is getting a refresh. All Apple desktops and laptops will now use Intel's latest Kaby Lake CPUs, they'll support faster hard drives and GPUs, and they're now slightly cheaper than they were before. Read More »