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Why the Newest iPad Pro Is the BEST One Yet

While Apple previously added multitasking features like Split View, the new app switcher shows Apple is embracing iPad productivity in a whole new way. They tend to be invested in them like some people are with sports teams. To get iOS 11 right now, you'll need to join the Apple Developer Program . Read More »

New 'Do Not Disturb While Driving' iPhone feature

Twitter has recently doubled down on customer service, with a variety of new tools like welcome messages , quick replies , custom profiles , location sharing , chatbots , and more . Later this month, iOS users will also be able to download a public beta version here. For instance, you can easily adjust the brightness and pause the music on the same page . Read More »

Apple's Smart Speaker Is Finally Here

Federighi. The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC ) is an annual event at which the Cupertino-based company showcases its new technologies. The HomePod , a wireless speaker for the home that allows users to ask Apple's voice assistant Siri to play music and ask questions, will retail for US$349 when it is released in December in the United Kingdom, the USA and Australia. Read More »

IMac gets Kaby Lake Processor, 64 GB RAM

At WWDC today, Apple provided a sneak peek of the new iMac Pro, an entirely new iMac designed for pro users. All models receive upgrades to Intel's 7th Generation Kaby Lake processors. The iMac Pro can support up to 128GB of RAM and ships with 4 Thunderbolt 3 ports. The iMac Retina 4K 21.5-inch, meanwhile, will have a Radeon Pro 555 or 560 and up to 4GB VRAM. Read More »

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Updates iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro

Release for the iMac Pro won't be until December in Australia, and unfortunately there's no price yet, but with a starting price of $4999 United States dollars, don't expect this one to be cheap. The 15-inch Pro, which starts at $3499, now comes with a more powerful AMD graphics chip with either 2GB or 4GB of memory. The new iMac Pro will start to ship from December, priced from $4,999 and up. Read More »

Apple updates MacBooks with processor and SSD improvements

New MacBooks, however, are expected to show up. Why the slightly larger screen? The new 15-inch models will have faster GPUs. Compared to the outgoing Skylake architecture, Kaby Lake introduces a gently tweaked version of Intel's 14nm manufacturing process, provides small boosts to CPU clock speeds, and supports native acceleration for decoding and encoding some kinds of 4K video streams. Read More »

11 changes coming to iPhone with Apple's iOS 11

As a top alternative to iTunes, WinX MediaTrans is capable of flawlessly transferring photos, music, videos, iBooks, ringtones, and more between PC and iOS (11 ) iPhone iPad at amazingly fast speed with no data loss. This feature in iOS 11 will help drivers stay more focused on the road while driving. Apple was sued six months ago in relation to a case involving a fatal auto crash blamed on a teenage driver using the company's FaceTime video calling app . Read More »

Apple updates MacOS Sierra, calls it High Sierra


Apple is also giving a nice littler performance boost to all of the native apps that ship with macOS . There are number of small changes in High Sierra . Of course, selective benchmarks don't always mean much , but Safari was no slouch before and performance improvements will make it even zippier. That said, however, Apple has a large and powerful user base, and the fact that it is using that power to remove certain forms of advertising-and tools that advertisers and publishers ... Read More »

WWDC: Here are the 10 top features of iOS 11

This year though, partly to perhaps freshen things up and partly because of the pressure to upgrade certain products, Apple gave us a look at the new MacBook refresh, an all-new iPad Pro, an iMac that you can buy over the next few weeks, an iMac Pro that will wow us all later in the year and the rather exciting HomePod smart speaker. Read More »

Everything Apple Announced at WWDC, From $0 to $5000

Although the company has been intending to explore the market for connected homes recently via iOS 10 Home app and Home Kit, all that it needs is an ideal hardware to string everything together. There's also an Apple Pen case as well. For more casual users, Apple has added new intelligent coaching features to the Activity app. Not only does this result in clearer-sounding music, but FLAC support could also mean using albums you've purchased online that come exclusively in the lossless ... Read More »

Apple unveils new 10.5-inch iPad Pro and updated 12.9-inch model

Users will be able to send and receive money through the messages app, or by using Siri and telling the assistant who to pay . Apple is providing videos of the conference on their main website . Yet it isn't as bulky as the 12.9-inch model. In fact, showcasing the new hardware took so much time that developer-focused features such as ARKit and Apple File System felt rushed, and resulted in a keynote that felt like it dragged on to the point of feeling like a hostage situation. Read More »

The Apple Pencil case won't save you from losing it

And this year, the iPhone 5 , iPhone 5c , and fourth-generation iPad , have all fallen off the supported devices list. The news comes in the form of the new big update from Apple and its IOS system, which goes to 11 this time around. Read More »

U.S. holds breath for high-stakes Comey hearing


Director of National Intelligence Agency Dan Coats (pictured May 23) reportedly told associates that President Trump asked him to intervene with James Comey . Current and former law enforcement officials said that when the investigation was handed over last month to a special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, Trump was not a target. Read More »

IOS 11: Here's What To Expect From Apple's Most Advanced Software Ever

During Jobs' last decade, Apple introduced the iPod, iPhone and iPad - all huge commercial successes that both reshaped daily life and swamped previous digital music players, smartphones and tablets. Apple said that makes the Mac a great platform for developing virtual-reality "experiences", although the company didn't announce any consumer VR products. Read More »

Apple unveils its most powerful iMac

Those machines relied on Intel's Skylake processors instead of the higher-boosting, more-responsive Kaby Lake mobile chips that launched about two months later. Featuring a new, next-generation compute core and up to 16GB of on-package high-bandwidth memory (HBM2), iMac Pro with the Vega GPU delivers up to an wonderful 11 Teraflops of single-precision compute power for real-time 3D rendering and immersive, high frame rate VR. Read More »

New iOS function will silence drivers' phones

Unvieled at this week's WWDC17 conference, the new device uses personal digital-assistant Siri and core Apple services like Apple Music. However, whilst Apple has previously marketed itself towards lifestyle and fitness enthusiasts, it has yet to enter the medical device sector. Read More »

Turned up to iOS 11 - what's new in Apple's latest system

While these kinds of copy-pasting activities existed on Android, it has been a long time coming for the iPad and fans will be relieved to know that the most basic functions are now there and intact. Called as "the most powerful Mac ever, the new product will be available from December starting at $4,999". The new machine will come with an 8-core Xeon processor, with configurations that scale up to an 18-core Xeon processor and an all-new AMD Radeon Vega graphics GPU, up to 16GB of VRAM ... Read More »

Google to teach school kids about online safety, etiquette


The programme includes a video game called Interland and a curriculum for schools. Google worked alongside several online safety groups when creating the program, including the Family Online Safety Institute , the Internet Keep Safe Coalition , and Connect Safely . Read More »

Apple Takes On Distracted Driving With New Feature

It means you will be able to keep more photos and videos on your device. (If all your apps are safe, you won't see an "App Comptability" option in the About section). The Photos app has also received a few nifty upgrades. Make sure you're comfortable with that before signing up. If you come across any bugs, use the Feedback Assistant app to report them. Read More »

Apple iOS 11 Announced With Enhancements of Siri, UI, Music

If someone does text you while you're driving, the phone can respond with an automatic message telling them you're driving and can't respond just now. "I'll see your message when I get to where I'm going" text from Apple CarPlay. The new ARKit is a means for developers to build augmented reality experiences using the iPad or iPhone's camera, processors and sensors. Read More »

Apple Introduces 'Do Not Disturb While Driving' Feature for iOS 11


It has a redesigned Podcasts app, redesigned app drawer in iMessage, more customisation in Control Center, enhanced Apple Music and Apple News and improved password management. The keynote speech at Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference was 2-and-a-half hours long, but they packed a world's worth of news into that time. Read More »

Apple announces two new iPad Pros


Siri , a digital assistant that has been on Apple's iPhone since 2011, will be voice activated to respond to requests for information and other help around the house. The mode activates when the phone detects you're in a vehicle, and only if you're not using Apple CarPlay - and will proceed to mute any incoming notifications, and can be tasked to deliver automated replies to explain you're driving. Read More »

Apple's iOS 11 update ends support for iPhone 5 and 5C

It has an upward-firing woofer, touch controls, seven tweeters meant to provide omnidirectional sound, and six microphones. For months, rumours swirled that Apple was preparing to announce a smart, internet-connected speaker that you could control with your voice. Read More »