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Apple's tvOS 11 Coming To Public Beta Program

It's a lot worse on the iPad , actually, and that device is suddenly quite buggy, and has even rebooted on it own a few times. iOS 11 also improves the Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro . Please provide a link to the Android app you wish to convert, whether it's a Play Store link, XDA forum/XDA Labs link, or somewhere else. The display may be 20 per cent larger than its 9.7-inch counterpart (now sadly retired), but the slim aluminium body, slightly protruding 12MP camera and ... Read More »

A first look at the redesigned App Store in iOS 11 [Gallery]

Apple previewed new features for Mac laptops and desktops, including a new photo managing and editing app, and a new file system that should speed up the devices and improve privacy . There was a focus on iOS 11's new features for iPad, the redesigned Control Centre along with the redesigned App Store.Apart from the aforementioned new and updated products, Apple also announced a bunch of software updates for its older and new products. Read More »

Subaru BRZ tS will debut tomorrow and it's coming to the US


Subaru will offer just 500 units of each model, with both of them expected to reach Subaru dealerships in early 2018. The new WRX STI Type RA receives the bigger makeover compared to the standard model it's based on. Like the WRX STI RA, the BRZ tS is adorned with a new carbon fiber rear spoiler, though the BRZ's is manually adjustable. Also, check out the new adjustable carbon-fiber spoiler on the rear lid and new lower diffusers on the front and rear of the auto. Read More »

Apple Is Upgrading Location and Photo Privacy Features

Found under a new feature called "Invert Colors" in the Settings menu, this turns light backgrounds dark but without affecting the images and icons. Please provide a link to the Android app you wish to convert, whether it's a Play Store link, XDA forum/XDA Labs link, or somewhere else. iOS 11 is out for developers now, with a final release expected in September. Read More »

Project Cars 2 has a release date and E3 2017 trailer


Check out the sizzle trailer above . Project Cars 2 will be released on September 22 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One . "Built for players of all skill levels, drivers will experience unparalleled racing immersion across varied environmental conditions and dynamic road surfaces for the ultimate driver's adrenaline rush". Read More »

Apple's HomePod pumps up the volume on its tech rivals


Like Google Home and Amazon Echo , this is a speaker that is created to sit in any environment, be it the bedroom or the kitchen, and it's a design that works from all angles. Additionally, Siri through HomePod can get answers and provide assistance with measurements, translations, news, sports, traffic, general knowledge questions, and more. Read More »

IPhone 7 and 7 Plus will support NFC tags with iOS 11

The update will also include a "driving mode" which will mute notifications and can even send an automatic response to messages , informing the recipient that the iPhone owner is driving. #1 You know when you're sending an email or typing out anything on the device how you have to keep hitting the shift button to change to a number? It's hard to say exactly how this new functionality will play out, but with Apple now embracing NFC it's definitely one to keep an eye on. Read More »

HomePod First Look: Hey Siri, What Took You So Long?

Apple A8 chip lies at the heart of the latest smart home speaker . It's both a smart speaker and powerful source of music. Apple's more than 100,000 employees are dedicated to making the best products on earth, and to leaving the world better than we found it. Read More »

Campaigners welcome new 'do not disturb' iPhone feature

Apple's iOS 11 will make the iPhone better than before and the iPad will be more capable than ever. Another product line that received updates at WWDC 2017 was the Apple iPad. There will be a separate Games and Apps section and all the new changes have been made to make the apps more discoverable. What this means is that iOS 11 will store your messages in iCloud. Read More »

Apple is finally turning the iPad into a computer


Even if you're not familiar with QR codes, you've probably seen them and not even realized it. The new iOS 11 update will be available as a free update for supported iPhones and iPads in about September. In support of the more robust capabilities of the iPad , it makes sense that Apple would add more processor cores to cope with the potentially increased workload. Read More »

This iOS 11 Feature Takes Distracted Driving Seriously

On the software side, upgrades made to Apple's iOS mobile operating system seem to be the real showstoppers, with the release of iOS 11 (pictured above). But we digress. The OS comes with the new Apple File System (APFS) and support for HEVC. Prior to 2017, there was the MacBook, the MacBook Pro, the MacBook Air and the iMac. Read More »

What WWDC 2017 Has in Store

Well, with iOS 11 , iPhone and iPad users can now enjoy the WiFi password sharing features first innovated by Microsoft . However, the keynote address didn't include a sneak peak of the new iPhone. When enabled, the new feature will prevent drivers from receiving notifications and accessing certain apps by locking their screen when their phone is connected to a vehicle via Bluetooth or a auto cable, notes USA Today . Read More »

IPhones to get 'do not disturb while driving' feature


Google's updates to its text and communication features include smart text selection , which will identify the important information being highlighted by a user and not end the highlight prematurely. The new-age Pencil was launched at WWDC, and it features 20ms of latency, while Microsoft's new Surface Pen, which also supports a tilt mode, has 21ms of latency. Read More »

Apple unveils new iMac Pro, refreshes MacBooks and iMacs

The entire Macbook refresh lineup should be available directly from Apple as of this week. The processor has had a power boost, with Apple replacing the previous A9X chip with the snappier A10X Fusion, which it claims is 30% faster. The iMac Pro will start shipping from December later this year, starting at $4,999 which roughly translates to Rs 3,21,635. But heres what you have to look forward to. Read More »

IOS 11: Top 11 features that Apple didn't tell you about


Pretty soon, users will be able to engage in AR-experiences on their iOS 11 running devices because Apple has just rolled out a developers kit for ARKit for them to design apps around the new platform.Aside from that, Apple is also continuing to update its stickers feature with a redesigned app that will definitely make them easier to access. Read More »

IOS 11 Brings Drag And Drop Support To iPhone


Finally, Apple has launched a new dedicated developer page created to help app creators get their apps featured in the newly redesigned App Store. Updates to the software running Macs, Apple TVs, and Apple Watches were also unveiled, along with more integration of the company's Siri digital assistant. Read More »

IOS 11 brings NFC smarts to more apps


The option to drag and drop is another improvement coming to the iPad and, if you own a Pro model, Apple's Pencil gets some more features including being able to mark up screen grabs and documents. Instead of building a dedicated AR device like Microsoft HoloLens, both companies use existing mobile devices for simple AR applications. But after watching a more in-depth technical explanation of the technology at Apple's follow-up Platforms State of the Union , I'm starting to wonder if ... Read More »

Apple shows off new iPads in promo video

Pointed out on Twitter by user @Turqmelon , the new iOS 11 volume HUD is now neatly tucked in the top-right corner of the screen. The most significant update is the introduction of a dock along the bottom of the screen, allowing you to store up to 13 of your most-used apps. Read More »

Injustice 2 Red Hood Release Date And Gameplay Revealed


After a Twitch "Watchtower stream" from the developers at NetherRealm Studios, it has now been confirmed that Injustice 2's first DLC character Jason Todd aka Red Hood will be arriving this Tuesday, June 13th. For those that don't know: he is an alias used by multiple characters and a criminal organization. "While Injustice 2 may not surprise to any great degree, it's very well put together and it's a joy for anyone who's a fan of DC or fighting games in general". Read More »

Binding of Isaac creator announces new game: The End is Nigh


McMillen explained on his blog that The End is Nigh came out of a game jam he had with Glaiel in December when the two were falling into a rut working on a procedurally-generated platforming shooter called 0uroboros. The End Is Nigh will also feature a variety of endings to unlock, along with an abundant amount of extras. 100s of collectible little squishy tumors! While that game may still happen, McMillen said he and Glaiel needed to take a break after the project stymied. Read More »

HomePod brings Apple's Siri into the living room


All are driven by a voice assistant that will not only dim your lights and lock your doors, but answer questions, make reservations, read email and much, much more. For a final verdict on how well Files gets the job done, we'll have to get to play with the final iOS 11 release. There are tons of new features in it, which will completely transform your iPhone experience. Read More »

New iPhone feature does away with texting while driving


Additionally, the industry giant introduced its brand-new product HomePod , a home assistant that blends with Siri . Two benefits worth mentioning: drag and drop support and a new Files app, both of which would make a tablet such as the iPad Pro that much more like a Mac . Read More »