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New iPhone update blocks drivers from texting behind the wheel


To handle all of that, users will be able to order the iMac Pro with as much as 128 GB of memory, and an all-flash storage drive of up to 4 TB to help content creators manipulate and store large 4K and HD projects. Apple has added new male and female voices that are more natural and expressive. Siri will now be able to perform translations in various languages including English, Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Read More »

TSMC will consider Taiwan sites ahead of offshore ones for new foundry


The institutional investor owned 2,043,415 shares of the semiconductor company's stock after selling 96,801 shares during the period. Her Majesty The Queen In Right Of The Province Of Alberta Alberta Investment Management Corp who had been investing in Taiwan Semiconductor Mfg Ltd for a number of months, seems to be less bullish one the $182.15 billion market cap company. Read More »

HomePod: New Intelligent Home Speakers From Apple

Schiller said the HomePod will be deeply integrated with the Apple Music streaming music service. "Beyond an overly exhaustive list of incremental software features, Apple's new products offered little in the way of meaningful incremental profit opportunities", Hargreaves said in a note to clients. Read More »

The Best iOS 11 Features You Probably Haven't Heard of Yet


Apple made big changes in the Control Center by fusing the notification and quick settings into one, making it more customizable than ever. Apple's iOS 11 wins the battle with its iMessaging app powered by tonnes of refinements including the latest Apple Pay feature. Read More »

WIndows 10's controversial WiFi Sense makes an appearance in Apple's iOS 11


Featuring a 12-megapixel camera, 7 MP selfie cam, and up to 10 hours of battery life, the new iPad Pro costs around $649 for a starting model of 64 GB. The money will be transferred to Apple Pay and later you can transfer the money to your bank. Maps : Apple has updated its Maps app to provide Indoor maps for major airports and shopping centers. Read More »

The June 9 full moon will be smaller, darker and farther away


We know what you're thinking: a reddish-pinkish moon in the sky? The moon's orbit around the Earth is not in a flawless circle, so some months a full moon is closer to our planet than it is in other months. Thursday. The strawberry moon also marks the peak of harvesting season . Although it is just a common full moon, the name implies something deeper and many nations until today respect and admire the rising of the strawberry moon. Read More »

Apple refreshes MacBook lineup with Kaby Lake

Apple 12.9-inch iPad Pro was announced in 2015. The iMac Pro will have AMD Radeon Vega graphics with up to 16GB of VRAM. It's created to work with the upcoming macOS High Sierra update that will see macOS gain support for virtual reality. Read More »

How to Download and Install the New iOS 11 (Beta)


Users are already celebrating Apple's decision to force apps to offer an "only when using" option for location data. To find the option, press and hold on the globe or emoji icon to the left of the space bar, then choose the left or the right configuration. Read More »

You can't buy iMac Pro Space Gray accessories separately


Apple added a new model boasting a high-resolution "Retina" screen to the 21.5-in. segment, made the Fusion drive - a hybrid that combines both a traditional platter hard drive with a small SSD - standard on all 27-in. Now also included with it is discrete graphics and more video memory . And just as some might be a bit confused by Apple's message on its revised Mac and iPad Pro lines, its accessories message is just as confusing, if not disappointing. Read More »

Best iOS 11 Features You Should Know About


The new iPad Pro experience can be further enhanced by purchasing the Apple Pencil and this gets a deeper integration and improved performance with only 20-millisecond latency. The Slide Over app can also be placed on either the left or right-hand part of the screen. At that point, the phone should realize that I'm probably in a vehicle and that a "do not disturb" message should be set up for all incoming texts. Read More »

Gerdau SA (GGB) Receives Daily Media Sentiment Rating of 0.34

While it's Return on Investment (ROI) value is -4.3%. The Stock had a 4 Consensus Analyst Recommendation 30 Days Ago, whereas 60 days ago and 90 days ago the analyst recommendations were 4 and 4 respectively. A rating of 3 would signify a consensus Hold recommendation. Over the same period, the lowest that the stock has reached is 1.61. The company's beta value is at 2.37. Read More »

Apple unveils voice-activated, connected home speaker

Apple unveiled its long-awaited HomePod at its annual developers conference taking place this week in the heart of Silicon Valley, enticing lovers of its products with a high-end offering in a market dominated by lower-priced devices from Amazon and Google . Read More »

Apple announces upgrades across all its Macs at WWDC 2017

The high-end desktop will have AMD Radeon Vega graphics with up to 16GB of VRAM. Featuring a new next-generation compute core and up to 16GB of on-package high-bandwidth memory (HBM2), iMac Pro with the Vega GPU delivers up to an fantastic 11 Teraflops of single-precision compute power for real-time 3D rendering and immersive, high frame rate VR. Read More »

Apple HomePod sets sights on Amazon Alexa, Google Home

Amazon Prime Video is coming to Apple TV. Apple is poised to announce its own speaker at its annual conference for software programmers Monday. For Apple, having one would further broaden the role that its software, services and gadgets play in people's lives. Read More »

Apple's New iPad Pro Appears In Promo Video


And now, the minimum storage available on the iPad Pro has been hiked to 64GB. What do you think of the new Apple software? Apple claims that the new processor offers 30% faster CPU performance and 40% faster graphics than the old A9X chipset. Read More »

"The new 21.5" iMacs have upgradeable processors and RAM


The latest round of 21.5-inch 4K iMac all-in-ones see the return of upgradeable RAM and even a modular CPU, making it the first desktop from Apple to offer expandable memory since 2013. The CPU is modular, too! No, this time, Apple looks to have made its AIO surprisingly customisable, with the addition of user-upgradable RAM and a modular CPU. Read More »

List of Features you can Expect in Upcoming iOS 11

Pretty soon, users will be able to engage in AR-experiences on their iOS 11 running devices because Apple has just rolled out a developers kit for ARKit for them to design apps around the new platform.Aside from that, Apple is also continuing to update its stickers feature with a redesigned app that will definitely make them easier to access. Read More »

What the Tech? New iOS 11 features

Will you be upgrading to the latest iPhone 8? For example, an email attachment can be dragged and dropped to any folder using the Files app . Setting up HomeKit accessories with iOS 11 will become much easier as the platform officially introduces support for pairing with QR codes and NFC. Read More »

Can Apple's (AAPL) HomePod Outmuscle Amazon and Google?

Apple kicked off its Worldwide Developer Conference on Monday with a slew of announcements about new software and hardware products. "We feel like we reinvented that in the portable player area, and we think we can reinvent it in the home as well". Read More »

IOS 11 Will Enable The iPhone Camera App To Read QR Codes

Then, click "yes", and the new device will be connected. Apple is yet to integrate its Augmented Reality (AR) technology into the operating system in order to offer mainstream AI features at the system level. " Amazon had figured out how to isolate voices from background noise and have a digital assistant respond to requests from a distance-abilities Siri hadn't yet mastered". Read More »

Apple reportedly adds simple Wi-Fi sharing in iOS 11


It also feels familiarly light to hold, weighing in at just over one pound, or 469g. When iOS 11 finally lands this fall, iPhone users might be able to stop using their third-party QR code scanner apps and instead, just use the Camera app included by Apple. Read More »

Check out the first new iPad Pro promo video

This means users now have the option to blast high-quality music files straight from their iPads and iPhones. Apparently, iOS 11 is even able to recognize what a QR code is about and then ask the device user if they want to act on it. Read More »