Monday, 27 March 2017
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School burglar caught with his trousers down


Most burglars are caught red-handed, but one alleged thief in Arizona was caught by his own trousers. Witnesses said the hapless fellow had been seen trying to open some doors at Miles Elementary School at around 10.30 on Friday morning. Sensibar and Woodall snapped a photo and shared their story on Facebook. KGUN has reached out to TUSD and Tucson Police for a comment regarding the situation. Read More »

Gorsuch nomination not shaken in hearings


They have been unable to unearth any hint of scandal or impropriety in Gorsuch's years as a private lawyer or a judge on Colorado's 10th Circuit. The Judiciary Committee is expected to vote on the. "If I have to change the rules to put this man on the Supreme Court, I will", Graham said. "His nomination will have a cloture vote". Nevertheless, the national interest requires that Democrats judge Gorsuch "on the merits", as Sen. Read More »

First Report: Luke Maye Shoots UNC Past Kentucky


Seconds later, UNC's celebration began. Well, Harris made it official Sunday that he would indeed become a Tar Heel. The national semifinals in Phoenix will feature No. Not a chance, though. Kentucky guard Malik Monk had just knocked down the second of his two 3-pointers inside the final 40 seconds, this one with 7.2 seconds remaining. Read More »

One dead, 16 injured in OH nightclub shooting


That person's identity remains unknown. He had reportedly said that he had shot two Iranians after shooting the Indians. No arrests have been made. Police ruled out the possibility of a terrorist attack. But a bystander told the Cincinnati Enquirer security was not screening patrons. Gunfire erupted shortly after one a.m. Police say a fight inside the nightclub set off a shooting rampage. Read More »

Sweet: Trump blames Dems, but Obamacare now his problem


At the beginning of the day, Trump told Republicans to vote on the bill Friday or he would leave the ACA intact and move on to other legislation. The end of the most recent season coincided with Trump's first days in office, and the new administration yanked some advertising meant to encourage sign-ups - resulting in a small dip in enrollment by the final deadline. Read More »

Woman killed in Valley Head crash Tuesday, two others injured


Tuesday in northeast Alabama . Summerville said the incident happened on Alabama 117 at mile marker 9. "It's such a awful thing to happen", Dekalb County Coroner Tom Wilson told a local outlet. About a half hour after Patterson's accident, police said her 8-year-old daughter Libby Patterson was hit by a auto while crossing the street on the same highway. Read More »

Cincinnati Nightclub Shooting Leaves 1 Person Dead and 15 Injured


Police Chief Eliot Isaac said the bar was very crowded at the time when several men got into a dispute at the bar and shots were fired by several people. This is the third shooting at this nightclub since 2015.There was one in September and one on New Years. Several hundred people were inside the large club. Read More »

Authorities Release Identities of Four Killed in Northern Califo


They say his sister, 14-year-old Mia Vasquez, was a goalie on her school's soccer team. He had just transferred from John Cabrillo Elementary School more than a week ago. They have not named a motive or said what relationship he has to the dead. A candlelight vigil is being held on Saturday night for the four victims who were killed in South Land Park. Read More »

Why Republicans were in such a hurry on health care

That company may offer several plans. Another freaky thing about Ryan's plan is that it doesn't solve the problems many Republicans point to in Obamacare, such as eliminating government-mandated health benefits. The upside to eliminating the essential benefit clause is it would nearly assuredly lower premiums, perhaps enticing younger, healthier adults to enroll (which has been one of the biggest challenges for Obamacare). Read More »

Snake hitches free ride on Alaska flight


Passengers on an Alaskan flight were freaked out after it was discovered there was some loose cargo on board: an actual live snake! A man apparently brought the snake onto the plane at Aniak in southwest Alaska without registering it, then exited the plane at Anchorage not realizing that it had gotten loose and was still on the plane, CBS News reported . Read More »

SC's Sanford and Graham see chance for better healthcare bill


The bill would have repealed almost $1 trillion in taxes enacted under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act , but it coupled the tax cuts with spending cuts for Medicaid so it wouldn't add to the budget deficit. The deduction reduced their federal tax bills by almost $70 billion. Trump, who swiped at the House Freedom Caucus in a tweet ahead of the vote on Friday, has made clear he wants to move on to tax reform. Read More »

Art of the deal fails Trump as healthcare bills pulled from vote


Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told the news site Axios Friday that he has been overseeing the administration's tax reform bill for the past two months. The question is what the package ends up looking like. Neither Trump nor Ryan indicated any plans to try to tackle healthcare legislation again anytime soon. Read More »

Immigration officials arrest 61 people during sweep in Nevada


Some of those arrested had previously been removed from the United States and illegally reentered. One person was convicted on a traffic offense. He also did not receive clear answers on whether the agency would target young undocumented immigrants living in the United States. Read More »

Trump on Obamacare defeat: 'We were very close'


All the Democrats were expected to vote against it. Schumer spoke two days after House Republicans pulled their health care bill at the last minute to avoid a certain defeat. The uncertainty of those final moments as Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and Ryan worked back rooms and phone lines to squeeze out a victory, sent restless Republicans out into the hallways of Congress. Read More »

MS governor joins others in backing GOP health plan


More than 24 million people received health care from community health centers in 2015. The original budget office scoring released on March 13 projected that the bill would reduce the deficit by $337 billion from 2017 to 2026, increase the number of uninsured by 14 million people, and reduce premiums by 10 percent by 2026. Read More »

GOP health bill on the brink hours from House showdown vote

Members of the Freedom Caucus met in the Rayburn House Office Building shortly after Trump addressed the GOP conference. "I think more so now than ever, it's time for both parties to come together and get to real reforms in this country whether it be taxes, whether it'd be health care, whether it'd be immigration, whether it'd be infrastructure, this president is ready to lead". Read More »

Mulvaney says if you're anxious about health care cuts, change your state


White House budget director Mick Mulvaney said on Friday he did not know if there was enough support in the U.S. House of Representatives to pass Republicans' healthcare bill to dismantle Obamacare . It mandated coverage for essential health benefits throughout the entire country. "States not only have the ability to require those services, many of them already do", Mulvaney said. Read More »

Protest Draws Crowd As Lawmakers Prepare To Vote On Health Care Overhaul


House Republicans acknowledge there's more work to be done to improve the math for older adults, and they have taken steps in their legislation to free up additional financing that the Senate can tap for that objective. Health care economist John Goodman, however, says "it would be some help if insurers could have more flexibility in what they offer". Losing Medicaid coverage is not a voluntary act, Gentry said afterwards. Read More »

Reaction: Hampton Roads' Congressionals on pulled health care vote

On Wednesday, New York's Jewish federation sent a letter to the state's Congressional delegation opposing the bill because of its potential negative impact on poor people. Weakening protections or benefits related to care for pregnant and postpartum women. Key parts of any national health plan must be focused on allowing "average Americans to take their kids to the emergency room (for emergencies) and not worry about an enormous bill". Read More »

Health care fiasco jeopardizes Trump's alliance with Ryan

He said the White House plan, which would cut individual and corporate tax rates, would be introduced soon. Democrats said Americans could "breathe a sigh of relief" after seven years of non-stop railing against former president Barack Obama's affordable care act health care law. Read More »

What the GOP's plan to kill essential health benefits means

Trump, a man who rushes to hang his name in gold anywhere he can, has rejected the moniker that some have given the House bill, Trumpcare. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., told reporters Thursday that Trump and House GOP leaders were so eager to pass their bill on the seventh anniversary of the signing of the Affordable Care Act that they failed to make sure that they had reached agreement within their own party on what the legislation should do. Read More »

Powerball Winner Takes Lump Sum of $189M After $435.3M Jackpot


The victor is described as a middle aged man who works in Lafayette, who graduated from Purdue. The winning ticket for that jackpot was sold at a convenience store in Lafayette, about 60 miles northwest of Indianapolis . The winning ticket was purchased in Lafayette at the Super Test on the corner of Sagamore Parkway and State Road 38. "He occasionally bought a few tickets on his way to work, and on that day, he paid $10 for five quick picks at $2 each", she said. Read More »

AARP Michigan: We opposed Republican health care plan from start


Trump said this bill had been shelved but that Republicans would end up with a "great" healthcare bill in the future, but for now that they are moving onto tax reform. Cheers echoed from the streets of downtown L.A. today, where the almost 1,000 gathered to protest the repeal and replace of the Affordable Care Act, which was postponed at least until tomorrow. Read More »