Monday, 24 April 2017
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French conservatives, Socialists say will back Macron for president


Four candidates are now seen as being within reach of the presidency: the conservative François Fillon, the far-right leader Marine Le Pen, liberal centrist Emmanuel Macron and the far-left's Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Populists have shaken up the political landscape across the continent, but Austria, the Netherlands and Italy have in recent elections resisted voting populist candidates into power. Read More »

Snoop Dogg Criticized By Fans For Response To Aaron Hernandez's Death


The Hernandez family would like the brain to go to Boston University's CTE research project, but Baez alleges that the medical examiner is "illegally retaining possession" of the brain. But CTE can only be diagnosed after death, which makes it hard to research. Jose Baez , Hernandez's attorney in his recent double murder trial, has also declined further comment. Read More »

Fire rips through Boston homes


There were no reports of injuries. Boston Fire responded to the flames on Marie Street across from Ronan Park in Dorchester around 4 a.m. Fire crews estimated more than $2.5 million in damage. The fire was first reported around 10:25 a.m. Fire officials tweeted a rescued cat was receiving oxygen and reacting positively to it. The department says it is investigating the cause of the fire and the Red Cross is assisting residents. Read More »

Brentwood Academy Grad Nabs Kidnapping Suspect Tad Cummins

Two loaded handguns were recovered in the cabin, as well as personal items belonging to the pair, according to the sheriff's office. On April 20 , deputies took Cummins into custody and found Thomas at the cabin in California. The father says he is going to have to figure out what sort of state of mind his daughter is in and that it may be a long road to recovery. In Lawrence County, Tennessee, Cummins faces charges of aggravated kidnapping and sexual contact with a minor, said Attorney ... Read More »

Korea, US, Japan to Discuss N. Korea


But they played down the concern and left open a range of possible reasons. A senior Trump administration official told CNN: "Nobody thinks the Chinese are going to press North Korea militarily or bring the regime to its knees, but the strategy looks to China to find a political solution more than anything else". Read More »

Trump says he plans tax reform announcement on Wednesday

First reported in an Associated Press interview with Trump, the news came as a surprise to lobbyists and congressional aides who had no idea what Trump's announcement might include. Mnuchin is estimating that by using dynamic scoring --taking into account the added tax revenues generated by more rapid economic growth-he can get his hands on an additional $2 trillion to provide tax relief for middle-class families, which Trump has promised to do. Read More »

Love of Easter Egg Drop

Then for those 10 and older, join the free Easter Egg Hunt After Dark at the Astoria Recreation Center, 1555 W. Marine Drive, at 8 p.m. Saturday. Attendees are asked to bring their own eating utensils and beverages as well as a dish to share. Read More »

Air marshal's gun found by passenger in plane's bathroom


It reportedly happened on April 6 aboard a flight from Manchester to Kennedy International Airport. A crew member returned the gun to the agent, who failed to report the mishap to management until days later, CNN reports . The situation should have resulted in discipline and an investigation, current and former air marshals said. 'A field training officer program and thorough mentorship of new officers can reduce similar performance issues'. Read More »

Trump calls 100-day benchmark 'ridiculous'

In an appearance at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, on October 22, he issued a "contract" with voters that he called a "100-day action plan". So he hasn't totally reneged on reversing policies made during the Obama administration. He changed his mind on Export-Import bank, which he had previously said should be eliminated, and the Federal Reserve's interest rate actions. And that's just the trouble he's facing on policy. Read More »

French Opinionway poll shows better odds for Fillon


Pollsters warned a last-minute event could impact the tight race, and some French political analysts predicted the latest attack inch up Le Pen's poll numbers. The latest OpinionWay daily survey, which was only partly polled after the attack, showed first-round support for Fillon up one point to 21 percent, Le Pen and Macron stable at 22 and 23 percent respectively, while Melenchon was down one point at 19 percent. Read More »

On Day 1 as Supreme Court justice, Gorsuch has many questions

The Guardian noted: " Gorsuch spoke more during his first day on the bench than fellow judge Clarence Thomas has in a decade". "Where in the statute is that provided?" he asked Chris Landau , a lawyer representing dismissed Census Bureau worker Anthony Perry, in his first question . Read More »

6th Congressional District race takes center stage


GOP strategists warned in recent days that Democrat James Thompson , a civil rights attorney, was in striking distance against Estes, Kansas state treasurer from Wichita , in the special election to replace Mike Pompeo . Though it's far too early to know whether those Democratic gains will hold through the 2018 midterm elections, Kansas was an ominous sign for the GOP ahead of a much closer Georgia 6th District special election next week in Atlanta's northern suburbs - as well as other ... Read More »

Democrats Blow Winning Elections Ossoff Handel 4/19/17


Earlier Wednesday, at 12:09 a.m. after major news organizations had called the race , the president fired off a tweet saying despite a haul of "outside money" and "FAKE media support" amid a crowded GOP field, Handel had pulled off a "BIG "R" win". Read More »

Lawyer calls on Patriots to pay out any money owed to Hernandez

In addition, she asked that all recorded telephone calls made to or from Hernandez to any individual for the period of 30 days leading to his death and all recorded calls made to or from any incarcerated individual who was housed in Hernandez's cell block for the period of 30 days leading up to his death be retained. Read More »

White House pushes to revive health bill


Trump, speaking at a White House news conference, also did not commit to seeking a vote next week, saying instead that he was hopeful the bill could come back for a vote soon. Critics noted that the amendment would allow states to opt out of several Obamacare consumer protection guarantees, such as a provision in the law banning insurers from charging certain consumers higher rates. Read More »

Mattis: Syria still has chemical weapons

Lieberman declined to comment on news reports that Israel believes Syria still holds between one ton and three tons of chemical weapons. Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman (left) meets US Secretary of Defense James Mattis in Tel Aviv on April 21, 2017. Read More »

Trump Orders Wide Review of Financial System Regulations


He also said there will be an announcement next week regarding plans for tax reform. One will direct Mnuchin to review something called "orderly liquidation authority", Treasury said, which is a regulatory process that requires a process for winding down large, failing financial companies. Read More »

Possible shutdown, health care quagmire awaiting Congress


Since the defeat of the Ryan-led bill, Republicans have been tweaking it to attract more conservatives from the Freedom Caucus. "Next week is going to have quite high drama", a top White House official, who sounded excited by the coming clash, told me. Read More »

UC Berkeley reverses course, re-books cancelled Ann Coulter speech


Officials did not announce a venue for Coulter's speech, but university spokesman Dan Mogulof said it would be "somewhere on campus property" and that details will be announced when they are worked out with Coulter and the Berkeley College Republicans, the group that, along with BridgeUSA, invited her. Read More »

Enforcing North Korea Coal Ban Seriously, No Violations: China

In a statement released Friday by the Korean Central News Agency, North Korea's foreign ministry said Pyongyang is determined to "go to the end" if the US hopes for a confrontation with the North. While wining and dining at his Mar-a-Lago resort in West Palm Beach, Florida, the United States president discussed the situation on the Korean Peninsula with China's president. Read More »

New Orleans Saints Player Will Smith's Killer Sentenced to 25 Years


Hayes was expected to face anywhere between 20 and 60 years, putting this sentence on the lighter side. Smith's wife, Racquel, was also shot in the leg during the incident, and she said in a statement Friday (via ) that she was "extremely disappointed with today's sentencing and the leniency showed by Judge Buras". Read More »

Lawyer: Aaron Hernandez's Brain Is Being Held 'Illegally'

A day after he was found hanging from a bed sheet in his cell, an autopsy has officially determined that former National Football League star Aaron Hernandez's death was a suicide. Hernandez was dropped from the New England Patriots' roster in 2013 after he was arrested for the murder of his friend, Odin Lloyd. Hernandez was found hanging from a bedsheet in his prison cell at about 3 a.m. Read More »

Afghan base attack death toll 'rises to 140'

Waziri said there were 10 attackers, including the two who carried out the suicide attacks. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said in a statement on Saturday the attack was retribution for the recent killing of several senior Taliban leaders in the north of the country. Read More »

Charity Worker Freed in Egypt Meets Trump


Hijazi's lawyers told the Associated Press that the charity worker was released late Tuesday, two days after a court acquitted her of all charges. She would have to wait four months to even find out what she had been arrested for. When Hijazi did appear in court, she cut a quiet figure in the defendant's cage. Read More »