Monday, 21 January 2019
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Obama defends Paris climate accord as Trump mulls ditching it


Climate experts worry such a move would throw the agreement into chaos. A meeting of his advisers that had been scheduled for Tuesday was postponed due to scheduling conflicts, a White House Official said. A White House statement on the phone call did not include a reference to the climate deal. Macron also invited US climate researchers frustrated by Trump's agenda to move to France. Read More »

ANN COULTER BERKELEY PROTEST: Peaceful demonstrations at UC Berkeley after Coulter cancellation


But despite the handful of arrests, the gathering remained mostly peaceful. They said they weren't showing up armed but were prepared for violence with knee pads and soapy water to wash away tear gas and pepper spray. "The reason why people's speeches are being canceled is because it's a safety issue". UC Berkeley officials denied that Coulter was unwelcome because of her politics. Read More »

US watched Russia hack French systems during election


Democratic National Committee prior to the U.S. presidential election in November. Rogers told the committee that US officials were working with German counterparts to share data with French authorities. Here's what we've seen. "We're seeing them penetrate some of your infrastructure , '" Rogers said during the hearing. "What can we do to try to assist?'" Adm. Read More »

In Trump's Firing of James Comey, Echoes of Watergate

The president went to his Twitter account late Tuesday to chide Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, a fellow New Yorker, for comments the Democrat made about the stunning dismissal. The executive director of the Project on Government Oversight, Danielle Brian, said Trump's move - whether or not so intended - "undermines the independence and credibility of that investigation". Read More »

Accused Boston double murderer ordered held without bail


But late Monday, Conley said Teixeira did not shoot at police. At least one knife was found at the scene. Fields and his fiancé, 38-year-old Lina Bolanos, were both bound and sustained trauma, and they died at the scene, officials said. Boston Police Commissioner William Evans told reporters Friday night that they believed "clearly, the victims here and the individual, the suspect, knew each other". Read More »

GOP Has Great Healthcare Plan for Healthy and Wealthy

Democrats in Congress were so confident on the point they even taunted Republicans with the "hey-hey, goodbye" chant. Enter President Donald Trump and the GOP's attempt to reform health care. And by the way, we recognize that for certain people in Medicaid, the disabled, the aged, the people in nursing homes, we're giving them a bigger increase so that their funds are even more than everybody else. Read More »

Emma Watson wins Best Actor at MTV Awards


From Millie Bobby Brown crying as she accepted her award to the gender neutral categories, MTV pulled out all the stops this year and brought us a night we all needed. Next, the Best Kiss Award was given to the only gay kissing couple nominated. A new award, Best Fight Against the System , went to the film Hidden Figures , which tells the story of a team of African-American women mathematicians who served a vital role at NASA during the space program's early years. Read More »

Trump tabs Minnesota Justice Stras for federal appeals court

Supreme Court that the Trump campaign released months ago. Conservative allies of the Trump administration say White House officials have worked diligently since Trump's inauguration in January to comb through suggested nominees, vet them and prepare them for nomination. Read More »

Sinclair acquires Tribune Media for $3.9B, gaining stations in 33 markets

USA broadcaster Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc SBGI .O said on Monday it would buy Tribune Media Co TRCO.N, one of the largest US television station operators, for about $3.9 billion cash and stock, and assume about $2.7 billion in debt. Tribune's portfolio would help expand Sinclair's already vast network of 173 stations in 81 USA markets and marks the largest acquisition for the Baltimore-based company. Read More »

New Moon rises in S Korea

In his first key appointments, Moon named two liberal veterans with ties to the "Sunshine Policy" of engagement with North Korea from the 2000s to the posts of prime minister and spy chief. Moon was chief of staff for the last liberal president, the late Roh Moo-hyun, who sought closer ties with North Korea by setting up large-scale aid shipments to the North and by working on now-stalled joint economic projects. Read More »

ASEAN keeps pointedly silent on South China Sea

China and ASEAN member states Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam, along with Taiwan, have overlapping claims to territory in the South China Sea, a strategic waterway through which billions of dollars in world trade passes each year. Read More »

Feds evacuate workers at Hanford nuclear site

Department of Energy; Richland, West Richland, and Kennewick city fire and police; Benton, Franklin, and Grant County fire and police officials; Washington state patrol; and OR and Washington state officials. No action now required for residents of Benton & Franklin Counties in relation to incident at Hanford. Frank Pallone said the incident underscores the need for the Department of Energy to take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety and security of workers. Read More »

For over a year, serial killing suspect went undiscovered

The investigation into the serial killings had focused on what authorities said were seven fatal shootings. Aaron Saucedo, 23, had already been charged with murder in connection with a killing in August 2015, police say. Aaron Saucedo was arrested for a fatal shooting in April, but. has since been re-booked in connection with another 26 charges in connection with shootings from March until July of 2016. Read More »

Gillibrand urges Senate GOP to reject 'cruel' health care plan

In fact, they may not vote on the AHCA at all, with Senate Republicans already working to craft their own piece of legislation that is expected to be drastically different than the AHCA. "You will have the opportunity to enroll in some type of health insurance, but your premiums are going to most likely be such that you simply can not pay for it", she says. Read More »

Dead In College Shooting Near Dallas

When the shooting happened student Valeria Sanchez said, "I left my laptop and everything, but I didn't look back because I didn't care". A faculty member saw the man shoot the woman, prompting lockdown procedures, NBC said. "He once ran up to her and said, 'I have something for you, ' and he gave her a bottle of tequila". A GoFundMe page was created to help with funeral expenses. Read More »

Trump pressures Senate Republicans on health care

People who are lower income, have preexisting conditions or are older find themselves disproportionately without health coverage and go without needed care. Carrying a baby also carries some risk, so insurance companies see pregnant women as risker - and more expensive - customers when they apply for coverage. Read More »

South Korea's new president wants to reverse its North Korea policy

The son of North Korean refugees, Moon criticized the early installation of a USA missile shield on South Korean soil and has said he'd meet with Kim Jong Un under the right circumstances. "Politics were turbulent (in the past several months), but our people showed greatness", Moon said. That would be positive for the stock rally, along with Moon's "expansionary" fiscal policy and diplomatic approach to North Korea, Kwon said. Read More »

Trump fires Federal Bureau of Investigation director Comey

In a bid to sweep away the man who is responsible for an investigation into whether members of Donald Trump's campaign team colluded with Russian Federation in its interference in last year's elections, the United States President has fired Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director James Comey . Read More »

Thousands demonstrate against new French president Macron

The monetary union's long-term survival depends on it. "Macron, Hollande's former economy minister, started his own independent movement " En Marche " (On The Move") in April previous year but has no party structure behind him. German Chancellor Angela Merkel welcomed his win, but appeared cautious about proposals to support his economic plans either by relaxing European spending rules or with a dedicated stimulus fund. Read More »

Trump moves to get more conservatives on federal bench

The Trump administration has named the first slate of judges and other law professionals it plans to nominate for key posts as President Donald Trump works to pack the nation's federal courts with more conservative voices. The newspaper said Trump will nominate Amy Coney Barrett, 45, a law professor at Notre Dame and former law clerk for the late U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, for the 7th Circuit, and will nominate Louisville lawyer John K. Read More »