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Liberty Baptist plans Vacation Bible School

Ordained Ministries, Aimee Garner and Happy Anchormen Quartet perform 6:30-8:30 p.m. today at Anchor of Hope Baptist Church, 2613 Lakeview Drive in Rossville. Theme is "Women in the Bible". Free evening mean provided each night. The Spirit of Lincoln and Main band will lead worship at 11 a.m. Vacation Bible School with St. Read More »

U.S. intelligence chiefs deny White House pressure to ease Federal Bureau of Investigation probe


Reports indicate (L-R) NSA Director Adm. Mike Rogers , Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats and CIA Director Mike Pompeo have each been pressured about the Russian Federation investigation by President Donald Trump . King, a few moments later: "Well, is it your testimony that when you are before this committee in a closed session you will answer these questions directly and unequivocally and without hesitation?" And to the best of my recollection, during that same period of ... Read More »

Putin's dinner with Michael Flynn: 'I didn't even really talk to him'


Get the an uproar. "Well, this is just another load of nonsense", Putin said . He accused the USA media of sensationalizing information and using it as a "weapon of war" against Trump . "There is a theory that Kennedy's assassination was arranged by the United States intelligence services". Modern Russia engages in mass domestic surveillance. Read More »

Top Intelligence Officials Mum on Interactions With President

Rogers answered that he "feel [s] it's inappropriate" to reveal details of his private conversations with the president and with Comey in an open hearing. "What is classified about a conversation involving whether or not you should intervene in the FBI investigation", King asked , to which Rogers reiterated that he was standing by his earlier remarks. Read More »

Comey: I was sacked to derail Russian Federation probe


According to Kasowitz, Trump never said those words-which would mean that Comey had committed perjury. The former Federal Bureau of Investigation director also said he suspected Trump may have been angling at their private dinner to establish a sense of obligation in Comey for allowing him to stay in his role as Federal Bureau of Investigation chief. Read More »

NC House gives tentative approval to budget


Almost a month after the House passed its version of the health care bill, 13 GOP senators have had weeks of closed-door meetings but so far have failed to produce any discernible progress on health care. There are competing forces inside the party with goals that are conflicting, including those that want to reduce overall spending but boost spending for the USA military. Read More »

Trump's tweets are 'official statements': Spicer

However, apparently the post of President does not allow him this freedom and thus a group of lawyers have threatened legal action against him. The point of @RealPressSecBot isn't just to call attention to the ridiculousness of nearly everything Trump tweets , but to emphasize that a president's words matter. Read More »

One killed, dozens injured after church bus overturns near Atlanta

The upside down bus then slid into the Mercedes that was traveling in the westbound lanes. Police said she died at the scene. At least 21 people were treated on the scene and nine have been taken to the hospital. Near the city of Atlanta , #Georgia, a bus with missionaries from the Church of #Alabama overturned. The Mount Zion Baptist Church bus from Huntsville was headed to the Atlanta airport Thursday when the crash occurred. Read More »

Polanski victim asks judge to end sex abuse case

She said Gordon could also unseal documents that Polanski claims prove he had struck a deal with the initial judge in the case. For 39 years, Roman Polanski has been on the run from the United States criminal justice system, when he fled on the eve of his sentencing hearing in 1978. Read More »

Eric Trump: Democrats are 'not even people'

Yup, the guy who poses for pictures with severed elephant tails and slaughtered cheetahs and other big game animals (and who, let's be honest, definitely looks like he'd be down to hunt a human if he ever got the chance-the deadliest game!) is saying we're "not even people". Read More »

Missouri's Blunt questions former FBI Director about private conversation with Trump

Donald Trump says he is "100 percent' willing to speak under oath about his conversations with ex-FBI chief James Comey ". "I thought that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel", Mr Comey said . "Play the tapes for all of America to hear", he said. In that testimony , he had already disclosed that Trump demanded his "loyalty" and directly pushed him to "lift the cloud" of investigation by declaring publicly that the president was not the target of the probe into his ... Read More »

U.S. mayors and governors defy Trump, will stick to Paris agreement anyway

She was referring to statistics that Trump cited in announcing the US withdrawal and which are disputed by environmentalists, according to a report in the Washington Post. "Just the opposite - we are forging ahead", he said in a statement Thursday shortly after the president moved to leave the deal. He says climate change - and specifically sea level rise - is a "very real threat" to the First State, the country's lowest-lying state with 381 miles of coastline. Read More »

New arrest in London Bridge attack probe

The Metropolitan Police said the body was found on Tuesday downstream from the bridge. He and Butt both lived in Barking. British police on Tuesday named the third London Bridge attacker as an Italian national of Moroccan descent, and Italian officials said they had passed on their concerns about him to British intelligence officials a year ago. Read More »

Comey paints Trump as a 'pants on fire' president

A Republican close to Trump said the president felt very good about Comey's testimony , particularly since it bore out his earlier statement that the former FBI director had told him he was not under investigation. "I know I was sacked because of something about the way I was conducting the Russian Federation investigation, was in some way putting pressure on him, in some way irritating him, and he chose to fire me because of that", Comey said in his June 8 testimony . Read More »

Donald Trump and Angela Merkel in war of words

The prime minister praised her "strong leadership" and said an EU-focused vision is what the world needs . Still, it would be unlike Merkel just to give up on dealing with Trump, Tempel said. But she lost the election earlier this month. Trump has vowed to walk away from the historic Paris deal while Merkel supports the agreement. After a unsatisfactory G7 summit, German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday made a campaign speech in a Bavarian beer tent, grumbling Europe's alignment ... Read More »

WOW, Comey is a leaker!


King later asks , "In that same interview, the president said, 'In one case, I called him, and in one case, he called me.' Is that an accurate statement? ". USA stocks closed slightly higher as the market reacted little to Comey's testimony , viewing his testimony alone as unlikely to mark the end of Trump's presidency. Read More »

It's 15 years in jail for Qatar sympathisers in UAE


Trump initially took sides with the Saudi-led group before apparently being nudged into a more even-handed approach when US defence officials renewed praise of Doha , mindful of the major USA military base hosted by Qatar that serves, in part, as a launchpad for strikes on Islamic State jihadists. Read More »

Trump upends efforts as White House attempts to regroup

Trump, facing an escalating Russian Federation investigation and a floundering legislative agenda, has unleashed his frustration through Twitter in recent days, berating the mayor of London after his city was the site of a terrorist attack, castigating the American courts as "slow and political", calling on Democrats to expedite confirmations even as his pace of appointments lags, and going after his own Justice Department for adjusting an executive order that required his approval and ... Read More »

Senate Republicans Hope You Won't Notice They're About to Repeal Obamacare


While many steps remain and the bills path is uncertain, Democrats are beginning to believe that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell - whom some liberal operatives depict as an evil genius - might pull it off. McCaskill's warning was not overwrought: The Republican effort gained sudden momentum this week, as so-called moderates began to cave. But as Democrats and Republicans retreat further into their respective corners, the serious issues with the individual markets are met with ... Read More »

Qatar rejects baseless "terrorism" list by four Arab states

Saudi Arabia and its counterparts accuse Qatar of supporting terrorism and destabilizing the region because of its ties to their Shiite rival, Iran, and its support for groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. Udeid hosts more than 10,000 personnel from United States and coalition forces, as well as more than 100 aircraft that are used in allied military operations in Iraq, Syria and other areas in the region. Read More »

Trump Signs Memo to Privatize Air Traffic Control


President Trump is set to announce plans Monday to privatize the nation's air traffic control system, arguing that it is the best way to modernize the system. Bill Shuster's (R-PA) air traffic control reform proposal . The push to privatize the system comes as the airline industry and regulators have managed an extensive period of safety in the skies. Read More »

Judge won't dismiss Michelle Carter case; defense to begin calling witnesses


They say that Roy was already determined to commit suicide and Carter became caught up in it. After Cataldo appealed to try and throw out the involuntary manslaughter charge, it was upheld by the state's Supreme Judicial Court, which ruled in part: "It was apparent that the defendant understood the repercussions of her role in the victim's death". Read More »

NSA backtracks on sharing number of Americans caught in warrant-less spying


Wyden was right to be furious: the intelligence agencies have been playing a game for years where they claim that the spying program authorized under Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) only targets foreigners outside the United States , while at the exact same time using it to gather data on USA citizens within the United States by applying a set of self-developed definitions and legal positions that don't stand up to even basic scrutiny. Read More »