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United States intelligence chiefs decline to comment on Trump inquiry


But that did not satisfy Democrats, who said there was no reason for them not to divulge the details. CNN previously reported , citing multiple current and former U.S. Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein will also testify. ". Because if you have not had questions waved off with Mr. Read More »

1dead in Atlanta church bus crash

Police said Friday that it was believed that the bus driver remained hospitalized and had not been interviewed yet. Vandiver said he spoke to them after the accident; however, they did not talk much about what happened. "I think this day on, the city of South Fulton and the city of Huntsville will be joined", said Edwards, who ended the press conference by calling on the city to join him in prayer for the families and victims. Read More »

Intelligence chiefs won't say if Trump asked them to downplay Russian Federation probe

Rogers also referred to earlier statements that he wouldn't comment on conversations with the president. But he later demurred when asked whether he was prepared to say that he had never been asked to influence an ongoing investigation, saying, "What I'm not willing to do is to share confidential information that I think ought to be protected in an open hearing". Read More »

Bus Taking Students to Mission Trip Crashes

The crash killed one of the teenage passengers, Sarah Harmening. A church spokesman told WGCL-TV that the bus was carrying a group of high school juniors and seniors who were headed to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport for a mission trip to Botswana. Read More »

Anti-Muslim Hate Marches Across US Draw Violence, Arrests

The group campaigned hard for Donald Trump, and after he won the election, they boasted of having a "direct line" to the president. Schildmeier claimed that Sharia law allows atrocities such as the marriage of 9-year-old girls, the stoning of women, beheadings and the killing of gays by throwing them from roofs. Read More »

Islamic law rally by Chicago Trump building


Another staple of the group is the Thin Blue Line Project , which is a "Radicalization Map Locator" that lists the addresses of nearly every Muslim Student Association (MSA) in the country, as well as a number of mosques and Islamic institutions. Read More »

Arab states in row with Qatar laud Trump's supportive stance

The Arab world's biggest powers, including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates , severed diplomatic relations with Qatar on Monday, accusing it of support for Islamist militants and Iran. Trump says he consulted with Saudi Arabia and others on a recent trip to Riyadh, and made a decision to call out Qatar for its "very high level" of terror financing. Read More »

As expected, no suspensions, fines out of Game 4

Playing an up-tempo game right from the word "go", the Cavaliers began Game 4 with two straight three-pointers by J.R. Smith and Kyrie Irving; the former came off ball movement and the latter was an audacious contested fadeaway jumper. Isn't the smell of a championship enough to push grown men beyond bulletin board material? LBJ's response? "I stunk in the first Finals ". So we see everything. Read More »

AG Session to appear before Senate intelligence committee


Sessions had been scheduled to testify on June 13 before the House and Senate subcommittees that oversee his department's budget, but will now testify to the intelligence panel instead, he said on Saturday in letters to the chairmen of those subcommittees, reports CNN. Read More »

Michelle Carter trial: Boyfriend researched ways to commit suici


Her attorney argued there's insufficient evidence to show she caused Roy's death. Carter, who's now 20, pressured him to kill himself through a series of texts and phone calls, prosecutors allege. I thought you really wanted to die, but apparently you don't. Adding to that, Cataldo also said, Carter was the only support to Roy. "Mr. Roy was suicidal for a very, very lengthy period of time". Read More »

Trump claims he'd never demand loyalty

At a Thursday congressional hearing, Comey told lawmakers the Trump administration had lied and defamed him and the Federal Bureau of Investigation after the president dismissed him. Speaking the day after Comey delivered a scathing indictment of the president at the Senate Intelligence Committee , the U.S. president again denied two key claims made by the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director and labelled him a "leaker". Read More »

Lawmakers See Progress on Health Care Bill but Details Remain Scarce

That's why members like Sen. Sen. Dean Heller , R-Nev., who is the only Republican up for re-election in 2018 in a state that Trump lost, also said that he's not yet willing to support the plan. "Doing nothing is not an option", McConnell said. "It's time for our friends on the other side of the aisle to get serious about moving beyond the problems of Obamacare". Read More »

The Trump-Comey He Said-He Said Is Now Officially On

To leak his memo, Comey chose someone who has publicly defended him in the past, including his handling of the investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails. The president had previewed his attacks against Comey in an early-morning tweet that broke his previous day's silence on his favorite social media megaphone. Read More »

Intel officials won't publicly discuss private conversations with Trump

The Post last month reported Trump had appealed to Rogers, if he could, to publicly deny the existence of any evidence of collusion during the 2016 election . Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris of California asked Rosenstein several times if he would sign a document that would to give full independence to Mueller from the Justice Department during the Russian Federation probe, reports CNN . Read More »

Top intelligence chiefs testifies before Senate committee on Russia investigation

In the hearing, Coats, a former IN senator, largely declined to discuss the meeting with Trump or the Post's report . Warner broached the subject at a hearing called to discuss US surveillance programs. But when asked in a different way, he sort of left the door open a bit. "Why are you not answering the questions?" King. "I don't think this is the appropriate venue to do this in". Read More »

Two US intel chiefs say they were never pressured by White House

A day before former FBI Director James Comey's high-profile hearing, senators plan to question senior intelligence officials about Trump's controversies and the Russian Federation investigation at a hearing that is supposed to be about re-authorizing a key section of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act . Read More »

Carter called Roy 14 times the day he died, trooper says


Prosecutors say Ms Carter was driven by a hunger for attention from her peers in Plainville, Mass. Two years earlier, Cataldo said , Roy left suicide notes to his family and one to Carter. I just had it all planned out with Conrad. In one message, Carter wrote: "Hang yourself, jump off a building, stab yourself idk there's a lot of ways". Read More »

Trump says U.S. is committed to mutual support of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies

Comey said he refused on all points, told senators of the detailed memos he had written after his conversations with Trump and said he hoped those conversations were taped because he is confident of their veracity. The Russia investigations have consumed the White House and distracted the president and lawmakers from his governing agenda. Expressing his commitment to defend the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) allies, Trump yesterday asked its member countries to spend two per cent ... Read More »

Germany's Merkel calls on regional powers to solve the deepening GCC crisis


Kuwait - which unlike most of its fellow Gulf Cooperation Council members has not cut off ties with Qatar - has been leading efforts to mediate. Saudi Arabia and three other countries severed ties to Qatar on Monday and moved to cut off land, sea and air routes to the energy-rich nation, accusing it of supporting regional terror groups. Read More »

Donald Trump offers 'support' to Theresa May after polls setback

British newspapers summed it up in a word: "Mayhem". The party did better than the Conservatives among the very poorest, the jobless and among those who voted against Brexit . Betting that the result would be in the affirmative, Cameron had to resign when voters narrowly opted to leave the union. The latest election shock is "yet another own goal" that will make "already complex negotiations even more complicated", said the European Parliament's top Brexit official, Guy Verhofstadt. Read More »

Officer justified in firing at motorist


Yanez had pulled the 32-year-old cafeteria worker over because of a faulty brake light. At times, the 29-year-old Latino man wiped his eyes with a tissue as defense attorney Tom Kelly asked him questions. In it, Kauser is seen moving away from the auto once he hears gunfire. He was hired by the defense to review all the investigative reports and video footage associated with the case before rendering his analysis on the reasonableness of Yanez's actions. Read More »

Back-to-Back Russia Hearings Begin Today in The Senate

King demanded to know why they won't directly answer the questions about their conversations with the President of the United States . Warner was disappointed by Rogers' lackluster answer, and proceeded to ask Coats the same thing. The Justice Department on May 17 appointed former FBI Director Robert Mueller as special counsel to oversee the FBI investigation. Trump's unexpected ouster of Comey stunned Washington , with critics questioning the timing of the firing . Read More »

Trump accuses ex-FBI chief Comey of lying about their private meetings


I hardly know the man. Think of it: I hardly know the man, it doesn't make sense. Comey on Thursday told a Senate committee investigating Russian meddling in USA elections that Trump had asked him drop the case against Flynn in a one-on-one conversation in the Oval Office in February, the day after Flynn was sacked. Read More »

Coats Declines to Say If Trump Pressured Him on Russia Probe

Specifically, Coats and Rogers wouldn't answer whether they were asked by Trump to interfere in the FBI's ongoing investigation into the Russian government's possible collusion with his campaign a year ago. "You're not invoking executive privilege and, obviously, it's not classified", Heinrich said. "At no time should you be in a position where you come to Congress with no answer", Burr told the witnesses. Read More »