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Supporters of Hernandez family gather at Denny's in Sheldon

Prosecutors said Wednesday that the Harris County district attorney's office plans to present the case to the jury this week. KPRC2 asked the sheriff to respond to these specific concerns at the news conference Gonzalez called within an hour after Hernandez's family and supporters gathered outside the Sheriff's Office-its steps barricaded with several deputies on patrol. Read More »

Top intelligence officials deny receiving pressure from Trump


Rogers also declined to "discuss the specifics of any conversation with the president of the United States " in response to a question about whether Trump inquired about downplaying a FBI investigation. "Well, I think your unwillingness to answer a very basic question speaks volumes", Heinrich said. Coats and NSA chief Adm. Mike Rogers said they will answer questions about their conversations with Trump only in a closed setting, and if the president does not invoke executive privilege to ... Read More »

Sessions heatedly denies improper Russian Federation contacts in testimony


His testy exchanges with Democratic senators contrasted with the Republican senators' treatment, which tended to support Sessions' contention that he was being unfairly painted by allegations of being involved in Russian meddling. Trump has suggested there might be tapes of his encounters with Comey; Comey said last week that "lordy" he hopes there are. "I can tell you that for absolute certainty". Read More »

Oberlin council pledges to adhere to Paris accord standards


To view the full article, register now. Comey was sacked by Trump last month, and the president later said the Russian Federation investigation factored into his decision. Now the world tilts closer to Beijing while our government sticks its head in the sand, unmoved by the suffering climate change is already causing. "We are setting a course to change the trajectory for Hawaii and islanders for generations to come", Governor Ige said of the agreement . Read More »

United Nations imposes fresh sanctions on officials in North Korea

While U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis called North Korea a " clear and present danger " to the world as he claimed the country had "increased the pace and scope of its efforts" in the pursuit of nuclear weapons. The North Korea's foreign ministry spokesman was quoted by KCNA news agency as responding to the United Nations' sanctions resolution. The general consensus among the delegates who were present at the speech was that Mattis had struck the right notes in reassuring nervous ... Read More »

Ron Johnson: I haven't seen details of secret Senate health care bill


The tension between placating the party's anti-government activist base and avoiding the ire of the vast majority of the rest of America is why we're not likely to see or hear much of anything from the Senate GOP on their plans to repeal and repeal the Affordable Care Act until the last possible minute. Read More »

US Attorney General Sessions calls notion he colluded with Russian Federation 'detestable lie'


Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Department of Justice regulations created to prevent the appearance of a conflict of interest mandated his recusal from the Department's Trump-Russia probe. That's yet another example of something we saw in last week's committee questioning of Comey - pro-Trump Republicans are willing to challenge the unproven implication of collusion with the Russians and defend their own honor, but seem unwilling to parrot the latest White House talking points. Read More »

Texas police seize 600 pounds of meth-laced lollipops


Police also said they believed the meth was cooked in the kitchen of the house at which Mick and Salinas were arrested, and that Mick had stayed at the house at some point in the past, per KIAH . "It appears the candy was meant to be distributed among children and/or sold to juveniles", the sheriff's department posted on Facebook. Image from Harris County Sheriff's Office Facebook page dated June 13, 2017. Read More »

United States inmates at large after killing two prison guards during bus transport


They were most recently jailed at Baldwin State Prison in Hardwick, a medium security correctional facility with a capacity of 925. After forcing the driver out, the two drove west toward Eatonton, Sills said. "They are extremely unsafe", Deal said. Madison County Sheriff's Captain Jimmy Patton said Dubose has family in Madison County and that law officers are keeping watch over any contact Dubose might make locally. Read More »

Jeff Sessions: Russia collusion claim 'detestable lie'

Wyden then asked about Sessions' interactions with James Comey , the ex-FBI director fired by President Trump. Until a statement yesterday from committee Chairman Richard Burr, it had been unclear whether Mr Sessions would testify in an open or closed setting. Read More »

In Cincinnati Trump calls on Democrats to help rebuild United States infrastructure


Hamilton County , though, which covers the Cincinnati metro area, was one of just eight OH counties that preferred Clinton to Trump on election day - by 10 percentage points. Some experts do not expect the proposal to be approved by the upper chamber, particularly in view of its assessment by the Congressional Budget Office - which said the new plan doesn't add much coverage than the first two failed versions of the AHCA did. Read More »

Trump to reveal whether or not he taped Comey conversations

In it, he wrote, "Despite so many false statements and lies, total and complete vindication...and WOW, Comey is a leaker!" Trump has swiftly and emphatically denied Comey's version of events. The request is a sign of escalating fallout from riveting testimony from Mr Comey last week of undue pressure from Mr Trump. But the Trump administration, like President Barack Obama's, says the need can be met with a change in the American attitude toward vocational education and apprenticeships. Read More »

Trump Calls The Health Care Bill He's Been Praising 'Mean'

After the House Republicans' first attempt to repeal the law went down in flames before even going to a vote thanks to a awful score from the Congressional Budget Office and some limited public debate, the Senate GOP is vowing to avoid the same mistakes. Read More »

Sessions heatedly denies improper Russia contacts

Mr. Sessions had denied at his January confirmation hearing that he ever met with Mr. Kislyak. "Why did you sign the letter recommending the firing of Director Comey when it violated your recusal?" Last week , Mr. That's right - after last week's blockbuster testimony from Comey , Sessions has a lot to answer for with regards to the sequence of events that have played out since President Trump took office. Read More »

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions will give public testimony

But former Central Intelligence Agency director John Brennan recently told Congress that his "radar" went off anytime Russians met with the Trump campaign because he knew the Russians were trying to influence the election, and he knew they often did that by trying to recruit "either wittingly or unwittingly" USA officials to help. Read More »

On Flag Day, fly her high


Don't let you flag become frayed or faded. Did you know that when displayed from a staff projecting horizontally or at an angle from the window sill, balcony or front of a building, the union of the flag should be placed at the peak of the staff unless the flag is at half staff. Read More »

Parents of man released by N. Korea say he's in coma

The University of Virginia student has been in a coma for more than a year. Warmbier's parents said in a statement Tuesday that he had been freed by the Communist state but had to be medically evacuated because he was in a coma . Read More »

Two more Tehran attacks suspects detained in Iran


The funerals for those killed began on Friday morning in Tehran with a ceremony in parliament, with President Hassan Rouhani in attendance. Back on Friday, Iran's Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi said intelligence forces have identified the hideout in which the perpetrators of Tehran twin attacks had convened to plan their terrorist acts. Read More »

Pat Buchanan: Trump Hire of McCain's Wife Won't Silence Arizona Senator


The entire world is now left wondering as to America's role in global affairs, he suggested. Cindy McCain agreed to join the Trump administration Tuesday after months of turning down offers from President Donald Trump . When asked if the country's global standing was better off under Obama than it is under Trump. The Daily Beast reported Cindy McCain has accepted a post from President Donald Trump as a Washington , D.C. Read More »