Monday, 21 January 2019
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Officials from Arctic nations meet amid drilling concerns

The Arctic Council is an advisory body that promotes cooperation among member nations and indigenous groups. Mr Tillerson's appearance this morning at a meeting of the Arctic Council, with the foreign ministers of Russia, Canada and the five other nations with Arctic territory, is expected to be taken up largely by formalities. Read More »

Tillerson talks climate change policy

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, seated right, and U.S. Sen. The council reworked the wording and convinced the accept the changes. "The opportunity to chair the Council has only strengthened our commitment to continuing its work in the future". Read More »

Grand jury subpoenas issued in Russian collusion investigation


Some of Trump's fellow Republicans, including Burr, also expressed strong doubts about the timing of Trump's action. Richard Burr, R-North Carolina, and Mark Warner, D-Virginia, said it requested documents that members believe to be relevant to its investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. Read More »

United CEO Oscar Munoz promises DC lawmakers, 'We will do better'


Dan Lipinski, an Illinois Democrat on the aviation subcommittee. If the airlines do not make changes, Congress is likely to step in, Mr Shuster and other senior politicians said. "When I was a kid I grew up in a neighborhood where every single playground was full of broken glass, broken basketball hoops and no swings, and everybody just accepted it", he said. Read More »

How the White House is spinning Comey's firing


And then Comey was sacked and the White House was ablaze in rumors; press secretary Sean Spicer was literally hiding in a bushes or near them, depending on which story you've heard; and everyone assumed the Holt interview was going to be canceled. Read More »

"James Comey better hope": Trump threatens his former Federal Bureau of Investigation director on Twitter

The people recounting the behind-the-scenes activity spoke only on condition of anonymity to disclose private discussions. Trump said he had planned to fire Comey for some time , but "there's no good time to do it, by the way". Later in the dinner, Trump again said to Comey that he needed his loyalty. In the New York Times , several associates similarly recounted that the White House requested the meeting, which took place seven days after Trump was sworn into office. Read More »

Carter: House GOP knows nothing about health bill


That's pure misdirection: By allowing states to scrap the ban on jacked-up premiums for people with preexisting conditions, it could lead to soaring costs for many, pushing untold numbers of them off of coverage, and the high-risk pools that are supposed to pick up the slack would be woefully underfunded. Read More »

Prez Trump To James Comey ... You're Fired!


McCabe's testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee implicitly rebutted assertions by President Trump earlier Thursday that Comey's tenure had left the Federal Bureau of Investigation "in turmoil". Comey had become an unpopular figure on the left for his handling of the investigation into Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server while she was secretary of state under President Barack Obama. Read More »

Trump threatens to cancel briefings for 'sake of accuracy'


By Comey's account, his answer to Trump's initial question apparently did not satisfy the president, the associates said. They said Trump was prompted by a scathing memo written by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, only to acknowledge Trump had been planning to fire Comey regardless of the recommendation. Read More »

CIA Creates New Mission Center to Focus on North Korea

North Korea demanded on Thursday the handover of "terror suspects" who plotted to kill leader Kim Jong Un with a biochemical substance, repeating accusations it made last week that US and South Korean spies were behind the plan. "These terrorists plotted and planned in detail for the use of biochemical substances including radioactive and poisonous substances as the means of assassination", Vice Minister Han said, reading from a prepared statement. Read More »

Ducks eager for rematch with Rinne's Predators in West final

The Ducks ended their ignominious streak after the tense final minutes of a strong defensive performance to back Gibson's best game of the postseason. It should prove to be a valuable experience for the Oilers. "Within two or three days they should have fully moved past that". Connor McDavid hoped no one in the dressing room would forget what happened in the series and how it felt. Read More »

New S.Korean leader sets course in stormy diplomacy

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un inspects the defense detachment on Jangjae Islet and the Hero Defense Detachment on Mu Islet located in the southernmost part of the waters off the southwest front, in this undated photo released by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency on May 5. Read More »

Tillerson calls for balancing US security interests, values


Overall, Tillerson described a foreign policy that had not fully evolved since the end of the Cold War and pushed the need for both the department and the policies it promotes to adapt. Tillerson is addressing employees at the State Department. Still, he insisted the US won't abandon core values. Tillerson began his remarks by thanking those officials, to applause from the crowd. Read More »

United States prosecutors told to push for more, harsher punishments


University spokesman David Traube had said Sessions was scheduled to hold a news conference after his speech. "They deserve to be un-handcuffed and not micromanaged from Washington". "Charging and sentencing recommendations are bedrock responsibilities of any prosecutor". The move swiftly drew outrage from progressives. It ensures that the Department enforces the law fairly and consistently, advances public safety and promotes respect for our legal system. Read More »

Obamas Donate $2 Million to Chicago Summer Jobs

He also stressed that the center is meant to be a "transformational project for this community" and can generate hundreds of permanent jobs at the center itself and thousands of construction jobs. Designers are focusing on merging the best of the outdoors with the best of the indoors by including plenty of green spaces, green roofs, and public gardens. Read More »

Middle school teacher kills herself after accusations of sex with a student


An investigation was launched, and officers searched Krohnfeldt's classroom, which was temporarily sealed off. Drake Middle School in Arvada , Colorado . One of our 8 grade teachers, Gretchen Krohnfeldt , has suddenly passed away . Our main focus is supporting our staff and students that have been deeply impacted by this tragedy. Read More »

FBI's James Comey Defends Hillary Clinton Email Decision, But Feels 'Nauseous'


Yates is expected to tell a Senate Judiciary subcommittee led by Sen. "I faced a choice", Comey said. "As you know, I briefed you privately on this, and if there's more that's necessary then I'd be happy to do it privately". The video mashes up soundbites from Clinton and FBI Director James Comey and pairs them with Auto-Tune to construct a really catchy pop song. Mrs Clinton also said she took "absolute personal responsibility" for a series of campaign blunders that contributed to her ... Read More »

Senate keeps Obama-era climate change regulation


Methane is a short-lived but potent greenhouse gas, being about 25 times more effective at trapping heat than carbon dioxide. Gardner said in a statement Wednesday, "The Senate rejected a procedural measure today to advance debate of the ( Congressional Review Act ) involving the methane rule , and the Senate will not consider repealing the rule implemented by the Obama Administration". Read More »

Senate slams House health-care bill


By Wednesday, however, the combination of pressure from House leaders and President Donald Trump himself seemed to be turning at least some votes. The bill now moves over to the Senate, where it will likely undergo additional changes. John Kasich. Republican Sen. Susan Collins of ME, a moderate Republican whose vote will be critical in getting a bill to Trump's desk, voiced concerns about potential higher costs for older people and those with pre-existing conditions . Read More »

Before the axe, James Comey was pushing Donald Trump-Russia probe harder


An administration told the Washington Post Rosenstein was upset that the White House said it was firing Comey due to his memo faulting Comey's leadership but not explicitly calling for the sacking. Priebus and Bannon cautioned Trump against the move, although senior adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner supported the firing, but sources said the president had already made up his mind and was not interested in debate. Read More »

Penn State frat members charged in student death

According to a Grand Jury report , Piazza's blood alcohol level was between.28 and.36 at its peak. In a statement, the university's president, Eric Barron, described the grand jury's findings as "heart-wrenching and incomprehensible". Young discussed what might happen in a GroupMe conversation with another frat member, the report said. "We've had tens of deaths across the nation". Read More »