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Despite tweet, lawyer says Trump not being probed

But there are conflicting signals about what is actually happening. Sen. Amy Klobuchar, a Minnesota Democrat, said on Fox News Sunday that it would be a "disaster" for Trump to fire Mueller or Rosenstein, or to nudge the latter to recuse himself in an effort to slow down the investigation. Read More »

Otto Warmbier, American student released by North Korea, dies

On Monday, less than a week after returning to the United States with severe brain damage, his family announced Warmbier had "completed his journey home ". University of Virginia President Teresa A. Sullivan says her thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of 22-year-old Otto Warmbier (WORM'-bir) "during what has been an incredibly hard time". Read More »

HEADS UP: Severe Storms Possible Again Today


Damaging straight-line winds will be the primary severe weather threat this afternoon into tonight, although some localized large hail cannot entirely be ruled out, according to the weather service. Then, a tree fell near the intersection of Floyd Avenue and Thompson Street in Richmond, according to the National Weather Service. While these storms will be moving faster than those of the last seven days, torrential rain is expected in the strongest storms. Read More »

House leader joins Handel on final campaign day

If a congressional district that Tom Price won by 23 points in 2016 goes to a Democrat in a race with a candidate who failed to distance herself from Trump and his policies and didn't do her utmost to repudiate egregious rhetoric, you can bet that there will be more congressmen and senators willing to rebuke Trump and distance themselves from his policies. Read More »

Mike Pence Hired a Personal Lawyer to Handle the Russia Investigation


Cullen will not be paid with taxpayer money, an aide said. Cullen referred all requests for comment to Pence's office. "Whenever a Washington scandal breaks that comes close to the White House , you have people at all levels scrambling for a good white-collar lawyer", said Julie O'Sullivan, a professor of criminal law at Georgetown University who worked on the Whitewater case. Read More »

Sean Spicer is interviewing his own replacement


So on days that Trump speaks, expect the briefings to be extra special useless, if they exist at all. Recently, the White House has begun to stipulate that they are both off-camera and off-mic. However, Ingraham is not expected to take the press secretary position. According to Mediaite , the reporter hopped on social media to air his frustration, tweeting that the White House should have the "backbone to answer questions on camera". Read More »

Heat wave creates health hazard in southwestern US


As American Airlines explained in a statement today, those flights use Bombardier CRJ regional aircraft, which have a maximum operating temperature of 118 degrees. "That's deadly heat no matter how you slice it", weather service meteorologist Chris Breckenridge said. Hot spells in the Southwest this time of year aren't unusual: Many locations in the region see their hottest readings, on average, from the latter half of June into early July, when the air is still extremely dry, ... Read More »

Russia Blasts US For Shooting Down Syrian Warplane

Moscow is warning that it will target allied aircraft operating west of the Euphrates River in Syria in retaliation for the USA shooting down a Syrian government warplane on Sunday . Frants Klintsevich, the deputy chairman of the Russian Senate's defense committee, said the attack was a "blunt act of aggression and provocation". Read More »

Teen girl slain after leaving Virginia mosque; man arrested


A Virginia Muslim girl , 17-year-old girl Nabra Hassanen , was found dead after reportedly being separated from her friends by a confrontational motorist while walking home from a Fairfax County restaurant. The Fairfax County Police Department tweeted Monday, without elaborating, that "We are NOT investigating this murder as a hate crime ". About 3pm the body of a girl believed to be Nabra was found in a pond in Sterling . Read More »

With No Evidence, Gingrich Insists Comey 'May Be Under Investigation't

Gingrich continued: "I don't think they're going to get the president, but they're going to get somebody, and they're going to get him for something". But maybe, maybe there was obstruction. "We start over here on Russian Federation, well they don't have anything on Russian Federation, but maybe there was obstruction, we may not get anything on obstruction, but maybe there's going to be perjury. Read More »

The Slants Win Supreme Court Battle Over Band's Name In Trademark Dispute

The justices sided with the Asian-American rock band The Slants and invalidated a 70-year-old provision in federal trademark law that prohibited the registration of disparaging trademarks. The band accused the USPTO of justifying the denial of rights of marginalized groups " simply because they disagreed with the message of these groups " and "knowingly used false and misleading information, supported by questionable sources ... Read More »

Trump's legal plan built in his image: Fight, fight, fight

Early Friday morning saw Trump take to Twitter to proclaim, "I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man who told me to fire the FBI Director!" Sekulow says that Trump hasn't been notified of any investigation. Chairman Chuck Grassley and the panel's top Democrat, Dianne Feinstein, plan to move forward on their inquiry, which will look into Russian Federation meddling in the elections as well as whether there was any improper political interference with the Federal ... Read More »

Teenage Muslim Girl Assaulted and Murdered Near Mosque


Wright did not confirm if Torres was drunk, but said that it was part of their investigation and police were looking to see if "it was a contributing factor". Arsalan Iftikhar, an worldwide human rights lawyer and commentator who attended the midnight prayer service, said the teen was "apparently beaten to death by this man". Read More »

Supreme Court to hear major political redistricting case


The result was that a majority could not agree on a test to measure partisan gerrymandering , and without any meaningful checks the practice flourished. Rep. Peter Barca, Wisconsin state Assembly Democratic minority leader: "Voters should be able to choose their representatives, not the other way around, and I have faith that the Supreme Court will do the right thing to help end the bad polarization we see in both Wisconsin and across America". Read More »

Supreme Court to hear partisan gerrymandering case


With the separate order that split the court closely on Monday, the state legislature will now be spared the duty of working out a new map of election district for use in upcoming elections. In Wisconsin, the Republicans were in charge so they tried to pack as many Democrats as they could into the fewest number of districts. Time is running out to fix it: Kennedy's retirement has always been rumored, and it seems likely that if President Trump gets a second Supreme Court pick, the partisan ... Read More »

US Supreme Court examines partisan gerrymandering


Four others - only Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen G. Breyer remain - said such challenges could be heard by the court but disagreed on the method. This is the second time justices have acted on gerrymandering this year. GOP lawmakers defend the maps, as does state Attorney General Brad Schimel. Read More »

Justices Say Law On Offensive Trademarks Is Unconstitutional

The Slants went to court after being denied trademark registration for a name they chose as an act of "reappropriation" - adopting a term used by others to disparage Asian Americans and wearing it as a badge of pride. The government denied the trademark, citing. "A law that can be directed against speech found offensive to some portion of the public can be turned against minority and dissenting views to the detriment of all", Kennedy said in an opinion joined by Justices Ruth Bader ... Read More »

Russia Threatens Anti-ISIS Aircraft After US Obliterates Syrian Bomber

RUSSIA'S Defence Ministry warned yesterday, following the United States downing of a Syrian Su-22 fighter-bomber, that it will treat USA coalition planes west of the Euphrates river as targets . Rhetoric between the United States and Russian Federation has escalated since an American jet shot down a Syrian plane on Sunday. Russian Federation will treat all US aircraft west of the Euphrates river in Syria as legitimate targets after a U.S. Read More »

Who is Trump's new lawyer, Jay Sekulow?

The Washington Post story cited five officials who had been briefed on interview requests from special counsel Robert Mueller with three top intelligence officials to see if Trump had attempted to obstruct justice. He just recently became a public face for Trump's outside legal team, but Sekulow has been well known for decades as a legal advocate for conservative Christian causes. Read More »

Muslims skeptical about 'road rage' in Virginia girl's death

Though the killing of Nabra Hassanen - whose body was found in a pond in Sterling, Virginia - raised concerns that she was targeted because she was Muslim, Fairfax County police spokeswoman Julie Parker said officers have no reason to believe it was a hate crime . Read More »

Justices say government can't refuse disparaging trademarks

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO)-and later, the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board-challenged the group's right to the name, citing the name as disparaging toward people of Asian descent. After using the name for decades, they had their trademark revoked in 2014 after protests that the name was offensive towards Native Americans. Tam said the band was "beyond humbled and thrilled" with the ruling . Read More »

Georgia Republican calls ad tying race to congressional shooting 'disgusting'

Karen Handel is getting more backup from national Republicans in the final hours of Georgia's tight 6th Congressional race. The district has about 530,000 registered voters. Republicans are facing a sobering reminder of their president's poor approval ratings, as 30-year-old centrist Democrat Jon Ossoff , a filmmaker and onetime political assistant, holds a slim lead in polling ahead of the closely watched runoff. Read More »

Authorities: Teen slain after leaving mosque, man arrested


Police say the girl and her friends were walking back from a McDonald's in the Sterling area early Sunday when they got into a dispute with a man in a auto. "She liked to help other people". Hassanen's parents, meanwhile, have said they believe their daughter's religion was a factor. He said he asked police why the suspect killed his daughter but they wouldn't comment on a potential motive. Read More »