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Cindy expected to drench Tenn., Kentucky, W. Virginia

A turn toward the northeast is expected. NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP ) - Rain bands reeling away from Tropical Depression Cindy spread drenching rains from the Southeast to the Midwest, triggering flash flood warnings over several states including West Virginia , whose residents on Friday marked the anniversary of deadly floods last June. Read More »

Boston Red Sox vs. Los Angeles Angels


Big Papi made his Major League debut for the Twins on September 2, 1997, and finished his career playing for the Red Sox , on November 18, 2015, with 541 home runs, and as the all-time leader in MLB history. Ortiz's farewell a year ago was a season-long affair in which he was showered with gifts on the road and celebrated for an entire weekend at Fenway. Read More »

Trumps tap Trump hotel employee as new White House chief usher


He continued to call for unity between the parties following the tragedy. But the watchdog groups suspect Trump has not done so based on his own conflicting statements about whether there are recordings of conversations between himself and former Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey . Read More »

Kasich & Hickenlooper: A two-party approach to health care


These caps and cuts would leave people with disabilities without the essential services they need to live independently in the community and will endanger their lives. Six companies requested to sell health insurance in Florida through the Obamacare exchanges. But the proposed AHCA would not require everyone to buy insurance and would use far less tax revenues, even from the wealthy, to help cover the cost. Read More »

Capitol police arrest protesters outside McConnell's office


A Trumpcare opponent being carried from a sit-in outside of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's office on Thursday morning after the Republicans released their draft version of a healthcare overhaul bill . "It's a massive transfer of wealth from middle-class and poor families to the richest people in America". And small tweaks over the course of the next couple weeks, under the guise of making these bills easier to stomach, can not change the fundamental meanness at the core of ... Read More »

Trump Suggests His 'Tapes' Tweet Was To Keep Comey Honest


Trump did not say exactly what he thought had changed about Comey's story. "My story was always the truth", Trump said. Mr Trump said Mr Mueller's friendship with James Comey , who had been heading the inquiry until sacked from his role as Federal Bureau of Investigation chief, was "bothersome". Read More »

Trump Fighting Back Against Russia Investigation

And what Jay Sekulow went on to say is that is that that's the president responding to a Washington Post report that included five anonymous sources". He led the department's task force that investigated and prosecuted Enron executives in the energy giant's stunning collapse. "The legal team has not been notified ", he said on CNN. Read More »

Remnants Of Cindy: Heavy Rain, Storms Expected In Middle Tennessee

Cindy made landfall between Cameron, LA and Port Arthur, TX, early Thursday morning, according to the National Hurricane Center . National Weather Service forecasters said rainfall totals of 2-4 inches (50-100 millimeters) were possible in several states, with up to 6 inches (150 millimeters) in isolated spots. Read More »

Nobody wants to replace Sean Spicer


The current press secretary dodged a question on Tuesday about whether he would leave his job for another White House role soon. Spicer said he had "seen the reports" from the intelligence community concluding that the Russian government ordered an influence campaign to interfere with the USA election, but that he has not asked Trump about his views. Read More »

Jury deliberations begin in police shooting


Milwaukee erupted into two days of rioting last summer following the shooting of Smith . A former Milwaukee police officer whose fatal shooting of a black man previous year ignited two days of rioting in the Wisconsin city was found not guilty Wednesday of first-degree reckless homicide . Read More »

On the Ground in the 6th: Scenes from Georgia's Election Night


Despite the backlash from some Democrats , Pelosi still has a strong base of support within the party. "Democrats both in our state and nationally have not learned their lessons from the loss in November", said Michael Joyce, a spokesperson for the Texas Republican Party. Read More »

'Making a Murderer's' Brendan Dassey Is Expected to Be Released from Prison

On Thursday , the appeals court released a 2-1 decision siding with Dassey that his confession to helping his uncle Steven Avery rape and kill Halbach on Halloween 2005 was coerced by Manitowoc County investigators. The two then burned her body, Dassey told detectives. Zellner says the bullet fragment found in Avery's garage was not shot through Halbach's head. Read More »

DC, Maryland to sue Trump over foreign payments to his business


Trump called the CREW lawsuit "totally without merit". Maryland and the District of Columbia argue that they should be shielded from "undue pressure to provide emoluments to the president", and that other states can "curry favor from the president by providing emoluments that other states lack". Read More »

The First Video Of Otto Warmbier Returning Home Is Heartbreaking


North Korea reportedly told the US that Warmbier contracted botulism poisoning and fell into a coma soon after his March 2016 trial, in which he confessed to stealing a propaganda poster from a hotel. Three other Americans remain incarcerated in North Korea , and there are huge efforts by the administration to have them released. Warmbier confirmed several reports in the conference, including that no one had seen or heard from Otto since March 2016 and that former National ... Read More »

Georgia releases names of slain prison guards


The reward for information leading to the arrests of Rowe , 43, and Dubose , 24, continued to grow. Authorities said the inmates carjacked the driver of the Honda minutes after shooting the officers. Both convicts have distinctive tattoos. Both men were serving sentences for armed robbery and other crimes, according to the agency's website. Greg Dozier, commissioner of the Georgia Department of Corrections , said one of the men is a "validated gang member", though he did not specify ... Read More »

GOP senators now oppose health bill, enough to sink it

Further complicating the issue for him is Nevada's Republican Governor, Brian Sandoval, an outspoken supporter of the Affordable Care Act's Medicaid expansion. The Senate can only afford two "no" votes from Republicans and still pass the measure. Meanwhile Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski are opposed to the bill cutting Medicaid funding for Planned Parenthood for a year. Read More »

Trump family hires familiar face as chief usher

President Trump said he wanted to attend the Congressional baseball game, that Rep. Scalise was practicing for when he was shot, but was advised not to go. Moreover, Trump has been warned about deleting tweets before. Aside from this particular fluke, however, the embattled communications team trying feverishly to represent President Donald Trump and his policies has avoided the prying visual recording devices of interested (and accredited) parties. Read More »

South Korea's new FM meets with interim United States ambassador ahead of summit

He was serving a sentence of hard labor after being accused of stealing a propaganda poster. After Warmbier's death, the President described it as a "disgrace" suggesting in a tweet that the efforts of China to help rein in North Korea. For months, the Trump administration has lobbied China to exert its economic influence over the North Korean government in an effort to halt that country's nuclear weapons and missile development activities. Read More »

How the GOP health care bills help the rich

Confounding his predictions, and on his watch, Congress let the Patriot Act expire two years ago -resulting in a temporary halt to some USA spying activities before a substitute bill could pass. And now, on health care, McConnell is moving forward with similar resolve, once again ignoring reservations and second-guessing. And Susan Collins of ME reiterated her opposition to language blocking federal money for Planned Parenthood, which many Republicans oppose because it provides abortions. Read More »

43 arrested protesting Medicaid cuts


Capitol Police did not immediately confirm a report of the number of arrests. Republicans are reportedly seeking a vote on the bill before their July 4 recess. "We're very concerned about the way they're processing us, by separating people with physical disabilities from people without". "Health care is going to get more expensive", she said, despite Republicans' insistence that their alternative will lower insurance premiums. Read More »

Obama denounces Senate GOP health care bill


Ron Johnson says he's hesitant to support the Senate's new health care reform bill largely because it doesn't address the cost of health insurance. "But the bill in front of us today I don't think makes those fixes", Heller said. The estimate was released Friday by Arizona's Medicaid agency, which analyzed the effects of the legislation on the state health insurance program for low-income people. Read More »

Cause Of Jet Crash At Dayton Air Show Under Investigation


The pilot and a passenger were doing a routine flyover, and had to be removed from the plane following the crash. Lt. Col. Jason Heard, commander of the Thunderbirds, said at a news conference that the pilot, Capt. "They were very fearless throughout, and they assisted in their own recovery", Heard said of the two team members. Authorities say a military jet apparently practicing for an OH air show has been involved in an accident. Read More »

Family recalls loving nature of Seattle mom killed by police


Lyles was pregnant at the time of shooting and is survived by four children. But police Sgt. Sean Whitcomb said a review of surveillance video shows in the hours before the call that Lyles left and entered the apartment before Officers Steven McNew and Jason Anderson arrived. Read More »