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Bad Hombre Crackdown: Sessions Ramps War on Drug Traffickers


That memo encouraged prosecutors to use their discretion when filing criminal charges - especially in low-level drug offenses and other cases that elicited mandatory minimum sentences. Holder's approach included legislation to reduce some mandatory minimum sentences. Even with Sessions' anti-cannabis inclination, the odds of him being able to make cannabis illegal again for states that have voted to legalize it are very low. Read More »

Trump to Comey: Better hope there are no 'tapes' of talks

The Times said it was not clear whether the dinner was the same one that Trump described in the NBC interview in which the president acknowledged asking Comey whether he was the subject of a counter-intelligence probe. Spicer responded by saying that Trump is just "a little dismayed" that there seems to be an attempt to "make it a game of gotcha" to pick apart certain answers. Read More »

Arkansas flags lowered to honor slain deputy


Bowden is now being held at the Conway County facility, he said . Mainhart was fatally shot after he pulled over a vehicle at a traffic stop. Yell County Sheriff Bill Gilkey said that Mainhart was a great father and husband, as well as being an excellent officer. Read More »

Trump says 'all worked out' with Turnbull over telephone spat

Trump spent just a few hours in his New York City hometown Thursday, but avoided his Trump Tower home, where security has been tightened and the costs for it have mounted since he became president. "Well, Mr. President, you're right!" The pair also attended a gala dinner commemorating the 75th anniversary of the battle of the Coral Sea, while white house and prime ministerial staff also met separately. Read More »

Pennsylvania AG charges Amtrak engineer in fatal crash

A Philadelphia municipal court judge ordered the charges of involuntary manslaughter and reckless endangerment against former Amtrak engineer Brandon Bostian to be revived on Thursday. Investigators say seven to nine of those minutes the engineer was listening to and participating in the radio conversations regarding other trains being hit with a projectile. Read More »

Arctic summit: Trump to make 'right decision for the US' on climate

The document does not bind the taking any action on curbing carbon emissions. "We are appreciative that each of you has an important point of view, and you should know that we are taking the time to understand your concerns", Tillerson said in remarks Thursday at the Arctic Council Ministerial meeting in Fairbanks, Alaska. Read More »

Trump Jr. urges support for Republican in US House race

The four will interview with Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. If this were a criminal trial, prosecutors would allege that the president was displaying "consciousness of guilt" - that he was acting in a way no innocent person would act. Read More »

City of New Orleans removes Jefferson Davis monument

The Jefferson Davis Memorial was removed about two and a half weeks after the monument to the Battle of Liberty Place was taken down. New Orleans has removed the second of four Confederate statues, with a statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis being the latest one. Read More »

White House warned Michael Flynn was 'compromised'


According to intelligence officials, the two discussed sanctions imposed by President Barack Obama to punish Russian Federation for its efforts to interfere with the 2016 presidential election. Yates made clear that the concerns she raised had exclusively to do with Flynn's contacts with the Russian ambassador, and not his paid speech for a Russian state media organization or his lobbying for Turkish interests, two other issues that have brought him law enforcement scrutiny. Read More »

Mom of Ohio Boy Who Killed Himself Vows He 'Will Be Heard'

School officials have not said what has happened to the student who pushed Gabriel down. In this still image from a January 24, 2017, surveillance video provided by Cincinnati Public Schools, the legs and feet of 8-year-old Gabriel Taye can be seen as he lies on the floor of a boys' bathroom after being knocked unconscious by another boy at Carson Elementary School. Read More »

James Comey Didn't Sink Hillary


The repercussions from Comey's action continue to reverberate across the political spectrum. "This has been really hard but I think I've done the right thing at each turn". Rep. Trey Gowdy of SC, one of the few Republicans on the committee willing to talk, said the closed session was needed because of the number of times Comey had answered questions in the March open session by saying, "I can't answer that in an open session". Read More »

Comey Declines Invitation to Testify, 4 Candidates Being Considered to Replace Him

Trump will encourage students to "be a force for good in the world by standing up for the values that Liberty has taught them", White House spokesman Sean Spicer said. But in his latest interview, Mr Trump accused the Mr Comey of giving his opponent a "free pass" at a time when many of his supporters were pressing for the Mrs Clinton to be jailed. Read More »

8-year-old was assaulted by classmate before killing himself

School officials told the boy's mother that he'd fainted but was alert. The school district said it released the video reviewed by the detective in "an effort to be completely transparent". The detective said it could rise to the level of criminal assault if the children involved weren't so young. The Cincinnati news outlet obtained a report from the OH town's police department which contains a surveillance video outside of the pre-kindergarten through sixth grade, Carson Elementary ... Read More »

Massive California rallies expected for May Day


Patricia Morales, a 50-year-old singer from Ventura, California, said she believes Trump only wants to oust immigrants in the country illegally who commit crimes. After the rally, more than a hundred immigration and social justice advocates spilled into Atlanta's City Council chamber to demand the city raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour and demand that the city comply with Immigration and Customs Enforcement requests to detain immigrants only when officials have a warrant. Read More »

Man suspected of triple murder surrenders after stand-off with police


Investigators have not released the names or ages of the female victims, or said how they were killed. Bowden released the hostage about 30 minutes before he gave himself up to law enforcement. He was on his way to a disturbance call on the 12000 block of Gum Springs Road. Soon thereafter, officers went to the home where the disturbance call originated and there they found the deceased bodies of the two female victims. Read More »

Former US Attorney reacts to Sessions' call for tougher sentences


Sessions held a news conference on the new policy earlier Friday and Trump has said he chose to fire Comey because the President thought he was doing a bad job and for being a "showboat". U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been outspoken about his disdain for cannabis and his desire to shut down the industry as a whole, but some states are adamant about defending their citizens' rights. Read More »

Records Show Violent History for Ohio Nursing Home Gunman


The chief of the Kirkersville Police Department was killed in a shooting Friday morning. The shooting closed down the main street of the small village comprised of only about 500 people, as residents flocked to the Kirkersville Police Station to contribute to a makeshift memorial for DiSario. Read More »

Interest builds over Trump's Federal Bureau of Investigation pick

Press Secretary Sean Spicer , who was back behind the podium Friday after Sarah Huckabee Sanders subbed for him for two days, has been the subject of memorable lampoons by comic Melissa McCarthy on "Saturday Night Live". Trump said he would not talk about the existence of any tapes. He said Spicer is a nice man "but he gets beat up". Trump said Comey wanted to have the dinner because he wanted to stay on in the job. Read More »

Conyers and Cummings want to hear Trump's dinner tapes

For example, White House press secretary Sean Spicer has said the president fired Comey because he was advised to do so. Spicer repeatedly said "the president has nothing further to add on that" and eventually insisted: "The tweet speaks for itself". Read More »

Records show violent history for OH nursing home gunman


Investigators are still trying to determine how the suspect got inside the nursing home, which is a secure facility, Thorp said. KIRKERSVILLE, Ohio (AP) - Court records show the man authorities say gunned down an Ohio village police chief and two nursing home employees had a history of violence, including against the nurse who was among the slain. Read More »

Pope nixes Medjugorje visions but says shrine has benefits


Pope canonised two siblings as the Catholic Church's newest saints at the Fatima shrine I am very emotional because this pope is truly merciful and close to the people, and I think he will bring us many good things. Pope Francis has left Portugal after presiding at the canonization Mass in Fatima of two shepherd children who 100 years ago said the Virgin Mary appeared to them. Read More »