Wednesday, 29 March 2017
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Affordable Care Act to Stay in Place

This hour On Point, the House and your health care. With unified Republican leadership in Washington , GOP leaders who for years promised to repeal former President Barack Obama's signature achievement appeared poised to finally do so. He said discussions will continue. "Do what's fair! Hands off our Obamacare!" "I think right now that's being negotiated", he said. "Whenever they're ready, we're ready", Trump said. Read More »

Republican Health Care Reform Bill on Life Support


Even before the decision to pull the health care bill, Republican lawmakers were anxious about the impact of a potential defeat. But the month-long debate over the American Health Care Act spawned at least one new frontier in the influence industry: outside groups dangling and withholding money in real time in exchange for a politician's support, a carrot-and-stick that Democrats were quick this week to say felt too close to quid-pro-quo bribery. Read More »

Vehicle and Speed Storm Restrictions Lifted on Some Pennsylvania Interstates


PennDOT will continue to treat roadways throughout the storm until precipitation stops and roads are clear. The work of these crews did not go unnoticed, as Governor Tom Wolf tweeted to note his appreciation. Teams are being dispatched from PennDOT's northwestern Pennsylvania district to the Scranton area, from the Pittsburgh area district to Monroe County near Stroudsburg, and from southwestern Pennsylvania to the Lehigh Valley area. Read More »

Rep. Lance: American Health Care Act did not meet my goals


Shortly after the failure of of the new bill, Clinton also reacted on Twitter. The discussion was led by Martha Livingston, Ph.D., Professor and Chair of the Public Health department at SUNY Old Westbury and Michael Zweig, Ph.D., professor emeritus and former director of the Center for Study of Working Class Life at Stony Brook University's Economics Department. Read More »

Create pathways to health care, not barriers

Other aspects of the law, such as repealing a requirement for particular coverage in every insurance plan, will lower premiums, he said. Oddly, though, this $15 billion appears to be only for the year 2020 . And to be sure, a half-dozen major lobbies on both sides of the bill deemed it determinative of their future political support, from the dyed-in-the-establishment-wool U.S. Read More »

Obama: 'America Is Stronger Because Of The Affordable Care Act'

For example, a woman who had elected not to have maternity coverage could face financial ruin from an unintended pregnancy. In other words, the GOP didn't want to let a detail like tens of millions of people losing their health insurance get in the way of two tax cuts for the rich. Read More »

White House: Trump isn't considering a carbon tax


Instead, spokesman Sean Spicer says President Donald Trump is confident that the White House has done "every single thing possible" to corral the 216 votes needed to pass legislation to repeal the Obama-era health care law. At this rate, by next week, I half-expect Spicer to describe Manafort as "some guy Trump once said hello to". Salon's Simon Maloy had a helpful piece yesterday noting that Spicer, during his tenure at the RNC a year ago, repeatedly said the opposite of what he's saying ... Read More »

Republican AHCA makes health care unaffordable

While Wood County Indivisible has attempted to organize a meeting or town hall with McKinley, he and Peters spoke Friday morning about health care and the legislation, to which the congressman said he meant to vote for the American Health Care Act, Peters said. Read More »

Federal Bureau of Investigation release video of Cheescake Factory attack, offer reward


The surveillance video, released at a joint news conference between the Pasadena Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation late Friday morning, shows the suspect at a supermarket in the 300 block of West Colorado Boulevard. "We know the device was homemade". The device landed under a table, and witnesses said the restaurant filled with smoke. Attached is a still photo of the suspect, along with a YouTube link of the security video. Read More »

Trump moves forward after Congress fails to pass Republican health care plan

But while Mr. Trump was quick to blame Democrats for not giving "a single vote" for his plan, Mr. Ryan owned up to the failures. Some Democrats have said they plan to filibuster Gorsuch. In contrast to Obamacare, both parties agree that the tax code is broken, and that something needs to be done to fix it. The GOP health plan would have repealed almost $1 trillion in taxes enacted under Mr. Read More »

President Donald Trump pulls US healthcare bill vote

The failure is now raising questions as to whether his administration will fulfill a campaign promise to replace Obamacare. Meanwhile, a number of political veterans say President Donald Trump's entire economic agenda could be imperiled by the failure to pass an Obamacare replacement - which could also mean the market may have to lower its expectations. Read More »

What the failed Obamacare repeal means for tax reform


McConnell may also have made it easier to keep and expand his majority in next year's elections. The New York Health Act, now wending its way through the New York Senate and Assembly, would create a single-payer health care system, dubbed "Medicare for All" by advocates, which would remove private health insurance companies from the process of paying for health insurance for New Yorkers. Read More »

Bellagio casino went on lock down after attempted break


Originally the scene was deemed as an "active shooter situation" but police said this was false. There is a burglary of a high-end jewelry store. At least three robbers are thought to have carried out the heist, according to the police. Right now, we don't know other details about the attack. "I was leaving nearby Hyde nightclub and saw hundreds of people running in my direction, so I went back into the club". Read More »

Prosecutor Says Ferguson Video Heavily Edited


What was edited out of Pollock's video, according to McCulloch, is a clerk talking to Brown and Brown putting the bag of groceries back on the counter, removing something else from the counter and exiting the store. Former Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson said he hadn't seen the earlier surveillance video, but that he didn't think it was fair to connect the store to a drug transaction. Read More »

Notre Dame seeking sixth Final Four appearance in seven years


I guess this game could technically be a tiebreaker type of game. The teams faceoff today at SNHU Arena at 3:30 p.m. for a trip to the Frozen Four in Chicago. His son, Mario, was a forward at Notre Dame and played under Jackson from 2012 to 2016. Notre Dame, 22-11-5, followed suit and stormed from behind for a 3-2 win over Minnesota in the second game. Read More »

Easter Bunny hops back to East Towne, West Towne Malls


Parents are welcome to purchase professional photos of the fun occasion. All of the mall's Easter celebration festivities are sponsored this year by Simon, a global leader in real estate. Easter Bunny, 11 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday; 10 8 p.m. Saturday and 12-6 p.m. on Sunday, The Lima Mall, 2400 Elida Road, Lima. Customers can also receive their Easter Bunny photos immediately via text when a cell phone number is provided at check out. Read More »

Paramedic swims through 45-degree water to save baby


A gun was found in her SUV but it is unknown at this time if it is the same one used in the shooting, authorities told the Associated Press . The little boy is expected to recover. In 2005, before they were married, Justin Campbell was charged with domestic abuse for allegedly attacking Cristy Campbell, then known as Cristy Brueggemann, by slapping her in the head when she was pregnant. Read More »

Airstrikes hit Islamic State fighters in area where civilians allegedly died


Fast-forward to Mosul in northern Iraq last week, where misdirected USA airstrikes caused a massive explosion that reportedly killed at least 150 civilians sheltering in a basement. The air strikes may have detonated an IS truck filled with explosives, destroying buildings in the heavily-populated area, a local lawmaker and two residents said. Read More »

Just 17 percent of voters back ObamaCare repeal plan

The demonstration, which was organized by APLA Health, hoped to encourage Republican lawmakers to vote against plans to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. "But I'm glad I got it out of the way", Trump said. King represents Iowa's most conservative district. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) about what happens next with health care in Congress. Read More »

GOP healthcare bill would bring many changes


Charlie Dent said. Plans for people who gained coverage under the ACA expansion of Medicaid also have to include these benefits. Trump has demanded that the House approve the plan as is Friday or leave Obamacare in place. In the coming days, there will be lots of digging into what brought down the Republican health care bill. My family's health insurance was more affordable. Read More »

Anti-Trump protesters clash with police in Omaha


A rally held in support of President Donald Trump was met with some opposition Saturday in downtown Omaha. In Huntington Beach, California supporters and opponents of the president clashed during competing demonstrations. There was a small Anti-Trump protest as well. Seaside Heights police said there were no major issues during the rally and no arrests were made. Rally goers held American flags and marched in support of the commander-in-chief. Read More »

Bill Maher: Trump's health care plan 'was always bait and switch'

On Friday's broadcast of HBO's " Real Time ", host Bill Maher stated that the House Freedom Caucus proposed changes to the American Health Care act to make the bill "more attractive to psychopaths". "I know you real Americans hate being called stupid", said Maher. Perhaps, he said, they should stick to other things they're good at, like "screaming into the phone at talk radio, naming buildings after Reagan, [and] secret gay sex at highway rest stops". Read More »

White House budget director


Under the Affordable Care Act, every health insurance plan sold in the United States must cover them. When asked what a pregnant woman whose state didn't cover maternity care should do, Mulvaney said: "You can figure out a way to change the state you live in". Read More »

Security In NYC Remains Tight In Wake Of London Attack


Get free real-time news alerts from the New York City Patch. He added: "Strategically-placed resources have also been implemented throughout NYC". The events that unfolded are being thoroughly investigated and we all stand together to show that we will not be defeated by terrorism, the minister for global development said. Read More »