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Australian man dies near summit of Mount Everest

Roland Yearwood , a 50-year-old physician from Alabama, died while climbing Mount Everest , not far from the mountain's peak. His accompanying Nepalese guide did reach camp, said Thupden Sherpa of Arun Treks and Expedition. Yearwood is the third climber to die on Everest during the current spring climbing season, which began in March and runs through this month. Apart from her two double ascents, Ms Jamsenpa also scaled the mountain in 2013. Read More »

President Trump's Trip to Israel: May 22

At the airport, Trump urged both sides to take advantage of the "rare opportunity" that he says now exists under his administration to bring security, stability and peace to the region and its people. He also said he appreciated Trump's visit to the Western Wall earlier in the day - the first stop at the Jewish holy site ever by a sitting U.S. commander in chief. Read More »

US Strikes Gentler Tone on Nafta as Countdown to Talks Begins


Douglas said it is also important, and in line with indications from the president, that the NAFTA negotiations differentiate between Canada and Mexico in appropriate ways. Councell explained that now all corn products that go into Mexico and Canada are duty-free which creates about $2.7 billion in commodity corn alone. Read More »

Some Hidden Messages In Trump's Speech To Leaders Of Numerous Islamic States

Beyond his Muslim ban proposal and call to surveil United States mosques, Trump also said he was open to creating a database of Muslims in the USA - none of which he has disavowed. But later in his speech , Trump turned to harsh criticism of Iran. In the same speech where Trump urged the Gulf nations to unite and fight against "terrorist and extremists", he isolated out Iran for fuelling "the fires of sectarian conflict and terror". Read More »

Republicans already giving Trump's budget a cold shoulder


According to budget tables released by the administration, Trump's plan cuts nearly $3.6 trillion from an array of benefit programs, domestic agencies and war spending over the coming decade — an nearly 8 percent cut — including repealing and replacing Obama's health law, cutting Medicaid, eliminating student loan subsidies, sharply slashing food stamps, and cutting $95 billion in highway formula funding for the states. Read More »

Stirpe: All New Yorkers deserve affordable and quality health care


Of that total, 23%, or 6.3 million, had pre-existing conditions that would lead them to face a "substantial premium surcharge" if they live in a state that chooses to waive the community rating rule. "That means our senators should reject any bill that takes coverage away from people, ends the Medicaid expansion, caps or cuts the program, makes insurance coverage unaffordable, or takes away protections from people with health conditions". Read More »

Man With Ties To Online White Supremacist Group Murders Black Student


Candles are lit for a candlelight vigil at a bus shelter at the University of Maryland in College Park, Md , Sunday, May 21, 2017, where visiting student was fatally stabbed. An administrator from the group added Urbanski as a member in February. The group, which was taken down after the stabbing, had about 1,100 members and included racist, sexist and anti-Semitic photos and posts. Read More »

A look at Fifth Amendment protections invoked by Flynn


Elijah Cummings , the senior Democrat on the House Oversight Committee, said Flynn failed to report to Pentagon investigators payments he received from Russian bodies or attending a gala with Russian President Vladimir Putin in a gala in Moscow. Read More »

Trump budget slams safety-net programs for poor

Nearly 11 million receive Social Security Disability Insurance payments, and 8.3 million receive Supplemental Security Income, a small cash benefit for the poor and those with disabilities. There is some new spending. Lisa Desjardins has been reporting for us, and she is here now to give us a preview. Trump's budget, an outline of which was released Monday night, doubles down on some largely symbolic cuts that the administration rolled out earlier this year - and they didn't necessarily go ... Read More »

Trump's new trade rep Lighthizer struggles to win over Asian partners

New Zealand Trade Minister Todd McClay has spent much of this year on the road, selling the plan to keep the agreement alive to partners who anxious the absence of the US wouldn't make the pact worthwhile. "We will need to ensure that our interests remain protected and the benefits derived from it still outweigh the costs", Malaysian Trade Minister Mustapa Mohamed said. Read More »

Iran not to wait for United States permission to test ballistic missiles


The Iranian President also said that peace can not be achieved in the Middle East without Tehran's help. He also said Iran would continue with its ballistic missile program. Iran was waiting until after the election to hold its first worldwide auction of oil-development rights, Iranian Students News Agency reported on May 16, citing Ali Kardor, managing director of state-run National Iranian Oil Co. Read More »

Texas bathroom bill could expose secrets of transgender kids

If Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, approves the bill, which passed in the House earlier this month, it would make Texas the second state - following South Dakota - to protect state-funded agencies that choose to turn away families for religious reasons, according to The Associated Press . Read More »

Trump's FBI comments to Russians were aimed at cooperation: aides

President Donald Trump called two top intelligence community figures to request that they deny in public any evidence of collusion between his campaign and the Russian government during the 2016 election, multiple current and former United States officials with knowledge tell CNN. Read More »

United Nations slams DPRK's most recent ballistic missile launches


North Korean leader Kim Jong-un observed the launch of the rocket, called the Hwasong-12, on Sunday, according to the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA). The missile looks like the one unveiled at a military parade in April. "The most recent missile test by North Korea appears to be one of its most advanced yet and proves that a policy of maximum pressure that fully enforces all sanctions against the regime is the only way to bring Kim Jong Un to his senses", Sen. Read More »

Comey's firing gets low approval; Trump's support unmoved


Bush administration. White House officials, including Vice President Mike Pence, said earlier in the week that Mr. Trump acted entirely on Rosenstein's recommendation when firing Comey . Department of Justice on Saturday, May 13, 2017 . FILE - In this January 3, 2006, file photo, then-Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division Alice Fisher briefs reporters at the Justice Department in Washington . Read More »

Delay in court case deepens health insurance uncertainty


President Donald Trump's administration and House leadership are working on a solution to ensure the federal government continues to provide Obamacare subsidy payments to low and moderate income individuals. "It would decimate the program across the country, and here in Iowa, by rolling back the Medicaid expansion that Iowa approved along with about 30 other states over the last few years", Scott McIntyre, vice president of communications at IHA, said about the AHCA. Read More »

4 dead after scaling Mount Everest

Roland Yearwood, a climber from Alabama, USA who is 50 is pronounced dead t an altitude of about 8,400 meters (27,500 feet) in an area called "death zone" which is known for thin air. A 54-year-old died on the Tibetan side of Everest, while a 48-year-old Slovakian perished near the Balcony in the south in Nepal, officials said. The Nepalese Tourism Department issued a record of 375 permits this year to foreigners to scale the world's highest peak, which is the most since 1953. Read More »

AAA Michigan: Statewide average gas prices rise 8 cents


Florida gas prices declined almost 2 cents during the past week and remains 5 cents less than the national average. Memorial Day drivers in North Dakota might be looking at higher gas prices than a year ago, but it's important to keep things in perspective: Gas is still relatively cheap. Read More »

Netanyahu says will discuss peace efforts with Trump

It will be a challenging visit, not only in light of the recent headlines, but also the efforts to resume peace talks between the Israelis and Palestinians. Greenblatt has quietly done much of the heavy work for the USA thus far. While Trump has articulated support for peace between the two sides, he has yet to explicitly endorse the creation of a fledgling Palestinian state, or join the global consensus supporting a two-state solution. Read More »

Behind triumphant Trump visit to Israel, a few old tensions return

Pollster Smith Research measured the answers of 500 adult Israeli Jews and found that Trump will have to work hard to persuade nearly half of the country's population that he has their interests at heart. While another resolution was adopted earlier this month with less support than before, it mostly repeated the same assertions regarding Jerusalem , Israel's capital city, and holy sites in Jerusalem and the West Bank . Read More »

U.S. media: N. Korea missile reentered Earth's atmosphere


Under the leadership of third-generation dictator Kim Jong Un, North Korea has been speeding up its pursuit of a decades-long goal of developing nuclear-armed missiles capable of reaching the USA mainland. If accurate, it would be the highest of any of North Korea's recent missile launches. During the meeting, Trump expressed hope for working closely together with Moon to strengthen the alliance and resolve the North Korean nuclear issue, Hong said. Read More »

Almost 740000 Foreigners Overstayed US Visas Last Year


The US Department of Homeland Security's Customs and Border Protection division found that less than 1.5 percent of non-immigrants who entered the United States during fiscal year 2016 overstayed their visa terms, a press release about a new report said on Monday. Read More »