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Trump says Federal Bureau of Investigation director search 'moving rapidly'


In a fresh tweet, Trump made it seem if James Comey leaks any kind of information with regard to their conversation, he would produce tapes refuting Comey's claims. Al Green, Hakeem Jeffries, and Jared Huffman have been among the handful of Democratic lawmakers who've openly discussed the prospect of initiating impeachment proceedings against Trump, should the president's decision to fire Comey turns out as an attempt at obstructing justice. Read More »

Drake Cops 13 Billboard Music Awards Breaking Adele Record


The " Hotline Bling " hitmaker, who beat Adele , Beyonce , Justin Bieber, The Chainsmokers, Ariana Grande, Shawn Mendes, Rihanna, Twenty One Pilots and The Weeknd in the top artist category, brought his whole team onstage with him to accept the award, reported Billboard . Read More »

Court: Ranked-choice voting runs afoul of Maine Constitution


The nonbinding decision was requested by state lawmakers who were considering whether to implement or eliminate the law approved by state voters in November. Had ranked-choice voting been in place, Mitchell's votes would have been reallocated to her voters' second-choice candidate, who in almost all cases was likely to be Cutler and not LePage. Read More »

Trump budget draws sharp criticism and some measured support

The proposed budget unveiled Tuesday by the Trump administration doubles down on major cuts to biomedical research; programs to fight infectious disease outbreaks; health care for the poor, elderly and disabled; and prevention of HIV/AIDS. When the U.S. House passed the American Health Care Act (AHCA) earlier this month, GOP lawmakers made it painfully clear that they meant to cut and dismantle Medicaid as we know it. Read More »

Bill Cosby arrives for Day 3 of jury selection

But when prosecutors on Tuesday moved to disqualify a black woman, defense lawyers objected, saying the jury, which has one black woman, was not diverse enough to give Cosby a fair trial. The prosecution on Tuesday used its fourth of seven preemptive strikes to block a black woman from the jury. The jurors' names, ages and occupations were being kept private. Read More »

Trump boasts to Russians of firing Comey

Issa said. White House spokesman Sean Spicer called the president's rhetoric part of his deal-making. 'By grandstanding and politicising the investigation into Russia's actions, James Comey created unnecessary pressure on our ability to engage and negotiate with Russian Federation. Read More »

Sheriff: $500M in poppy plants seized in North Carolina


Authorities admit that's a rough estimate on the value, because the plants still need to be weighed. Poppy plants are used to create opium, which is used to make drugs such as heroin. Reid says the only other opium poppy plant field found this year in the USA was in California. Detectives said they found the plants spread across a half-acre adjacent to a Claremont home on Tuesday morning. Read More »

Coats, NSA chief refused Trump's request to push back on Federal Bureau of Investigation probe


The Post quotes sources who say Trump also approached the director of the National Security Agency, Michael Rogers, and both declined, judging the request to be "inappropriate". Looking back as part of their effort to uncover the details of the 2016 Russian Federation operation, USA investigators now realize the GRU officer's boast was the first indication they had from their sources that Russian Federation wasn't just hacking US email accounts to collect intelligence, but was actually ... Read More »

Trump set to meet Pope Francis


Trump is midway through his grueling nine-day maiden worldwide journey. Trump also said that if Islamic State attacked the Vatican, "the pope would have only wished and prayed that Donald Trump would have been president because this would not have happened". Read More »

Man sickened by nacho cheese in botulism outbreak dies

The San Franciso County coroner's office said the victim was a 37-year-old man, Martin Galindo-Larios Jr., according to the Associated Press . The rare condition caused the man to suffer respiratory complications, putting the unresponsive father in a comatose state, according to Galindo's GoFundMe page . Read More »

White House Says Hearings Show No Evidence of Russia-Trump Campaign Collusion

Republican Representative Trey Gowdy repeatedly pushed Mr Brennan to answer who exactly in the Trump campaign could have been involved with Moscow, but Mr Brennan was steadfast. This type of information is typically shared in intelligence channels and not between the US president and foreign diplomats, Brennan said. Dan Coats is testifying Tuesday before the Senate Armed Services Committee . Read More »

Iran's President labels Trump's visit 'just a show'

In his rambling speech , Trump made sure to point out that he would get the Saudis the best deal possible from American weapons manufacturers. ABC News has reached out to the White House for further information about the fund and will update accordingly. Read More »

Boston museum doubles reward for stolen artwork to $10M


The new $10 million reward is available immediately but expires at midnight on December 31. Museum officials said that raising the reward was unrelated to that event. The actual paintings were among 13 stolen in the still-unsolved heist. After 27 years, the investigation for the artworks continue, and the museum's Board of Trustees remains optimistic the pieces will return to their rightful home in the Back Bay Fens. Read More »

Senate Intelligence Committee issues two new Flynn subpoenas

The website released material hacked from email accounts of the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign officials during last year's presidential campaign. Rep. Elijah Cummings of Maryland says Flynn told the investigators during an early 2016 security clearance review that a trip to Moscow was "funded by USA companies". Read More »

Trump Budget Cuts Deeply Into Medicaid, Anti-Poverty Efforts

Of all the groups that may be hurt by the proposed budget cuts, I would argue it is low-income children who seem to get the shortest end of the stick. He said he looks forward to working with his Republican colleagues and doesn't believe the budget as presented will be adopted. Increases the Department of Defense budget and provides funding for a border wall while significantly cutting defense contingency spending. Read More »

Trump Asked Intelligence Officials to Deny Russia Collusion


A President Pence who will be able to work with a Republican Congress to get all the things done that Trump promised but can't deliver - tax reform, immigration reform, health care reform and more? What's more, the president should do so quickly; putting it off will only feed suspicion among many Americans that the president fired Mr. Read More »

Secret Republican Senate Talks Shaping Health Care Legislation

On the other side of the ideological divide among Republicans is a bill drafted by Sens. "As both a health-care professional and a former agency head", she said, "I was genuinely shocked to see the House develop, debate and pass legislation upending our health-care system without holding a single hearing to hear from these groups about their bill". Read More »

Trump asked two intelligence chiefs to deny Russia collusion

Trump was so clueless as to the possible illegality of his actions that he seems to have had no qualms about dragging in multiple players and making multiple appeals to Comey to end the investigation. The website released material hacked from email accounts of the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign officials during last year's presidential campaign. Read More »

Uncertainty Grows As Trump Delays Health Care Decision

Alleigh Marre, a spokeswoman for Trump's secretary of Health and Human Services, Dr. Tom Price , on Friday dismissed attempts to blame the administration "for the law's continued and compounding failure". The judges have not yet acted on that request. "New Hampshire faces the threat that we are staring down the cannon of potentially astronomical rate increases, and state leaders can not stand idly by while Granite Staters face the possibility of getting hammered with those costs", he said. Read More »

Trump Asked Intelligence Officials to Push Back on FBI Russia Probe

Both Coats and Rogers were uncomfortable with the nature of the President's request and refused to comply, the sources with knowledge of the situation told CNN. Smith, a former general counsel at the CIA. The President's treatment of Comey has raised questions about whether he abused his powers by seeking to discredit the FBI investigation or risked giving the impression that he was obstructing justice, a debate now given new life by the latest revelations. Read More »

Manchester attack: Who is Salman Abedi?

Police have named 22-year-old Salman Abedi as the man suspected of carrying out the deadliest terror attack to hit the United Kingdom in 12 years. They were called after reports of an explosion that police said caused fatalities. US President Donald Trump reassured British Prime Minister Theresa May that the resolve will "never waiver" in the face of terrorism, following a multiple-death bomb attack in Manchester . Read More »

Virginia wins 3rd straight tennis title; Stanford denied


Aragone then finished off the Tar Heels with a 7-6, 6-2 win in his delayed match on the fifth court, sealing the championship for the Cavaliers. The Georgia men's tennis team fought back in a tough match against No. With only four courts in the facility, court five and six singles were played after the first two singles matches were completed. In addition to earning first-team All-Ivy singles honors for the second-straight season, she was recently the recipient of the Northeast's ITA/Arthur ... Read More »

Funding for Great Lakes may be in jeopardy under Trump budget

The budget plan also calls for cuts in Environmental Protection Agency grants, which directly impact regulatory measures like the Clean Air and Water Act. "Of particular concern is funding for our Great Lakes and the National Institutes of Health". Governor Rick Snyder said he disagrees with the funding cuts. Read More »

Trump Administration Releases 2018 HUD Budget Proposal


At the same time, the blueprint boosts spending on the military by tens of billions and calls for $1.6 billion for a border wall with Mexico that Trump repeatedly promised voters the USA neighbor would finance. Dick Durbin of IL. The Trump administration budget would sharply cut safety net programs for the poor. "If you're paying for it isn't it reasonable for you to at least ask that question aren't there people on that program who shouldn't be on there?" Yet amid all that, the budget ... Read More »