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Go and do: Tehachapi's Memorial Day Parade, ceremony are Monday

The borough held its Memorial Day ceremony on Saturday at C.K. Hoffman Veterans Memorial Park. "It's nice to have a good time but it's also a nice time to honor them too". "For some, they gave their lives", said Wayne Worrell, chaplain of Post 194. "I know what that's like too, being home while your dad's in service ". Read More »

Memorial Day - remembering those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom


Although Memorial Day is meant to be a day to remember and honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice while serving in our USA military, today many of us also will remember loved ones whom we miss every day. A complimentary lunch buffet will follow the service. "It means a lot to the veterans who served here and served our country". Registration is $10 for adults and $5 for children younger than 15. Read More »

Britain says some of Manchester bomber's network potentially still at large


Police have released surveillance-camera images of Abedi on the night of the attack that show him dressed in sneakers, jeans, a dark jacket and a baseball cap. Abedi spent time in Libya before the attack and transited through Istanbul and Dusseldorf airports on his way back to Britain. They say he returned to Britain from Libya on May 18, and likely completed assembling his bomb at a rented apartment in central Manchester. Read More »

Kushner sought secret back channel with Russia

Apparently, Mr Kushner proposed setting up a secret communications channel between Mr Trump's transition team and Moscow using Russian facilities, according to the Russian ambassador's report home. Mueller III, appointed to oversee a federal investigation on Russian interference in the 2016 election. US President Donald Trump with son-in-law Jared Kushner . Read More »

Kushner Had Undisclosed Contacts With Russia Envoy


Join us in demanding that Jared Kushner lose his security clearance, and step down from his White House position, until these allegations are investigated and resolved . Such a back channel would be unprecedented, said retired four-star Gen. Michael Hayden, who also once headed the National Security Agency. Kellyanne Conway, counselor to the president, has contacted people from Trump's campaign team, asking them to be more involved in supporting the president. Read More »

Boy injured in fall on opening day for California water park


A similarly-steep slide, the Dublin Screamer, was also shut out of an abundance of caution during an investigation. "We're not going to open it until we know what happened", Smith said. The boy, video shows, fell out at the base of a three-story slide and tumbled onto the cement, where he slid a few more feet. They enjoyed the other four slides and the pools. Read More »

Trump's Warm Welcome in the Middle East Is No Surprise

Before Trump departed for his first foreign trip as president, H.R. McMaster, his national security adviser, said the American leader would express support for Palestinian "self-determination". Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government is widely seen as the most right-wing administration in Israeli history and is pressing settlement expansion despite global concern. Read More »

Hall of Fame pitcher, longtime lawmaker


It became a full-time pursuit when his baseball career ended in 1971, but it wasn't long before Bunning, a Republican, began what would become an even longer political career. Department of Education", it says. Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred said Saturday that Bunning "led an extraordinary life in the national pastime and in public service". Read More »

Trump refuses to commit to climate change agreement at G7 summit

Trump tweeted Saturday that he'll make a decision next week. After the pomp of presidential travel overseas, Trump will return to Washington and numerous problems he left behind. "The entire discussion about climate was very hard, if not to say very dissatisfying", German Chancellor Angela Merkel told reporters on Saturday. Trump took part in the ceremonial spectacle of the summit, this time at a picturesque Sicilian town above the Mediterranean Sea. Read More »

White House mum on new Kushner allegations in Russian Federation probe


Senior US advisers have refused to answer questions about Donald Trump's son-in-law, following reports that Jared Kushner tried to set up a secret communication line with Moscow. CNN reported last Friday that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is also interested in how Russian Federation helped use computer bots to target and push negative information on Mrs Hillary Clinton (and positive things about Mr Donald Trump ) on Facebook. Read More »

Texas Lawmakers Revive 'Bathroom Bill' With Proposal For Public Schools


Supporters of the bill state that limiting the bill to just schools is a "middle ground" and will soften numerous boycotts that North Carolina faced following a similar bill. If it becomes law, Texas would be the only state with a statute restricting bathrooms for transgender schoolchildren. Two prominent groups published studies estimating that Texas would likewise lose billions due to boycotts, canceled sporting events and lost tourism if the legislature passed an anti-trans measure. Read More »

Trump Tells 'Confidants' US Will Leave Paris Climate Deal

Trump took part in the ceremonial spectacle of the summit, this time at a picturesque Sicilian town above the Mediterranean Sea. Over the past three days, European leaders and even Pope Francis have lobbied Trump to support the agreement, but while leaders from the six other nations in the G7 signed a statement reaffirming their commitment to reducing greenhouse-gas emissions on Saturday, Trump abstained. Read More »

Iraqi Forces Say Final Assault On Mosul Has Started

Iraqi forces backed by USA and coalition air support in October began the battle to liberate Mosul . The Joint Operations Command on May 27 said security forces are attacking "what remains of the unliberated areas" on the west bank of the Tigris River in the city, the last significant IS stronghold in Iraq. Read More »

Family, friends hail men who died trying to stop attack

It happened on the first day of Ramadan, the holiest time of the year for Muslims, and it has shocked a USA city that prides itself on its tolerance and liberal views. "All elected leaders in America...must work deliberately to change our political dialogue". In the footage, Christian is draped in an American Revolutionary War flag and can be seen performing a Nazi salute and can be heard shouting "Die Muslims". Read More »

Police arrest man in connection with Manchester blast


The main suspect, Salman Abedi , was killed in the explosion. Members of Manchester's Libyan community are struggling to come to terms with the fact one of their own was behind a bomb blast at a concert that left 22 people dead and scores wounded. Read More »

North Korea tests weapon that will 'spoil enemy's dream'


The report said the Academy of National Defense Science had organized the test. The leader supervised another test of an anti-air guided weapon system in April a year ago and the latest seems aimed at verifying improvements made to its surface-to-air missile system. Read More »

McMaster isn't fazed by Jared Kushner 'back-channel' reports


Earlier, Kushner was named in news reports as a focus of the FBI investigation into alleged Russian tampering with the US election and possible collusion with the Trump campaign. Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, the National Security Adviser, on Saturday declined to say whether he would be concerned if a private citizen attempted to set up back-channel communications with a foreign government to influence U.S. Read More »

Senate GOP Staff to Draft Health Care Bill During Recess


Here's what you need to know about this incarnation of the AHCA in the meantime. The new law contains an amendment that will allow states to request waivers to ignore certain market regulations put in place by Obamacare, allowing health care companies in those states to do things like deny coverage or base premiums on pre-existing conditions. Read More »

Hindsight Is 2020: The New Budget May Cost Trump His Base


Trump's budget was unveiled while he was out of the U.S. Mulvaney, talking to reporters at the White House, defended the assumption of 3 percent annual economic growth in the last seven years of the 10-year budget window. Mr Trump's balanced-budget goal depends not only on 3 per cent growth projections - which most economists view as overly optimistic - but also a variety of accounting gimmicks, including an nearly $600bn (£463bn) peace dividend from winding down overseas military ... Read More »

Texas governor draws criticism for joke about shooting journalists


His comment drew sharp rebukes from Reporters Without Borders and the Washington-based Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. As it turns out, threatening or attacking reporters isn't a good idea, although there appears to be a trajectory of anti-media rhetoric under President Donald Trump's administration. Read More »

G7 breaks up without US agreement on climate

And in some ways it did - if only because the White House engineered the trip to keep Trump far away from reporters who could ask him questions. President Trump tweeted Saturday morning. Leaders of the G7 group of rich nations have failed to agree a statement on climate change . The latest move by Trump almost, albeit not entirely, negates that. Read More »

Judge rebukes Trump over travel ban

He's offered no timetable. It appears the U.S. Supreme Court will have the final word about President Donald Trump's travel ban, predicts the spokesman for a pro-immigration enforcement organization. The administration argued that it needed to halt travel from these countries to put in better security protocols because these countries are linked to terrorism and that - the administration said the judges should only look at the language of the executive order, not - which says nothing at ... Read More »

G7 leaders fail to agree on Paris climate change Accord


Italy is keen to encourage the world's wealthiest nations to support African countries in developing their economies, so fewer young people will feel forced to make the risky journey to Europe. In a meeting with leaders of the European Union in Brussels on Thursday, Trump complained about imports of German cars, threatening to stop them and calling Germany "very bad" on trade. Read More »