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The Galaxy S8 Active is heading to AT&T


Another feature is that Active line will no longer be AT&T exclusive with the launch of Galaxy S8 Active phones in India on Wednesday. Previous Active versions have three front buttons typical on a smartphone screen, and this year's Galaxy S8 had do away without it. Read More »

NFL Draft Player Profiles: Baylor WR KD Cannon


Here, we'll cover his thoughts on Eagles draft prospects. While some teams are a piece or two away from the Super Bowl, Green Bay Packers and or Dallas Cowboys , others have bad rosters and need to draft players who won't be busts, like the New York Jets and or San Francisco 49ers . Read More »

Panama Papers: Pakistan PM Survives Corruption Ruling… for Now


The Supreme Court agreed previous year to investigate the Sharif family's offshore wealth after Imran Khan threatened street protests following the Panama Papers leak. Sharif repeatedly denied the charges of corruption-arguing that they were politically motivated-but the court's decision may not put to bed a scandal that has dogged the Pakistani leader for the past two years. Read More »

Uber Used Secret 'Hell' Program To Lure Drivers Away From Lyft


In other words, Uber could see, almost in real time , all of Lyft's drivers who were available for new rides - and where those drivers were located. For those wondering why Uber discontinued the program, the reason was pretty simple - it was apparently getting to be too expensive. Only a select few Uber employees supposedly knew about the program, including CEO Travis Kalanick. Read More »

Scientists to Stage Protest Marches Around the World on Saturday


Another London marcher, 24-year-old student Rachel Denley Bowers, said science was important and that budget cuts affected research. Thousands around the world rally in the name of science on Earth DayMillions of people around the world are marking Earth Day, aimed at expanding awareness about the environment. Read More »

White House pushes bid to revive health bill

GOP leaders on Capitol Hill are eager to avert a shutdown , and the slow pace may make it necessary to enact another temporary spending bill to avert a shutdown next weekend. Ryan attempted to calm the disorder Saturday by telling members that spending talks were still ongoing and promising. Once or twice a year recently, the federal government threatens to shut down. Read More »

Apple joins driverless auto test applicants

Apple Inc has secured a permit to test autonomous vehicles in California, fueling speculation that it is working on self-driving auto technology in a crowded arena of companies hoping to offer those cars to the masses. Since Google began its work on self-driving vehicles eight years ago, Waymo's fleet of self-driving cars has logged more than 2 million miles on the road. Read More »

Scientists protest as Donald Trump cuts down research budgets


Foote said participants included a teacher, the father of a burgeoning scientist and students studying biology. He pointed to proposed cuts to the American Environmental Protection Agency and to restoration programs for the Great Lakes as being of specific concern to Canadians. Read More »

Russian crew reach ISS in Soyuz capsule


On April 24, the US President will congratulate Peggy Whitson for her outstanding career as an astronaut. Trump's daughter Ivanka and NASA astronaut Kate Rubins will join the President in the Oval Office for the call; NASA astronaut Jack Fischer, who arrived yesterday for his first stay on the ISS, will join Whitson on the call. Read More »

Dave Chappelle salutes Charlie Murphy at John Mayer concert


Luckily for everybody who was not at the show but who loved Murphy, this particular person didn't stop recording when Chappelle made his request. "Rest in peace, Charlie Murphy". He served in the Navy for six years before following his brother into show business. Murphy also appeared in several movies, including " Jungle Fever", "Lottery Ticket" and "CB4". Read More »

Facebook Finally Has A Virtual Reality Product

Facebook, the dominant social media in the Middle East and owner of WhatsApp, announced on April 18 at its F8 2017 developer conference that it's making the smartphone camera the centerpiece of its augmented reality strategy. Facebook has a habit of cloning successful Snapchat features in its applications. Similar to that, was the packaging and beta release of the Social VR concept, Facebook Spaces , employing Facebook's Oculus products and a closed system that allows up to three ... Read More »

Thousands March For Science in Washington, Houston, Other Cities


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the National Institutes of Health will see significant funding cuts if the first proposed budget is passed. Demonstrators also turned out in New Zealand cities, including Wellington, Auckland, Dunedin and Christchurch. "We all want the same thing". Evidence-based science! When do we want it? Roger Morris, professor of molecular neurobiology at King's College London, said: "These marches are brilliant - a spontaneous, global response led by young ... Read More »

March for Science: Worldwide protests begin to support 'evidence'


Crowds gathered in towns and cities worldwide to protest against negative political interference in scientific research and development. US scientists will stage an unprecedented protest on Saturday, a March for Science provoked by steep cuts President Donald Trump has proposed for science and research budgets, and growing disregard for evidence-based knowledge. Read More »

Canadian scientists take to the streets to march for science

And the March for Science signs from Saturday's events from around the globe are proving to be expert-level awesome. Marcher Jeanne Walton an eighth-grade science teacher at Central York Middle School in York, Pa., said she anxious about the effect of some current political rhetoric on her young students. Read More »

Drone films blue whale turning on its side to eat krill


The research project, a collaboration between the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Oregon State University, used suction cups to attach cameras with sensors to the whales' backs. The footage reveals how a blue whale cruises toward a large mass of krill-around the same size as the whale itself-before turning on its side, mouth agape, and vacuuming up nearly the entire patch. Read More »

Facebook shooting suspect undone by McDonald's order

A pursuing trooper's auto slid into Stephens' vehicle, but the officer was not injured. The search for Steve Stephens, the man accused of shooting a 74-year-old dead on Easter Sunday, ended Tuesday morning when he was found dead inside his vehicle in Erie, Pennsylvania. Read More »

Man wanted for Facebook-related murder kill self after Pa. chase


Pennsylvania State Police say the suspect in the random killing of a Cleveland retiree posted on Facebook has shot and killed himself after a brief pursuit. "He taught us about God, he taught us love, forgiveness". He says the attendant recognized Stephens, who was wanted in Sunday's slaying of a retired OH man, and called 911. Read More »

Thousands of scientists protest against Trump slashing research budgets


According to the March for Science's official website , the event has stirred up controversy, as some individuals believe that scientists should steer clear of becoming too heavily involved in politics. However, they say bringing about awareness about the value of science is a start. The first-of-their-kind marches are scheduled for more than 500 locations around the globe, including events in Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff and Lake Havasu City, which are expected to draw thousands of people ... Read More »

Marchers around the world join science rallies


The world saw brain power take a different form Saturday. The March for Science , coinciding with Earth Day, was set for more than 500 cities, anchored in Washington, D.C., and to be joined by dozens of nonpartisan scientific professional societies in a turnout meant to combine political and how-to science demonstrations. Read More »

Thousands turn out for March for Science in US cities


The White House statement didn't mention climate change, national parks, the EPA or anything else scientific that's been threatened or ignored by the Trump administration . Mann said that like other scientists, he would rather be in his lab, the field or teaching students. He said the march was an opportunity to get out and support other scientists. Read More »

IS death toll hits 90 from huge United States bomb in Afghanistan


The GBU-43 bomb, known in the military as a "massive ordnance air blast bomb", was dropped on the tunnel complex in Achin from a U.S.aircraft at 7:32 p.m. "Let me be clear - we will not relent in our mission to fight alongside our Afghan comrades to destroy ISIS-K in 2017", he said, referring to the terror group's regional branch. Read More »