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Buy Eclipse Glasses From Approved Vendors to Stay Safe


The two other types of eclipses are annular and partial. Those viewing the eclipse from Edwardsville won't see a total eclipse but almost a total eclipse since we are located only about 20 miles from the northern edge of the totality path. Read More »

NASA television to provide live coverage of solar eclipse


Remember , never look at the sun directly without wearing special-purpose solar filters such as eclipse glasses . Black Sun will show you simulations based on NASA data for the next three solar eclipses , and it's all hosted right on your phone, so it won't matter if you lose cell service. Read More »

Google Home Users Can Now Make Free Calls Using Google Assistant


This feature took awhile to arrive, and we're still waiting in the United Kingdom, but for USA users the ability to call contacts via Google Home is now on the way and should be here in a matter of days. It's a bit different from Amazon Alexa's equivalent feature which requires both people to have an Amazon account. The fact that Home can only make calls and not receive them is a weakness that Google hasn't necessarily addressed yet. Read More »

Solar Eclipse Glasses In Short Supply At Local Stores


You are using the reflection of the sun to watch the event. Monday, August 21 , is just around the corner, and that's when you'll have a chance to experience something that some never see at all - a total eclipse of the sun . From Jersey City, about 71 percent of the sun will be covered up by the moon. They will be providing free viewing glasses to the first 200 participants. Read More »

North Korea has backed down on attacking Guam, awaits action from US


President Donald Trump is weighing in on the decision saying North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un made a 'wise and well reasoned decision.' Trump tweeted Wednesday that "the alternative would have been both catastrophic and unacceptable!" I am quite sure that Americans learned from that bad previous war in Korea, so would be very reluctant to start again. Read More »

NASA scientists prepare for solar eclipse


As the process continues, the moon will eventually not cover up the sun anymore, and the series will end with partial eclipses. We are now fewer than five days away from the total solar eclipse , the first one in nearly 40 years. The small dots of light in the shadow of your hands will appear like crescents. And we can learn about the whole universe. Similar to 2YK 17 years ago, Kuretich told those in the meeting that they have no idea what to expect for upcoming weekend and during the ... Read More »

Nokia 8 vs OnePlus 5: Which Android flagship is best for me?

There's a 13MP dual setup on the rear of the phone, which - much like the camera on the Huawei P10 - pairs RGB and monochrome sensors for better image quality. The handset was long in the rumours, but Wednesday's launch finally put an end to all those speculations about the phone and its specifications. We'll update with specific regional pricing here, as it hits. Read More »

Google Allo Now Available For Desktop Users


Google Allo was first introduced at I/O developer conference past year alongside the video app known as Duo. Google Allo , the messaging app that was announced at Google I/O 2016 along side the video calling app called Duo, now has a web client as well. Read More »

Solar Eclipse viewing can cause blindness

It would also be visible in the Horn of Africa, the Arabian peninsula, southern Pakistan, parts of China, Taiwan. The 70-mile-wide path of the coast-to-coast solar eclipse will cross 2,800 miles and 14 states, from OR to SC, in just 90 minutes. Read More »

Experts say Kim Jong-Un doesn't want nuclear war


It appears that the President called the governor on Friday after the threat by North Korea to attack and told him that thanks to the threat, Guam , and its governor would both become globally known names. "But with an understanding that a condition of those talks is there is no future where North Korea holds nuclear weapons or the ability to deliver those nuclear weapons to anyone in the region, much less to the homeland". Read More »

Bitcoin achieves record high following cryptocurrency split


Bitcoin Cash , whose price has retreated since peaking right after its birth, has neither disrupted its progenitor's operations nor undercut its appeal. Caught in between this fiery rhetoric is South Korea, a current hotspot for digital currencies . Speculation could be driving its rise as a result of recent price surges. Read More »

SpaceX sending equipment, ice cream to NASA astronauts in space

Last month, it came out that the latest round of new funding for SpaceX valued the company at around $21 billion. The break was partially prompted by a temporary closure for maintenance of the Eastern Range - the areas on the US East Coast that support rocket launches. Read More »

A look at places to watch the solar eclipse across the Triangle


Thursday during a free event at the Fairfield Public Library. The AAS , the American Academy of Ophthalmology and NASA recommend skygazers buy eclipse glasses from only reputable vendors. What Time Is The Eclipse? On August 21, the entire U.S. will be able to see at least a partial eclipse. Morehead Planetarium in Chapel Hill will be holding a solar eclipse party from noon to 4:30 part of the larger 2017 Carolinas Solar Eclipse Party event . Read More »

Swift justice in radio DJ groping lawsuit


McFarland pointed out that only a fraction of the photographs had been kept and that if Taylor Swift had been assaulted it was by one of the other men attending the event. The jury will decide if they interfered with Mueller's employment contract at radio station KYGO after Swift said he groped her before a Pepsi Center concert in 2013. Read More »

SpaceX to launch rocket carrying over 6400 pounds of supplies

Blast off is slotted for 12:31 p.m. from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. This time the Dragon will be launching on a Falcon 9 rocket and will bring up almost 6,000 pounds of supplied for those on board the ISS. (2,900 kg) of science experiments and supplies packed into a Dragon spacecraft. SpaceX Falcon 9 first stage landing after completing its mission. Read More »

Gorakhpur tragedy: NHRC seeks report from UP govt in four weeks


The medical superintendents have been asked to prepare status reports on stock of medicines, diagnostic equipments, which will be reviewed in the meeting, a Delhi government spokesperson said. Suspended director Rajeev Misra said he had repeatedly requested government funding to help settle the hospital's debt to a medical supply company. Read More »

Amazon Refunding Customers Who Bought Suspect Solar Eclipse Glasses


The solar eclipse will cross the USA from OR to SC over the course of an hour-and-a-half and 14 U.S. states will experience night-like darkness for approximately two minutes in the middle of the day. The only way to ensure you have safe glasses is to buy them from vendors and manufacturers approved by the American Astronomical Society , he said. Read More »

Trump Alarms Venezuela With Talk of a 'Military Option'


Their efforts could be undermined if Maduro expands his crackdown on dissent, arguing as he has in the past that their tactics are a prelude to a US -backed coup. "This is the Yankees doing this". The menace, however, also gave Maduro's regime an unexpected opportunity to substantiate its daily refrain that it is a victim of a Washington plot to grab control of its oil reserves, the biggest in the world. Read More »

Northeast eclipse glasses safe


As the sun, the moon, and Earth line-up precisely with each other, the mighty solar corona is visible. Yet even though a total eclipse won't be visible from the borough, eye protection is still a necessity. You can also check out other options on the American Astronomical Society's list of reputable brands and retailers . The lens caps had the proper ISO number, 12312-2, which has been verified to comply with worldwide safety standards. Read More »

SJCOE to Livestream 2017 Solar Eclipse


NASA is funding several ground-based science investigations across the United States that will use the eclipse as a ready-made experiment, and three of these will look to the ionosphere in order to improve our understanding of the Sun's relationship to this region, where satellites orbit and radio signals are reflected back toward the Earth. Read More »

Eclipse offers rare opportunity to study sun, atmosphere, animals


The Moon's shadow will block the Sun's light, and weather permitting, those within the path of totality will be treated to a view of the Sun's outer atmosphere, called the corona. Science Central's event Sunday will show people how to experience the solar eclipse safely during hands-on activities and demonstrations, the science center said on its website , . Read More »

What is a solar eclipse?


That's the least of the ocular problems that can occur. "It's really important to resist the urge to look even momentarily, directly in the sun because you have no real sense of time", says Dr. Using a tripod can help you stabilize the camera and avoid taking blurry images during the low lighting. Here's everything you need to know about the sun's (temporary) disappearance on August 21. Read More »

Braille book gives everyone a feel of the solar eclipse


The Little League World Series has plans for the event, which will be the first in Series history, even though the path of totality will pass south of its Williamsport, Pennsylvania, location on the afternoon of August 21. Peru State College in Nebraska , which lies in the path of the eclipse, ordered 7,500 pairs for students but discovered the shipment from a Chinese distributor was defective and came with safety certificates for ordinary sunglasses. Read More »

Two Suspects Detained in Dutch Eggs Investigation


The scandal has proven to be far-reaching, with poisonous eggs being found in the Netherlands , Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Sweden. Millions of eggs have been destroyed so far due to Fipronil contamination. More than half a million contaminated eggs have been distributed to the United Kingdom from Dutch farms. No amount of that bunch was sold on the Romanian market. Read More »