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Suspect killed during shootout with Florida deputies


Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw told the Palm Beach Post that Philip Oshea, 46, died after a morning shootout with deputies . O'Shea was wanted by Raleigh Police for the May 2 armed robbery of a Super 8 motel at 5110 Holly Ridge Road, off Glenwood. Read More »

Dragon-skin ice spotted in Antarctica for first time in 10 years


The worldwide science expedition is slowly making its way through the Antarctica's sea ice en route to the Ross Sea. They lift the edge of the ice floes and frozen water under them. Because these katabatic winds can reach up to 190 miles per hour, they are strong enough to lift frozen surface water off the ocean in polynyas, or areas of open water surrounded by sea ice. Read More »

Major cyberattack holds computers hostage in at least 99 countries


Bart's Health, which runs several London hospitals, said it had activated its major incident plan, cancelling routine appointments and diverting ambulances to neighboring hospitals. Still, only a small number of USA -headquartered organizations were hit because the hackers appear to have begun the campaign by targeting organizations in Europe, said Vikram Thakur, research manager with security software maker Symantec.By the time they turned their attention to the United States, spam filters ... Read More »

Blizzard Responds to Rumors of $20 Million Overwatch League Buy-In Fee


Talking to Kotaku , the company stated that its ultimate goal is to create an exciting Overwatch eSports ecosystem. Overwatch has so much potential, and even those players who aren't interested in the pro scene even as a spectator would benefit from the years of support a successful esports initiative would guarantee. Read More »

Windows to play nicely with Android, iOS


Called Xamarin Live Player , the app allows developers to link their iOS or Android phones with Visual Studio on Windows or Mac and then test the.NET mobile applications they're building in a matter of seconds. The company today released a preview of the Xamarin Live Player coding environment, which makes development and debugging of applications faster. The Mac version of the development suite was first released in a preview build back in November of a year ago. Read More »

Dozens of countries hit by huge cyber-extortion attack


At least 30 health service organisations in England and Scotland were affected by the hack attack , while others shut down servers as a precautionary measure to avoid contagion. Russia, he said, was particularly vulnerable because many of its networks use older versions of Microsoft Windows. By Kaspersky Lab's count, the malware struck at least 74 countries . Read More »

" "Raiders of the Broken Planet New Trailer "#4Dividedby1" Revealed


That is why my interest is piqued by their next title, Raiders of the Broken Planet . If you play as a Raider, you work together with a team of three other players to complete missions and hopefully defeat the campaign's villain. Don't worry if you can not find three other Raiders to group with, the full game allows for both offline single-player and online multiplayer. It provides a glimpse of the asymmetric online co-op gameplay of the Raiders of the Broken Planet . Read More »

CERN launches new accelerator to help boost data output


CERN inaugurates its linear accelerator, Linac 4 due to feed the CERN accelerator complex with particle beams of higher energy, which will allow the LHC to reach higher luminosity by 2021. It will also help the ongoing development of portable accelerators for use in two very different fields: cancer treatments and high-art analysis. The technology is capable of producing isotopes which can help diagnose cancers, though they must be produced remotely and then rushed to hospitals as they ... Read More »

Comey firing: Trump team refutes explosive media claims

These reasons contradicted the White House's assertions - and even the widely-disseminated termination letter Trump sent Comey - that the dismissal was based on the recommendations of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who criticized Comey's handling of the email investigation into Hillary Clinton a year ago. Read More »

Ransomware cyber attack hits 70 countries, Russian government, British hospitals

It is understood that the NHS Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) was told to switch off all its IT systems. He said that mobile communications haven't been affected. Services in London, the central city of Nottingham, and the counties of Hertfordshire and Cumbria were affected, according to the BBC. It said the attacks had not affected the companies' services or data protection of their clients. Read More »

Xamarin Live Player lets developers streamline iOS app development from a PC

Behind the scenes, the Live Player includes an interpreter for.NET code. Live Player also supports Android, though this is obviously less of a big deal since direct development and deployment from a PC is already standard for Android. With Xamarin Live Player , developers will be able to do everything from their Windows-based PC: Just connect your Android device, iPhone, or iPad to the PC via USB and you can target those devices directly during development. Read More »

Full 'Flower Moon' to rise in sky tonight


The moon you'll see Tuesday into Wednesday is waxing gibbous and reaches full moon phase at 2:42 p.m. Wednesday . And it's not even in our skyview yet. May's full moon is known as the Flower moon because it rises when flowers are beginning to bloom and blossom. During the spring and summer months, a Full Moon also draws out increased sea turtle hatching and nesting activity on Florida's beaches at night. Read More »

Indian solar power prices hit record low, undercutting fossil fuels


In a statement issued from PBIF's office on Monday he said that China , US, Japan and India tops the race for solar power as these nations have 73 percent share on global solar output while India is set to double its output to overtake Japan shortly but policymakers in Pakistan seems least bothered, he added. Read More »

SpaceX Successfully Tests Its Biggest Rocket So Far


In April, keen observers of the rocket company's operations spotted a large rocket stage in Arizona , en route from the company's Los Angeles headquarters to its engine-testing facility in Texas. "The reason for this is because the Inmarsat satellite weighs more than 13,000 pounds (5,900 kilograms) and will require as much energy as the rocket can give to loft it into a geostationary transfer orbit", Derek Richardson of SpaceFlight Insider said in his piece. Read More »

Central Intelligence Agency establishes unit focused on North Korea threat

Moon has taken a more conciliatory line with North Korea than his conservative predecessors and advocates engagement. "We hope for Russian Federation to play a constructive role in order for North Korea to stop with its nuclear provocations and go the way of denuclearisation", Moon was cited as saying to Putin in the 20-minute conversation. Read More »

Meet the newest dinosaur, Zuul, named after a Ghostbusters character


In " Ghostbusters ", Sigourney Weaver became possessed by Zuul , telling Bill Murray that she is "the gatekeeper", searching for the "keymaster" (Rick Moranis). The dinosaur was given a rather unfair name, as it was nearly certainly a peaceful vegetarian. It's not every day that Dan Akroyd calls a pile of bones a "magnificent creature", but that's what happened when scientists announced the discovery of a new species of dinosaur on Wednesday. Read More »

Drilling Down Into Uranium Energy Corp. (UEC)

Future earnings predictions are perhaps the most essential input when trying to value a company. Uranium Energy Corp (UEC) has entered a definitive share purchase agreement with Pacific Road Resources Funds to acquire all issued and outstanding shares of Reno Creek Holdings. Read More »

Dozens of countries struck by cyberattack

Images that were posted online of the NHS pop-up look almost identical to pop-up ransomware windows that hit Spain's Telefonica , a powerful attack that forced the large telecom to order employees to disconnect their computers from its network and to resort to an intercom system to relay messages, according to Bleeping Computer . Read More »

Tiny Moons In Saturn's Rings Create Propeller Shapes — NASA Cassini Images


The probe is now engaged in an ongoing series of dives that take it between Saturn and the rings as part of its mission " grand finale ". This image was taken on May 7, 2017, at a distance of 316,000 miles (508,000 km). Sharp lines formed by dust and debris that surround Saturn were revealed in the images. Scientists are using the observations to understand better how the tiny moons streaking through Saturn's rings interact with those rings, and vice versa. Read More »

Yelp crashes 28% after missing on revenue and slashing guidance


The loss was narrower than the 8 cents per share loss expected by a Thomson Reuters consensus estimate - but the revenue fell short of the $198.3 million expected. Investors see this as a negative sign from a company that depends on growing its business by adding more new and active users. Paying advertising accounts, which hit 139,000, and the number of devices accessing the Yelp app (26 million) both saw double-digit year-over-year growth. Read More »

(MSFT) Insider Sells $481950000.00 in Stock

Capossela Christopher C sold $1.09 million worth of stock. DAVENPORT & Co LLC now owns 1,075,392 shares of the software giant's stock worth $61,943,000 after buying an additional 22,658 shares during the period. If a company has a PEG Ratio over one, it may represent that the company is overvalued. WARNING: "Biegel & Waller LLC Takes Position in Microsoft Co ". Read More »

LG G6 smartphone: Taking on the Samsung Galaxy S8


Several concept designers have started imaging what the device would look like. It's been assumed that they refer to Pixel 2 handsets, though the presence of three fishy codenames with one being much larger than the other two has led to speculation that Taimen could be a tablet. Read More »

Chinese railway station worker saves a suicidal woman


The woman who is reportedly a college student tried to commit suicide jumping in front of the train. Nearly at the same time, another incoming train approaches on a parallel track close to where the woman is standing. The woman is seen bursting into tears after being pulled to safety. The worker suffered a head injury in the rescue attempt. Weng reportedly received 6,000 Chinese yuan (£675) as reward for his act of bravery. Read More »

Tillerson signs worldwide declaration recognizing climate change

Tillerson sought to reassure the worldwide Arctic community, saying "we're not going to rush" to make a decision, but that the American government would make "the right decision for the United States". The agreement, signed early in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's mandate, aspires to limit global warming to less than two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. Read More »