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Bill O'Reilly Out at Fox News After Sexual Harassment Claims


Fox is preparing to end its relationship with the host of "The O'Reilly Factor " following a wave of sexual harassment allegations, the Wall Street Journal reported . In fact, his success by any measure is indisputable. Apart from Kelly and O'Reilly, he also replaced Greta van Susteren whose departure from the news network was reportedly less than pleasant. Read More »

Facebook killer's mother says he 'snapped'


The family of a 74-year-old man who was shot and killed on Easter Sunday met with the killer's former girlfriend, CNN reports. "The murderer. We want to wrap our arms around him", said Tonya Godwin Baines in a CNN interview. Stephens had left the restaurant but stopped briefly when officers located his auto nearby. Before the shooting, he demanded Godwin say Joy Lane, the name of Stephens' ex-girlfriend. Read More »

O'Reilly out over harassment allegations

FILE - This Oct. 13, 2012 file photo shows Fox News commentator and author Bill O'Reilly at the Comedy Central "Night Of Too Many Stars: America Comes Together For Autism Programs" at the Beacon Theatre in NY. These included Mitsubishi Motors, which spent about $2.1 million for ads on O'Reilly's show in 2016, making it the show's fifth-largest advertiser. Others say that O'Reilly's firing won't be a sticking point for most Fox viewers. Read More »

P.S. 202 principal accused of assaulting 7-year-old


Spencer-Edwards was the subject of news reports previous year when he banned students from a school Valentine's Day event because they weren't wearing pajamas like the flyer specified. Hasheem says the dispute was over his refusal to take off a hoodie sweatshirt in the cafeteria. A Brooklyn elementary school principal has been arrested for allegedly assaulting a 7-year-old student. Read More »

New York Auto Show: Subaru Ascent Concept


The shift away from six-cylinder powertrains is a very big deal for the small company - as is the expansion of Subaru's new "Subaru Global Platform". Beyond the large shoulders and butch grille, the new Subaru Ascent will feature three rows of seating inside and a 7-passenger configuration with second-row captain's chairs to be available. Read More »

Putin-linked group drew up US poll plan

A handful of current and former USA officials told Reuters that the first document, compiled by the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies in June, urged the Kremlin to wage a propaganda war on social media and state-backed media outlets promoting a us candidate who supported better relations with Russia. Read More »

Documents show doctor & friend helped Prince obtain opioids before death

She had been on the flight with Prince from Atlanta days before his death when he lost consciousness, forcing the plane to make an emergency landing at Moline, Illinois. In a new memoir called "The Most Beautiful", Prince's first wife, Mayte Garcia, said she never saw him take drugs, but she did say the singer once asked her to go up to his hotel room and "flush some pills". Read More »

Bill O'Reilly out; 'Five,' Eric Bolling rise

Up to last week, the effects O'Reilly's scandal had on his program appeared mixed. 21st Century Fox on Wednesday said primetime host Bill O'Reilly wouldn't return to Fox News, ending weeks of speculation about his future at the outlet. ET, will move up to the 8 o'clock spot. People upset about O'Reilly's forced departure may quit their cable subscriptions, and Fox News would lose out on those fees, DiClemente said. Read More »

Asteroid's closest pass in 900 years captured by NASA


Its position will vary from location to location. NASA has released the following images of a large asteroid as it readies to pass by alarmingly close to Earth on April 19. In short, it's not the actual impact of an asteroid that is most likely to kill you, but the response of Earth's elements to the unwelcome invader that will spell your doom. Read More »

More than 21000 attend Trump's first Easter Egg Roll

The Trump administration was very late to organize it. The White House was expecting more than 21,000 children and adults to attend the festivities. The event was smaller than in previous years. But ultimately the last laugh is with the internet audience, who used the footage of the livestream to create political memes. Read More »

Aaron Hernandez, Former NFL Player, Kills Himself in Prison, Officials Say


Hernandez was found guilty of murdering Lloyd in 2015. Hernandez's arrest cut short what had been a promising football career burgeoning on stardom, beginning in his roots in Bristol, Connecticut. "A stay was ordered because of the pending criminal cases, and that stay will expire at the end of this month", Kennedy said. "It's an unusual circumstance, and we would have to prepare carefully before we decide to go about it", said Thompson, Hernandez's lawyer. Read More »

Comedian Charlie Murphy dies

The elder Murphy - sometimes credited as Charles Murphy - also served as a writer on his brother's movies, including "Vampire in Brooklyn " and "Norbit ". I laugh until it hurts. Other comedians and actors have been paying tribute on social media. He's survived by three children; two with his wife Tisha, who sadly died of cervical cancer in 2009. Read More »

University Challenge: 2017 Grand Final


The win, by 190 points to 140, saw an Oxford college end their three-year losing streak to their Cambridge counterparts. But instead the final, as ever presided by Jeremy Paxman, is between Oxford and Cambridge again, with Balliol College captained by London's Joey Goldman, taking on Wolfson College led by Eric Monkman from Oakville, Canada - who has been the subject of many a meme since he has been on air. Read More »

Here's how McDonald's workers helped lead police to Facebook killer Steve Stephens

Cleveland police are saying the video never should have been shared. In his video, he said he was looking for someone to kill and settled on Godwin apparently at random. The case brought another round of criticism down on Facebook over how responsibly it polices objectionable material posted by users. "As a result of this awful series of events, we are reviewing our reporting flows to be sure people can report videos and other material that violates our standards as easily and quickly as ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S8+, Galaxy S8 launching in India on April 19?

It was only after The Verge spoke to an official at the Galaxy S8 Preview Event in South Korea that we came to know that despite considering it as a possible upgrade, Samsung "has not found any real value in it yet". It was surprising that the iris scanner of the Samsung Galaxy S8 might actually be better compared to FBI's fingerprinting technology, Business Insider reported. Read More »

NASA Find Ingredients For Life On Two Ocean Worlds Beyond Earth

Meanwhile, Dr. David Clements, astrophysicist at Imperial College London, said: 'This discovery does not mean that life exists on Enceladus, but it is a step on the way to that result'. Cassini then sampled the plume's composition, and the scientists have determined that almost 98% of the gas in the plume is water, about 1% is hydrogen, and the rest is a mixture of other molecules including carbon dioxide, methane, and ammonia. Read More »

NKorean leader's desire for peace a deciding factor

In fact the crucial precursor to the deal they struck over nuclear weapons was negotiated with his predecessor, Kim Il Sung, the current North Korean leader's grandfather - whose 105 birthday the supreme leader celebrated this weekend. Putting it another way, the USA senator said on Today: 'Do you really want North Korea to have a missile that can hit California with a nuclear weapon on top of it?' You look at different things over the years with President Obama. Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphones with Tinted Screens Anger Users

The tally compares with preorders for 200,000 units for its predecessor, the Galaxy S7, over a week, and 400,000 for the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 over 13 days. The high-profile incident hurt the company's image. Customers can now acquire the new Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus for a starting price of PHP 1,899 per month. Read More »

A backlash to Indian job seekers: Australia abolishes 457 visa program


Australia has abolished a visa programme -- 457 visa -- used by over 95,000 temporary foreign workers, majority of them Indians, to tackle the growing unemployment in the country. But he expected some businesses would pay more under the changes. Australian workers must have priority for Australian jobs . Dutton said there would be a grandfathering arrangement for current visa holders, but the changes would stop the "open-ended" nature of the scheme. Read More »

Samsung users see red over 'tinted' Galaxy S8 screen

This is the first high-end smartphone the tech giant has rolled out since the debacle over its fire-prone Galaxy Note 7. For a while during the rumour phase ahead of said launch, there was talk of at least one of the handsets packing one of those nifty dual-sensor cameras that are now all the rage, adorning the likes of the LG G6, iPhone 7 Plus, Huawei P9/P10, and Huawei Mate 9, amongst others. Read More »

What Is Apple Really Planning to Do With Self-Driving Cars?


Apple didn't respond to a request for a comment on news related to the permit. Apple's competitors have already been testing autonomous vehicles. "In an ideal world, Apple's vehicle project would involve the company building the actual automobile, combining hardware and software", Munster wrote. Read More »

Palestinian People Mark Palestinian Prisoners' Day

Such protection should aim to put an immediate end to their suffering, an official statement added. The global community, it insisted, should bear its "legal and ethical responsibilities" to oblige Israel to respect worldwide law by dealing with the Palestinians it is holding as prisoners of war. Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S8 Facial Recognition Is Tricked By A Selfie


Likely to hit the market this coming September, as most major Apple phone releases do, the 10th anniversary edition of the iPhone is rumored to be pricier that past generations - possibly starting in the neighborhood of $1,000. That means the full width of the gorgeous screen gets wasted. The launch of the G6 comes weeks ahead of Samsung Electronics Co., its main rival in South Korea, starting sales of its own Galaxy G8 flagship handsets in the global market. Read More »