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Sinkhole opens outside Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort


Still, the Trump connection was proving too tough to resist for many of his critics on Twitter. Utility crews from West Palm Beach were working on the hole and were expected to do some exploratory excavations in the area, according to reports. Read More »

Trump lands in Israel: What to watch


JERUSALEM (AP) - President Donald Trump solemnly placed a note in the ancient stones of Jerusalem's Western Wall on Monday, sending a signal of solidarity to an ally he's pushing to work harder toward peace with the Palestinians. He also toured the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, which is believed to be where Jesus was crucified and the location of his tomb. Trump waded into this skepticism on Monday and many in Israel and the Palestinian Authority wonder why he thinks he will succeed where so ... Read More »

North Korea says ready to deploy, mass produce new missile

North Korea's often-stated goal is to flawless a nuclear warhead that it can put on a missile capable of hitting Washington or other USA cities. "This is the DPRK's answer to the Trump administration'". Re-entry technology could mean Pyongyang has moved closer to targeting the mainland US with an intercontinental ballistic missile - a threat the North's leader Kim Jong-un made earlier this year. Read More »

Pokemon Go May Get Legendaries This Summer


Could legendary Pokemon finally be about to be added to the massively popular mobile game after months of teasing and datamined hints? The Pokemon GO hype has certainly died down quite a bit now, but the company has been rather diligent in organizing new events for players to engage in, allowing them more opportunities to catch new Pokemon and level up. Read More »

Mike Pence slams university political correctness as students walk out

The group said they opposed the former IN governor for his positions on gay rights, supporting Donald Trump's controversial travel ban, and previous attempts to stop Syrian refugees settling IN Indiana. After his address, Pence , who was also awarded an honorary degree, stood on the platform and shook hands as each graduate passed after being handed their diplomas. Read More »

Nubia unveils N1 Lite smartphone in India


The Nubia N1 Lite is powered by a MediaTek 6737 quad-core processor clocked at 1.25GHz and paired with Mali-T7200 GPU. A 3000mAh capacity battery keeps the lights on, claimed to provide up to 24 hours of talk-time and 500 hours of standby time. Read More »

LG X Venture is a New Rugged Mid-Range Smartphone With Android Nougat


LG X venture smartphone was launched in May 2017. The X venture is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 processor and comes with 2 GB of RAM, 32 GB of memory and a microSD slot for expandable storage. LG's Outdoor Essentials app bundles the tools that outdoorsy people might care about. Happily the QuickButton can be customized to open any of your favorite apps instead. Read More »

LawBreakers officially blasting onto PS4 and PC later this year


The console version of LawBreakers will also feature some additional enhancements, such as aim assist that will make using a controller feel more natural. There are no "pay-to-win" mechanics in the game, it states. It's been confirmed the title will run at 60 frames per second on both PS4 or PS4 Pro. "We found that messing with gravity, and having it mess with the player, adds a dynamic vertical element that will challenge players of all skill levels to go above their limits". Read More »

UN Security Council to hold emergency meeting on North Korea


North Korean leader Kim Jong Un supervised the test of the Pukguksong-2, which confirmed reliable late-stage guidance of the warhead and the functioning of a solid-fuel engine, the KCNA state news agency said. This is the DPRK's answer to the Trump administration. With an imputed range of 4,500 km the Hwasong-12 also puts United States bases on the Pacific island of Guam within reach. Read More »

Rod Rosenstein heads to Capitol Hill after appointing special counsel

In response, Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-NM), asked this question: "What's worse: President admitting Comey was sacked over Russian Federation, or Spicer justifying it?" Trump spoke on Thursday at the White House as the Justice Department official who appointed a special counsel to independently lead a Trump-Russia investigation briefed the entire Senate in private at the Capitol. Read More »

Duterte: China's Xi threatened war over sea dispute

Sta. By agreeing to bilateral negotiations, analysts say the Philippines weakens the position of other countries involved, impedes efforts for a multilateral solution, and lays bare China's ability to control the agenda in the South China Sea and U.S. Read More »

Two NASA Astronauts Inducted into U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame


The MDM, one of two located on the outside of the station's S0 segment of the station's backbone-like main truss, controls exterior USA systems, including solar arrays, cooling loops, radiators and other equipment. The contingency spacewalk will be the 201st in support of space station assembly and maintenance and the sixth conducted from the Quest airlock this year. Read More »

Israel makes some concessions to Palestinians before Trump visit

The trip is of particular interest as Trump said in February that he was considering both one-state and two-state solutions, backing away from decades of U.S. President Trump later told the Hebrew daily Israel Hayom, a right-wing media outlet aligned with Netanyahu, that the Western Wall's rabbi, Shmuel Rabinowitz, would join him on his visit, saying that was "more traditional, but that could change". Read More »

PlatinumGames Teases "Formless, Shapeless" New IP


Platinum Games is working on a new IP, which will be music to the ears of fans of Vanquish , Bayonetta, and Nier: Automata . Unfortunately, Inaba opted not to announce the studio's new partner, meaning that details of the project can not even be speculated upon. Read More »

Consistent Real Madrid deserved La Liga title, says captain Sergio Ramos

But ahead of a tense finale, Zidane insists not a single member of his squad believes the job is done yet. A win at Granada gave Barca the title on the final day of last season but they went into that game with everything in their hands. Players threw the former France great up and down as they celebrated the title at the Rosaleda Stadium. "I don't play anymore and my role is limited to being the coach. Read More »

North Korea fires medium-range missile in latest weapon test

Presidential spokesman Park Soo-hyun said President Moon Jae-in ordered National Security Adviser Chung Eui-yong to convene a National Security Council meeting at 6 p.m. It followed the test launch May 14 of what was believed to be an intermediate-range Hwasong-12 missile that Pyongyang boasted was capable of carrying a "heavy" nuclear warhead. Read More »

NZ condemns North Korea's missile test

The official Korean Central News Agency confirmed Monday the missile was a Pukguksong-2, a medium-to-long range ballistic missile also launched in February. So said President Donald J. Trump a little over a week ago about North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Kim said there's also a possibility that the North is conducting engine tests and other experiments as it pushes for the development of a solid-fuel intercontinental ballistic missile that could potentially reach the US mainland. Read More »

Destiny 2 PC Features Detailed, Full Gameplay Trailer


He went on to acknowledge problems some players have had with Destiny's low "tick rate", or the speed at which the game communicated with multiplayer peers and servers. Ahead of announcement, Bungie revealed what would and wouldn't transfer over from the original Destiny to the sequel, even addressing fans concerns about the specifics of what would carry over to Destiny 2. Read More »

South Korea's Moon appoints top ministers and security adviser


South Korea's new President Moon Jae-in on Sunday has nominated Kim Dong-yeon, president of Ajou University as the deputy prime minister and finance minister as he named six other key members of the Cabinet and his secretariat. Chung Eui-yong, a former lawmaker and Ambassador to Geneva, was named to head the National Security Office. Chung told Reuters earlier that although the alliance of US and South Korea is crucial, the process to deploy U.S. Read More »

Trump strikes arms deal with Saudis worth $350bn


Obama refused to wear a scarf in Saudi Arabia, but they were insulted". After two days of meetings in Saudi Arabia, Trump was scheduled to travel to Israel, meet with Pope Francis at the Vatican, attend a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in Brussels and join the world's major industrial nations at a Group of Seven gathering in Sicily. Read More »

Bungie To Migrate Characters From The First Game; No Nintendo Switch Version

When asked if the PC and console versions' tick rate would be different, Bungie said it "didn't have a good answer for that" yet. This is according to PC lead David Shaw when speaking to PC Gamer . Well... not so much for Nintendo users a Bungie rep has confirmed that the game will not be coming to the Nintendo Switch . Destiny 2 director Luke Smith has confirmed this delay and has admitted that the PC release date has not even been set as of yet. Read More »

Chelsea Manning Leaves Prison a Free Woman


The former military intelligence analyst, once known as Private First Class Bradley Manning, is likely to become a transgender advocate following her release , said Chase Strangio , an American Civil Liberties Union lawyer who has represented her. Read More »