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Apple announces iPad Pro updates, including…


Everything you'll need is on one page, so you don't have to scroll. These devices will only keep the most recent messages in local storage. It's integrated with messages as an iMessage app so money is sent and received right in the transcript. Read More »

London Bridge attackers named as pre-election heat rises

The authorities are still working to identity the third attacker. London Mayor Sadiq Khan and Police Commissioner Dick have toured the site of the attack and praised the quick police work that they said prevented further deaths. She has not been heard from since the attacks and typically rang her mother every day. A vigil has been was held at Potters Field Park near London Bridge to remember the victims. Read More »

MacBooks and iMacs Refreshed, macOS High Sierra Introduced


The 15-inch model will also feature more powerful discrete graphics options, as well as more video memory. Along with that, Apple also mentioned the notebook would get up to a 50% bump in performance in its solid-state drive storage . There's also a 21.5-inch iMac with a 4K Retina display starting at $1,299 (roughly £1,005, AU$1,735). Apple is working on a major MacBook Pro redesign for next year or even in 2019 though, and a massive leak from supposed Foxconn employees may have ... Read More »

Apple to unveil hardware at WWDC

After throwing some shade at Sonos and the Amazon Echo , Apple finally unveiled the HomePod at its Worldwide Developer Conference keynote event. Amazon's Echo speaker has been a sleeper hit. The report stated that the number of Americans using home assistants is projected to grow more than double this year. Although Siri would likely be a centerpiece of a smart speaker from Apple , Moorhead said the device's design, colors and acoustics will also likely be focal points because the ... Read More »

In shadow of deadly attacks, British election campaign resumes

Butt had previously been investigated by authorities. Detectives would like to hear from anyone with information about the men, particularly places they may have frequented and their movements in the days and hours before the attack. She has said that police and counter-terrorism operations are adequately funded and staffed. President Donald Trump has again criticized London Mayor Sadiq Khan for his response to the London Bridge terror attack on Saturday - as the United States ... Read More »

Daughter from 'The Cosby Show' stands by comedian at trial


The defence savaged Constand's credibility, alleging that she was untruthful and painted their relationship as consensual, one that involved many meetings, and allegedly saw her call the star 53 times after the incident. Finally, on Thursday, Jan. 13, 2005, Andrea Constand told her mother. There, McMonagle said, she brought him incense and bath salts, they had dinner, cognac and brandy by the fire and she lay in bed with him. Read More »

India Just Launched Its Giant 'Monster' Rocket

The GSAT-19 satellite is expected to fulfill Prime Minister Narendra Modi's "Digital India" dream as it would change the way communication is being done in the country. The GSLV-MK III is the India's heaviest rocket . There are a liquid propellant core stage and a cryogenic stage named as C25. It has the capacity of lifting up to 4,000 kg into Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit (GTO) and 10,000 KG into the Low Earth Orbit. Read More »

Apple looks to be launching a Files app in iOS 11

Apple is updating its file system and its graphics for MacOS 11. It's available to order Monday and will start shipping next week. Like with Venmo , you can transfer the money to your bank, or just store it in your Apple Pay Cash account for future Apple Pay purchases. Read More »

NASA's Solar Probe Will 'Touch The Sun' From 4 Million Miles Away


The probe will also encounter very cold temperatures as it uses Venus's gravity during seven flybys over almost seven years to gradually bring its orbit closer to the sun. Considering that the probe must withstand extremely high temperatures and radiation, NASA is working on technology that will get the probe to survive solar intensity 475 times what the spacecraft will experience while orbiting Earth. Read More »

WWDC 2017: What to expect from today's keynote

Apple iOS 11 , the software which runs on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, will be likely to be previewed for the first time. Bearing in mind that no such feature now exists in iOS , the assumption is that it is something Apple will unveil in iOS 11. Read More »

Sony: One in every five PS4's sold is a Pro

It's something that's never really been done. That sentiment is only enhanced by the fact that Microsoft has said its forthcoming " Project Scorpio " console could signal a major slowdown of those generational console cycles. "It's still just a million units", he said. Unlike HTC's Vive headset or the Oculus Rift , the PlayStation VR requires a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 Pro console to operate instead of a powerful personal computer. Read More »

IOS 11 release: The 11 best features of Apple's new software

In a nod to Amazon streaming fans, Apple is also bringing Amazon Prime to its Apple TV app . What Siri learns on one device is synced across all devices, but this is still private thanks to end-to-end encryption, Apple says. On the software side, upgrades made to Apple's iOS mobile operating system seem to be the real showstoppers, with the release of iOS 11 (pictured above). Read More »

Swedish Academy says to receive Bob Dylan Nobel lecture


Dylan's songs have drawn on literary influences from Beat poetry to Anton Chekhov and his recording was a celebration of books and music and of the common language among art forms. "Songs, unlike literature , are meant to be sung, not read", he says. Dylan , the first singer-songwriter to win the prize, was silent about the award for weeks after it was announced and he did not attend the prize ceremony and banquet. Read More »

Scientists discover hottest giant exoplanet ever observed


Of the thousands of extrasolar planets now known, only six have been found that transit hot, A-type stars (with temperatures of 7,300-10,000 kelvin ). "It will give us important insights because we don't have any analogues of these planets in our solar system and it can show us the properties of these planets and how these systems behave", he said . Read More »

Apple announces watchOS 4 with new watchfaces, improved Workouts, and more

The all-new watchOS 4 gets three new watch faces, enhanced apps, and improved UI for a more intuitive experience. The good news is, they're great watch faces! The Activity app will deliver achievement progress notifications and monthly challenges, while the Workout app will be able to sync with gym equipment via NFC and boasts a refreshed user interface. Read More »

McDonald's Fight Caught on Video


When the woman receives her food, she throws it back into the face of the manager and hops on the counter to attack. The customer then climbs over the counter and proceeds to hit the employee. The manager drags the woman by her hair. 'Now we have to think twice: Just how important is that chicken sandwich?' Gravely added . According to KCCI Des Moines, local police have appealed for people with information about the incident to contact them. Read More »

Apple Unveils Its Most Powerful Mac Ever - The All-New iMac Pro

Apple's desktop line-up isn't what it used to be. The top-end iMac Pro with 18-core Xeon processor , 128GB ECC memory and 4TB SSD, will meanwhile, be capable of driving up to 44 million pixels simultaneously. The graphics are workstation-grade - the upcoming Radeon Vega with up to 16GB VRAM. The display is 43 percent brighter at 500 nits to a more visually immersive experience. Read More »

Breaking Bad is getting a VR spin-off by series creator Vince Gilligan


Now details on the project hard to come by, although its been rumoured it won't be styled as an actual videogame and isn't due for release this year. While there is no word on the storyline or if talent like Bryan Cranston will be involved, show creator Vince Gilligan is reportedly excited to work with Sony on the non-game project. Read More »

Paris Deal Not Subject to Renegotiation Despite US Withdrawal - EU Commissioner

The US is now the world's second largest emitter of greenhouse gases, behind China . Trump said he would "terminate" US obligations to the Green Climate Fund (GCF), a main arm of U.N. stepped back from its role as a global climate leader, it made room for others to take the lead - in particular, the European Union and China . "In Berlin, Greenpeace activists projected Trump's silhouette onto the side of the USA embassy along with the words "#TotalLoser, so sad!" Under the ... Read More »

Rover findings indicate stratified lake on ancient Mars

Stratified bodies of water exhibit sharp chemical or physical differences between deep water and shallow water. And while the life forms believed to have thrived in the lake that eventually became the Gale crater were likely microbial, the findings offer an interesting look at how the Red Planet may have once had the key ingredients of life, at around the same time Earth first did. Read More »

SpaceX makes history with successful launch of used Dragon spacecraft


The aim for Elon Musk's SpaceX is to reuse various parts of its launch and spacecraft equipment to help lower the cost of getting stuff into space. SpaceX recycled it for an unprecedented second trip. Even more than mice and rats, the hearts of fruit flies are similar in many ways to the human heart, beating at about the same rate, for instance. Read More »

Justices will review police use of cellphone tower data


The ACLU in asking the Supreme Court to take up the case said there is enough disagreement among judges across the US over whether decades' old rulings provide enough protection given the cell data available that it time for the nation's highest court to decide what constitutes a "reasonable expectation of privacy" now. Read More »

Amazon Is Working On An Android Phone (Yes, Again)


What makes these new smartphones different to the Fire Phone is that they will supposedly work with the full range of Google services, including the Play Store. Purported specs, meanwhile, are a 5.2-inch (or bigger) screen, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, and a 13MP camera. It comes with Google's AI Assistant, the source said, but does not have Alexa on it. Read More »

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 announced for PS4, Xbox One, and PC


The "Extra Armour" option allows Mega Man to take more damage before death, meaning it'll take twice as long to be overwhelmed by enemies. Mega Man 9 didn't come out until over a decade later in 2008. Video game stories from other sites on the web. Mega Man pros haven't entirely forgotten about, however, as Capcom has also implemented a new challenge mode that remixes every level and requires you to complete them under certain conditions. Read More »

NASA announces a daring new mission to 'touch' the sun

The heat shield was developed using a carbon-carbon composite and will be required to withstand temperature extremes - from the heat of the corona , up to 2,500 degrees F, to the cold of space. "We will brush closely by it", she said at an event in Chicago to unveil the mission, which NASA has touted as promising to provide humanity's closest-ever observations of a star. Read More »