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Free 4K Game Updates For Xbox One X Confirmed


It's unclear why virtual reality didn't appear at the event, but Xbox boss Phil Spencer revealed a few details to the BBC . Microsoft confirmed the One X , which will also be compatible with older Xbox games and accessories, will go on sale in the U.S. Read More »

E3 2017: Xbox One X Scorpio Release Date Revealed

The manufacturer, however, has clarified that the discount is not applicable across the shelves. With the price already out, many experts and observers are predicting that it would be hard to sell . It'll do that with a 1.172Ghz GPU capable of 6 teraflops of performance and 12GB of GDDR5 memory outputting at a memory bandwidth of 326GB/sec. Read More »

It's safe to buy a new Mac or iPad again


Worse, some of them are rising high in the App Store rankings, as a new report details. A new Files app finally lets you access documents using a variety of services such as iCloud, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Box and others. What's interesting is that the flash could be placed between the dual camera lens. Those were the good. During the 2017 WWDC from San Jose, California, Apple announced lots of updated targeted at tvOS, macOS, watchOS, and iOS. Read More »

NASA will try again to create colorful clouds in the night sky


Red, blue and green clouds will dot skies across the East Coast on Monday evening following a NASA rocket launch in Virginia. The NASA Visitor Center at Wallops will open at 8 p.m. NASA will deploy 10 canisters-each about the size of a soft drink can-at altitudes of between 96 and 124 miles to create the clouds. The clouds, or vapor tracers, are formed "through the interaction of barium, strontium, and cupric-oxide", according to NASA. Read More »

Apple launches iPad Pro with new 10.5 inch display

The 27.5-inch Retina iMac starting price is unchanged at Rs. 1,48,900, while the two higher-end configurations are expensive by Rs. 1,000 each at Rs. This narrative can arguably be traced back to the company's 2013 Mac Pro design and only picked up steam following the release of Apple's 2016 MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar . Read More »

Minnesota joins US Climate Alliance


It's also not impossible that Trump might change his mind, given that some of his closest advisors (not least his own daughter Ivanka) strongly support the US's involvement in the Agreement - Trump himself has left the door open by saying that he's willing to seek "better terms" for the USA being part of the deal. Read More »

Look out Surface: Apple's iMac goes Pro in 2017

The 13-inch MacBook Pro TouchBar models are cheaper by Rs. 1,000 each at Rs. 1,54,900 and Rs. 1,71,900 respectively for the 256GB and 512GB SSD storage variants. The new Apple iMac Pro , claimed to be the most powerful Mac ever, was probably the star of the show. Apple's all-in-one iMac has gone Pro with powerful new processors and graphics created to meet the needs of professional users. Read More »

The Xbox One X is Microsoft's powerful new 4K console

The box is smaller even than the Xbox One S , even though it is vastly more powerful. It's part of the " Xbox One family" and is architecturally identical to the Xbox One and Xbox One S. The game's announcement was paired with the world debut of a new supercar. It might look almost identical bar a change of color, but the Xbox One X is a very different beast from the Xbox One S that preceded it. Read More »

E3 2017: Middle-earth: Shadow of War Coming October 10


Some of them, such as Pushkrimp the Machine, can use new weapons to prevent you from running away. This time around, players will be given the ability to recruit orcs to fight for their side, and will be able to choose which orc's powers suit their needs in their future conquests. Read More »

8 most important announcements from EA's E3 2017 press conference


This story mode is titled " Longshot " and follows a new football player who is looking to make it big. In all it wasn't a strong conference in the slightest, but it wasn't Ubisoft Laser Tag levels of disastrous. However, some fans will be able to play the game three days early according to EA. More information is being revealed at today's Microsoft Conference. Read More »

Microsoft delivered a wonderful E3 presentation, despite limp Xbox One X details

That means anyone who hasn't been inexplicably holding onto their dust-covered copies of Blinx: The Time Sweeper , Otogi , or Azurik: Rise Of Perathia won't be totally out of luck. The specs, which were unveiled back in April, include eight custom x86 cores, clocked at 2.3 GHz, compared to 1.75GHz for the original Xbox One. It is also powered by a liquid cooled chamber to keep the internal hardware ultra cool for nonstop gaming. Read More »

Andre Silva in LaLa Land After Big Move to AC Milan

Former chief Silvio Berlusconi sold the club to Chinese company Rossoneri Sport Investment Lux after 30 years in charge for £628m . He scored 21 goals in 43 appearances across all competitions in 2016-17 and has already racked up seven goals in eight caps for Portugal. Read More »

GSLV took some heavy lifting


The head of the Indian space research organization, the ALUR Selin Kiran Kumar expressed hope that in case of success of the mission using GSLV-Mk III in the future it will be possible to send into space the Indian astronauts. The GSAT-19 carried transponders and a geostationary radiation spectrometer. About 16 minutes into its flight, the rocket successfully placed the communication satellite GSAT 19 in its intended orbit. Read More »

Afghan soldier kills two U.S. service members

Two U.S. soldiers were killed and one other was injured when an Afghan soldier opened fire on Saturday, the U.S. military said . As it was confirmed by one USA official, the incident was a "green-on-blue" attack by the opponent army member of the Afgan security forces in Nangarhar Province. Read More »

Amazon Prime Video is coming to Apple TV later this year

However, at the time, it was widely assumed that Amazon had made the decision to stop selling its competitors' streaming products in order to bolster sales of its Fire TV products, which offer similar capabilities to the Apple TV. Amazon and Apple had a squabble in 2015, and as a result, Prime Video app wasn't released for tvOS and the Apple TV was removed from Amazon's online store. Read More »

Microsoft Announces Forza Motorsport 7 At E3


THE most powerful road-going Porsche 911 ever has been given a surprise public debut at a gaming convention in California. Looking more like a racing auto than a street legal model, the GT2 RS has three gaping lower grilles above a front wing created to suck the vehicle to the ground at high speeds. Read More »

US Cellular to offer 2017 iPad Pro devices

The iMac Pro was designed with power users in mind. The solid-state-drive ( SSD ) is faster, but may not factor in heavily in terms of power. There will also be faster SSDs built into all the updated MacBooks and MacBook Pros . As for the pricing , the Wi-Fi-only models start at Rs 52,900 for the 64GB model and go up to Rs 60,900 and Rs 76,900 for the 256GB and 512GB model respectively. Read More »

The Honor 9 is official: high-end specs at a reasonable price


The Honor 9 has a metal body with a glass rear panel. As far as the colors are concerned, the device will arrive in three color options, such as Blue, Grey and Amber Gold. 25,600), whereas the 6GB of RAM + 128GB storage variant retails for 2999 Yuan (approx. Also, the internal memory of the phone can be expandable by using a microSD card which uses SIM 2 slot. Read More »

Everything you need to know about the insanely powerful Xbox One X

While the older One S was capable of HD gaming and streaming 4K resolution video (or playing 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays), the new One X can actually play games in full 4K resolution too. It showed off Forza Motorsport 7 , running at native 4K and 60fps, on the Xbox One X for instance, along side the global reveal of games like Assassin's Creed Origins , Life is Strange: Before the Storm, Dragonball Fighter Z, State of Decay 2 and more. Read More »

Forza Motorsport 7 Looks Mighty Fine In 4K

There are over 700 cars in the game, but there's no news on crossplay between Xbox and PC just yet. which would be cool, Microsoft: do it. As you can see in the trailer above, Forza Motorsport 7 looks stunning in 4K and reveals a lot of tracks for the game. Read More »

Forza Motorsport 7 Revealed, and it Looks Gorgeous

As an unabashed fan of Xbox One, I'm looking forward to tonight's "Project Scorpio" reveal. Forza Motorsport 7 was built for Project Scorpio ( Xbox One X ) to be an immersive true 4K and 60fps experience. On the rear you will find HDMI 2.0b out, HDMI 1.4b in, 3 USB ports, S/PDIF, Ethernet, and IR Out. Gamers excited about the power of the new Xbox need to see the new 4K 60 FPS Forza 7 gameplay video that shows off the power of the new console. Read More »

Microsoft Reveal that Original Xbox Games will available via Backwards Compatibility


Xbox boss Phil Spencer recently took to Twitter and posted an image of Microsoft's E3 showfloor, stating that they're ready for the conference and "can't wait to share it with you". Personally, I have a laundry list and I will be sharing them with you within the next week or so. You may find your suggestion in the list. So pop these times into your diary and make sure you return to read all the big gaming news as it's revealed on the day. Read More »

10 things you need to know about the Microsoft Xbox One X


Nvidia's latest card, the 1080 TI, cranks out almost double the teraflops as the Xbox One X (and costs about $600). According to Microsoft, the new Xbox is the smallest Xbox ever, however despite the smaller footprint the design looks pretty much similar to the ongoing Xbox One S. Read More »